October 07, 2017
Ash Mosey(s)


Ber Para,

Our last two moseys was ta Ash. Since tha pepples on tha first mosey wasnt around fer tha second one, nobudy new we went ta tha same place twice inna row. Tha first mosey were jest fer darshak doggies. I tried ta keep healin Manj while Warp rodded and Tas healed him. I thinks we made it through 50 doggies or 2 snells dependin on how ya counts.


Then tha next mosey, had a slightly bigger group and figgured we could attack Ash City. Nippy volunteered ta be tha token ranger. Kyvnn came slummin agin even though his usual new best friends werent around.


As were standard we made it ta barrels first ta git tha retreat cleared. Then were ditherin over visitn Fluffy or goin ta houses and boats. Hah! like there's ever any question on visitn Fluffy or not.


I tried ta git a good pitcher o tha temple, but cut off o tha disco horns causn is a big buildin.


We made it inside and started takin tha second floor but had ta retreat. Nippy went through mustabeen 50 chains ta git us back ta town. After clairbreak, we went back causn Garrick and Onashi wasnt on tha chainride home.


We got there and visited with Fluffy. She were super excited ta see us. After jumpin up and visitn with everyone, she were tuckered out and tooked a nap.

We came home and a good time were had by all.



Posted by Para at October 07, 2017 08:09 AM

Bah - missed a homonym typo new/knew.

Hmm.. 50 seems ta be my number fer infinite/uncountable.



Posted by: Connie on October 7, 2017 11:04 AM

And I seem to remember being chained back to town... so must have been a satisfying hunt.

Posted by: Kvynn on October 7, 2017 07:00 PM
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