July 28, 2012
Connie on a Recent Mosey to the Abyss


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para!

So we was gitn ready fer our mosey. I camed out late. Warp and tha DM were already in attendance. They dun gathered at tha boats waitn ta know where was goin. Also they was talkin ta Master Hekus. Well ya knows me, I'll kldnap anybudy one ta three times. We also had Aurelie. I figgured, where ta go with 6 healers and 2 fighters? Abyss! And then Manqy camed outta tha liberry where he been fer like a decade.

So we moseyed in regular abyss until clairbreak, then breaked. Aurelie had ta leave. After that, we wented ta Abyss2. Kilt lots o stuffs. Master Hekus be kinda buff. Anyways, we cleared it and was lookin around when tha respawn happened. This here be a pitcher o tha in between times. And so we made a strategic reassessment o location ta upstairs.

Rather than pushin our luck, we went coinin at darshak doggies fer tha rest o tha mosey. Then camed home. Next time we kidnaps him though, I'ma sure I kin keel him.

Tha healers all did healerin talk. And we was happy ta see Manqy. So it were a fine mosey.

Oh ya, Dande tooked tha pitcher. It warnt till we was in darshak doggies that I remembered it'd be a good time ta take a pitcher so mine be all black dirt. Dande's pitcher be more better.



Posted by Para at July 28, 2012 08:29 AM
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