November 07, 2017
Village Hunt


Tas Furfoot sent the following report to TMN:

Taryn hunt in Village. But we were fighter 'lite' but healer heavy (like more than 4... maybe 6? I forget!) even hadda Mystic with us, a REAL one as Connie would have put it (Drabby). I had nice things to say to SunBlaze's custume! We died lots, and Taryn delegated and made me a rod! For a while that worked pretty well, except I can't rod more than 2 things at once and we got 3+ things sometimes . . . then it went to pieces . . . kinda. We got most folks out except those who needed to leave earlier.

Same hunt: waiting patiently to rescue... Chmee, Tas, and DC next to portal to Village in east town:


-Tas Furfoot

Posted by Para at November 07, 2017 08:26 PM
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