April 05, 2023
Upcoming Benefit Concert


Coriakin sent the following announcement to TMN:

Next month's bard concert (on April 29th at 11AM PDT) will be a special one. As many of you know, Lugubrion was so affected by the tragic fate of his brother Tenebrion that he's retreated from the world and has become a recluse. As someone who's struggled with depression myself, I've decided to try to help Lugubrion in the hopes that he'll be able to recover from his condition.

With Cimmbrion's assistance we've been able to grow some water lilies the two brothers created together back during happier times, and their gift has helped raise Lugubrion's spirits a bit. However, he's still embarrassed by the state of his keep, so to help him with that I'm hoping to hire builders from Puddleby to help renovate it. And to raise funds for that, next month I'll be holding a benefit concert at Lugubrion's keep!

To make this concert special I will finally premiere the suite I've been working on for years: "The Healer's Lament," which attempts to evoke the trials and tribulations of a healer's life. It'll feature at least five brand new pieces, never before performed, and I'm extra excited because Lugubrion has graciously allowed us to not only use his keep for the performance, he's allowing us to use a brand new instrument - an organ from a thoomish temple! It has a sound unlike anything we've heard before, and I'm excited to share the music I (and the other bards) have been writing for it.

This is a benefit concert, so I will be asking for donations to help with the cause. Building supplies to aid with the renovations would be very useful, and I will be matching any donations of coins (at least until I run out of coins myself). Even if you can't make a donation I hope you can come! I've invited Lugubrion to be there as our guest of honour and every person there would be a show of support to someone in dire need of it.

Again, it'll be on Sat. April 29th at 11:00 AM PDT at Lugubrion's Keep. I hope to see you there!


Posted by Para at April 05, 2023 02:06 PM
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