September 09, 2020
Orienting a Large Shipment of New Exiles


TMN received the following message from Largo:

Hello Paramedic,

I am writing to report that an unusually large shipment of completely new exiles recently came in from the mainland. I had anticipated some of them—Rhapsody, Morgician, Stinker, Calaye, Rota, Radianne, Crysanthe, Camio Stolas, and Neem—through the word of a contact I have at the docks. Also in attendance were HighSens and Smithers.

We set out with a very ambitious itinerary in hand to orient the baby exiles, taking them first to the Puddleby underground (where we became split up and joyously lost until K’vynn came and rescued us all with his mystic powers), then to the University to meet Boostus. At this point we ditched the ambitious itinerary and went straight to West Ash to fight Dar’shak in the horde and bell tower. After that, we landed in town to get drunk and help the babies choose their professions—congratulations to our newest healer, Rhapsody, and to our newest fighters—Neem, Morgician, Stinker, Rota, and Radianne. After that, we continued to hunt and party for several hours.

Many of us—with apologies, too many to name in full—worked hard to help orient the new exiles on Puddlebean life. Special thanks go to K’vynn, for providing all the baby exiles with sunstones, to Dandelion and Lorikeet for serving as designated top-level shepherds for the whole ordeal, to Haffron for helping me plan, and to Snacks, Rakshasa, Xepel, and Coriakin for cooperating to provide music throughout.

Special thanks also to Pirate the Bloodmage, who took a visionstone of the whole endeavor and has posted it in the library for anyone who wants to enjoy it.

Readers of TMN—if you see any of these new exiles in the lands (some of them have been back around), please take care to be extra friendly to them!

Former Fen President Largo

Posted by Para at September 09, 2020 11:18 PM
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