April 20, 2014
Upcoming Archery Contest


Melben has announced an archery contest on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Dear Puddleby:

An archery contest will be held on April 27th @ 4 pm PDT. Please any and all interested exiles attend!

Additionally, up to 8 bows and quivers with arrows will be available to lend for the use of the contest.

Prizes: (Many prizes and donations still being accepted) - Please donate

Dye Kit #1 = 1 orgaberry, 1 lilaberry, and a silk shirt
Dye Kit #2 = 1 orgaberry, 1 lilaberr, and a puma pelt or fellbuck pelt
Armor Kit = 1 iron helmet, and 1 iron shield
Small Door Prizes galore

Competition: 3 Rounds

1st Round = A 3 stage timed biatholon of running and shooting in the east field.
2nd Round = A Spiritwood hunt, allowing for three shots at spriggins.
3rd Round = A moving target round to be held at the University with three shots and obstructions.

The rounds may be subject to change as testing continues for efficiency, fun, and competition.

Please any and all exiles attend, even healers and mystics will have a fine chance to win.

Melben the Mystic

Posted by Para at April 20, 2014 04:27 PM