May 15, 2020
Exploring Lugubrion's Castle


K'vynn sent the following report to TMN:

Ghrre'tsei, Para.

Falinea's Blade is back, and we decided on Soldi, day 26 of Fall, 620 -- on the day of the New Moon -- to go exploring Lugubrion's Castle, as one of our members had a theory regarding fish . . . (yum) and Lugu's Keep. It has been years since I've explored the keep. I really dislike the damp, but libraries . . . I could spend hours in the library there!

We explored,and we tossed fish here and there (restrain me) . . . and we inadvertently startled one of Lugubrion's Sarirs! She fled from us initially; she was scared and frightened. Lugubrion detected she was attempting to . . . escape and attempted to track her. We decided to assist her and hide her while we endeavored to establish a way to take her to safety, out of the material plane to the ethereal plane.


The town began eventually holding back the flood of water guardians that approached through the marsh, east field, north field and into town. The walls were not quite enough to keep back the water; however, the town exiles kept them at bay. The flood of guardians kept tracking Sarir and I where I had taken her for temporary safety, so I whisked her back into the keep, to hide her right under his nose, in his own keep, as we worked to put together the parts I needed to create a kyuem.

Between the fish, the exploding kyuems, and the flood of guardians, we eventually were able -- with the Sarir's guidance -- to place and activate a kyuem within the keep and thus she was able to escape. Although, we may have disturbed things even further between EP and the lands.

Lugubrion was not happy at all. We, of course, meddle in what we do not fully understand -- which he made blatantly clear.

The folks who were in this main endeavor were: Connie Crete, Dandelion, Ebony, Jo Ma'ril, K'vynn, Luna, Mehan, Mirabel, Mork, Warplet, and Wayfarer.

Hopefully the world is still intact . . .


Posted by Para at May 15, 2020 05:17 PM
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