August 04, 2020
The Return of Largo


TMN received the following press release from the Office of Fen President Largo:

massive kegger and strike on Dar’shak outposts will follow the rare and unprecedented address

(Puddleby, Lok’Groton, Autumn 8, 621) Following a decades-long absence from Puddleby, Fen President Largo will deliver remarks in front of Alliance Castle on [August 23rd, 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific].

Extensive refreshments will be provided, and bards are heartily encouraged to attend. Following Largo’s remarks, a brief Q&A, and the communal decommission of several choice kegs of beer, a strategic and decisive raid will be conducted against key Dar’shak power centers on Ash Island.

Known for his charm, humility, and outstanding fashion sense, Largo is variously affiliated with the Puddleby Players, Astrum Lumini, Bane of the Black Heart, and the few remaining fragments of the Nox Sorora. His greatest claim to fame, though, is his political career.

Largo notoriously served under Manx as the first-ever Fen Vice President before ascending to the office of the Fen Presidency in Autumn 572. The strategic alliance that he brokered with Tyris Drakesblood's pirate rebels against the Dar'shak Theocracy serves as one highlight to his single extraordinarily long and storied term, though he is also known to have signed several permits and purchased a handful of new shirts.

Largo recently returned to Puddleby after many years of unannounced absence, and has not yet offered comment or explanation as to his whereabouts during that time.


Please direct press inquiries to Largo via sunstone.


The press packet also included the following flattering images of Largo.






Posted by Para at August 04, 2020 08:32 PM


Posted by: on August 5, 2020 08:31 PM

Arrrr I super duper promise and swearsies to not thwart you this time out of reasons of pettiness, ego, and high degree of stonedness.

Tho I mays accidentally and inadvertently stonedly thwart your plans, but it woulds be purely by accident.

Yarr more than probable I keep takin me zu nap

Posted by: Cap'n Stinky on August 6, 2020 05:24 PM

Welllll, we COULD commit our energy to out-thwarting each other's thwarts! Orrrrr we could do an unlikely-distrustful-type team-up episode and plunder a bunch of Dar'shak booty. I'll even pretend to care when you double-deal and try to make off with the treasure! 😇

Posted by: Largo on August 6, 2020 09:44 PM

Arrr I loves it, I loves everything about it. The shak gonna be all "when theys gonna double cross each other?" and yarrr jokes on dem.

Tho I wills be needins constant reminders of "Who we killin again?"
An thens you be all "Those guys Cap" and I be all "Yarrr"

Cans we pull off the ultimate penta-cross? I thinks we cans.
Or ummss... what's it called when we like make a deal of co-operation and thens like... stick with that? There a fancy cool names for that one? Yer the boss on dis one.

Posted by: Cap'n Stinky on August 7, 2020 02:04 PM
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