December 31, 2001
Fishwrap #46 - "One Lump, or Two?"


Issue #46: "One Lump, or Two?"
[December 31, 2001]


* Dandelion and Ledward Vicious wedding
* Five questions with Kirth Gersen
* Guide to sparkle stones
* Wangah Rah on ether mapping
* Dews in the Outpost
* Kala Sahar and the Separ
* Sleipnir's holiday poetry

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"Bawkmas Season Edition"

Issue #46: "One Lump, or Two?"
[December 31, 2001]
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* Dandelion and Ledward Vicious wedding
* Five questions with Kirth Gersen
* Guide to sparkle stones
* Wangah Rah on ether mapping
* Dews in the Outpost
* Kala Sahar and the Separ
* Sleipnir's holiday poetry


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* Clan Rising Claw
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"Fishwrap Magazine: Thoom News You Can Use"

brought to you by Norm's Diary
* New discovery on Ash Island
* Passes rearranged; new snowy area north of town.
* Scaramis beetles attack
* Zorton gets a stone
* The Separ cures exiles
* Eastern Foothills waterfall passed; more Noids beyond
for more information on the above stories, see Norm's Adventures

brought to you by Babajaga's Diary:
* Babajaga's account of being dewed
* Exploring Tenebrion's Island
* Hunting with Rising Claw
for more information on the above stories, see Babajaga's Diary

brought to you by Koric's Journal
* Decorations for Bawkmas
* Potatoes
* Cold and Snowy
* A huge Lyfelidae idol
* Merlisk turns green
* Hunting for Qual
* Sinkhole by the bards' field
* Tenebrion's tower
* Massive earthquake and realignment of the Greymyr Village area
for more information on the above stories, see Koric's Journal

brought to you by Callia
* Tenebrion's mysterious servant
* More on the Ethereal Survey of Puddleby
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brought to you by Lundar:
* Harfoot returns
* Lugubrion's keep discovered
* Discovery of the Scaramis Pen
* Tenebrion's two-way portal
* Malkor nibbled by vermine
* Keeman comes to town
* Ethereal massacre
* New bards, passes, and potatoes
for more information on the above stories, see Lundar's Library


Ledward Vicious

invite you to their wedding
Merdi, 40 Summer, 544, 1am
(OOC: 1PM PST, 01 Jan., '02)
in the Bards' Field
Bards & Refreshments Served

Clothing optional
No gifts, please
Bones the Thoom (of Rising Claw and ThoomCare) presiding


Hello and welcome to News from the Fen Bureau. The latest chaos storm has brought some interesting changes to the lands and I shall attempt to detail some of them here.

* Hieskor will sell you a sparkle stone for a varying price next to the Colloseum in the east part of town. Kirth Gersen has an excellent page about the effects and what the stones do at

The rest of his scroll is pretty neat too.

* The lockers have been updated to now accept clothing. A model shows what color the clothes item is so you can decide whether to take it out of storage.

* Getting info on someone provides you a great deal of information if you are on the same area as they are. You can now see what they are wearing on every part of their body such as their clothes, sunstone, necklaces, rings, weapons, belt, etc.

* The Sylvan Outpost is still closed but at least the local sylvan has the good sense to be apologetic about the delay and promises that it will open soon.

* You can now make a 12-slice birthday cake which takes wheat, 2 jars of honey, egg, and 50c for decorations. I'm not sure how many lessons with Zeucros it takes to learn how to make the cake but it seems relatively easy to find the ingredients.

* Kala Sahar has been making some apperances in town and elsewhere with information about Qual and the dews that have affected many of our fellow exiles. The results of being dewed include a change in one's behavior and in one's every action being transmitted back to a collective of some sorts. Kala spoke in town and wished to speak to Tessa who has been investigating the dews and how to remove them. Unfortunately, Tessa was in the library so Kala showed us a Separ and left without saying very much. What was strange is that both Aldernon and Hex started shivering when they were close to Kala. Kala explained that the collective must know where she is, probably because both Aldernon and Hex are dewed, and so that's why they reacted badly to being close to her. Another possible explanation is that the Separ she carried could be a key to removing the dews or even destroying the source of this potential threat to our town. It does seem that Puddleby is beset by enemies from all sides.

