January 23, 2021
Salandra Renounces Mystic Guild


TMN has received word that the following note has been found posted to the sides of several buildings in Puddleby.

As of this day, Soldi, day 79 of Summer, year 623, Ma’Ta Salandra renounces her membership in the Mystic Council and the Mystic Guild of Puddleby.

(Written lower and in a slightly messier hand:)

The guild is dead.

I was there in the years after the Ripture Wars. I saw the height of life within the Guild. I saw what I thought was corruption and it drove me to what was the Shadow Council. It drove me insane.

Years later I returned full of anger and hatred. I know now that the corruption I saw before has poisoned the body. I see now the lingering death of the Guild and a Council who is without the will to stop it. It drove me to freedom.

Now I walk alone filled with despair and longing. The tendrils of that dying body no longer have purchase on my soul. I have broken a vow to those I consider friends and for that I am sorry. I pray for their escape.

Now I walk alone – Now I am truly free.

(The last words are written deeply.)

Posted by Para at January 23, 2021 12:20 AM
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