September 20, 2023
Upcoming Memorial


Largo sent the following announcement to TMN:

This is the 18th year since Tyndall passed away. He was loved by many in life, and is remembered both as a cherished friend and a Puddlebean legend.

Every year, we mark this time and come together in order to celebrate the lives of friends that we've lost over the years: Xenos & Panos, Baffina & Baffette, Tyndall, Tonoto, Eyeball, and K'pyn. Please join us to share memories, whiskey, cigars, beer, songs, and bonfires in the Memorial Garden outside Alliance Castle on September 27, 2023 @ 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 2am GMT.

Whether you're a constant presence, you've been in the library for a while, or you're somewhere in between, we'd really love to see you. Please also reach out to friends who might not see this message we'd love to see them, too.


Posted by Para at September 20, 2023 09:48 PM
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