September 30, 2017
Big Ol Mob


Connie Crete sent to TMN the following report:

Ber Para.

I knows its been a while since tha last report. I gits distracted bashin and dont do so good with tha reportin pitcher takin.

Our mosey tooked us ta tha rainforest. We sumhow ended up with nearbout everybudy (Stora dont git outta town much). While technical, were (not we're fer ya grammarians) strong enough fer bigger things, is more a case o "Where aint we been inna while?". Also, didnt wanna scare Lorikeet too bad (everybudy else has internalized my plans fer keelin alla town - she jest knows innellectually) . First (tha gray pitcher) we did tha pit dive - because no one in their right mind would do a pit dive rather than go tha long way through gloamins. Then, ta keep pepples on their toes, we charged tha yorilla camp.

Tha handy thing about champeens is they gots tha ability ta brick on demand. Xrak came along causn he felt bad that we dont got no token ranger. Honest what does better is more bb'ers causn then less likely ta git bored healers. Is tha conditionin aginst red I think.

We dropped Abox off in tha water ta git home at Clairbreak and perceeded on our way. Tha grand plan were ta git ta Tepui. Thing is, um, I dunno my way around tha RF after tha Tree o Patience. It's all a big ol blur. So anyway, we were workin our way toward Tepui but got distracted by a web place that I honest aint never been. So we saw that and I were sightseein rather'n takin pichers. Then there were a secret (ta no one but me) lil tunnel that I aint never been so were sightseein rather'n takin pitchers. And then we were at Tepui. Had a grand ol time and realized we didnt got no vine ta git out tha south door. So we EPS'd home.

Fer future mobs: tha bigger ya gits tha more likely I'll be keelin ya at book2 or OS (goin tha long way through DP because I dont trust tha "its jest 3 EPS snells" route and ta keel time). These threats is gonna happen spontanious so's no point in plannin. Jest lookout anytime I has 4-5 healers and a big ol op mob. Lil op mobs is jest fer slates and Serra and RF.

Schedulin goes: (7-9 Lori time) Tues: DM/FB mosey - and stays close-ish ta town untl ifn any o DM that shows up at half past wants ta join so not so big or adventurous. Usual small causn ongoin other moseys which be way better, safer and more better larnin fer time spent. Fri: Biggest mosey o tha week fer us causn few concurrent moseys. Sun: small-tiny moseys fer mostly coinin or "where aint we been in tha last 6 git tagithers that nobudy's hunted recent.. ok, Snaggy agin"

*Disclaimer: We is technical an invite only group. But we'll invite anybudy that wants ta come. Big Huge Problem: Ima actively tryin ta keel tha party and cause a depart. Also retreatin be dun mostly when one healer's left standin what happens ta have a chain. This aint fer tha faint o heart. Nor be it fer tha departophobes.




Posted by Para at September 30, 2017 02:58 PM

Oh look! I wasn't chained home dead! Love them healers! #healerinsurance just as good as #mysticinsurance, right?

Was a grand hunt! I felt lost most of the time and was still fun! I don't recall to many major retreats... looking forward to the next Friday, i'll try to come again then.

Posted by: K'vynn on October 1, 2017 12:04 PM

Yeah yeah Kvynn. We knows yer too good ta come slummin with us no more. Is only causn yer new best friends from tha bison plains was around.



Posted by: Connie on October 1, 2017 02:57 PM
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