* There are small trees in the Orchard north of the North Fields which are a nice touch.

* Odesseus was sued by Zen for mispronouncing Slyph's name as Sleef. Fen'neko have a hard time pronouncing certain sounds and so to sue Odesseus for this difficulty that is beyond the Fen's ability to correct is quite shocking. Fortunately, the suit was pronounced as frivolous and Zen put in jail.

* There are still lots of museum spots that haven't be filled with museum pieces. I wonder why a person would spend thousands of coins for a museum spot if they aren't even going to put anything there.

* There are now more transitions from one snell, such as going from either the north or south beach from the west part of town. It's a small point but it really does look a lot better.

News from the Fen News Bureau is brought to you by:

Jeanne's Legacy

* Her merchant store is now open. See her current prices and what she has in stock.
* Visionstones of recent events.
* Firsthand accounts of everything that she's witnessed in full detail.
* Lessons she's learned and her opinions on the world.

for more information, see Jeanne's Legacy:


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Advertising rates are quite affordable. Your ad will be read by well over 150 exiles!

Sponsorships: only 25 coins
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Thoom Aldynes is now a fourth circle healer.

ThoomCare is pleased to announce Larno has joined the clan.

ThoomCare associate member Merlisk is undergoing some sort of green transformation.

I'm working on a book project: is back!

Check out Kirth Gersen's Journal

A cold and snowy region has been discovered on the west side of the snell south of the orchard.

ThoomCare members (and others interested in contemporary Thoom affairs) should be sure to read the Thoom Mailing List:

Nuba Yo!

- Para


Got Mendin', Inc.: Clothing repair by Serra Lorne and Zero-X

Ripped? Torn? Colors Fadin'?

Call on 'Got Mendin', Inc. for all your mendin' needs.

Free quotes from Serra Lorne or Zero-X in common, dwarven, or sylvan!

Serra Lorne is a Dwarf, is female, is an exile, and is wearing the symbol of the Dwarven Militia.
She is holding a dagger and a sewing kit, and she is wearing a sunstone, a shirt and a pair of pants.
(got mendin?™ bakin' and brewin' donations accepted, too!)



Jeanne says, "Question #1"
Jeanne asks, "Could you tell me your impressions of the town of Puddleby?"

(Kirth Gersen smiles beamingly!)
(Kirth Gersen thinks hard... impressions...)
Kirth Gersen says, "Diverse..."
Kirth Gersen says, "Eclectic..."
Kirth Gersen says, "Divided..."
Kirth Gersen says, "but..."
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Friendly!"
(Kirth Gersen grins.)
Kirth Gersen says, "The residents of Puddleby are very varied, as well ethnically, religiously, and politically..."
Kirth Gersen says, "This is exciting! And cause for friction."
Kirth Gersen says, "Which is why we have some big rifts in our midst... The loyalists being the least problematic..."
Kirth Gersen says, "But, after all, most of us are quite friendly and eager to help each other and the new exiles."
Kirth Gersen says, "This is the first and lasting impression of the exiles here..."
Kirth Gersen says, "The eagerness and sincerity of helping people."
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "That is what inspired me!"

Jeanne says, "Question #2"
Jeanne asks, "Have the exiles done anything to make you feel welcome or has getting help been difficult?"

Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Tricky question, actually, despite what I said!"
Kirth Gersen says, "There have been times when help has been far away."
Kirth Gersen says, "And when helpfulness and kindness was not on the agenda of fellow exiles..."
Kirth Gersen says, "Once, I was fallen for quite some time inside the walls, just by East Gate."
Kirth Gersen says, "Several friends, fighters and a mystic, waited for healers to arrive..."
Kirth Gersen says, "None came."
Kirth Gersen says, "Even though several were in town center..."
Kirth Gersen says, "I can understand why people refer to some of my profession as 'lazy towne healers'..."
(Kirth Gersen sighs)
Kirth Gersen says, "But, that was a one off..."
Kirth Gersen says, "Also..."
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "this inspired me to do better!"
(Kirth Gersen grins.)
Kirth Gersen says, "Which is good."
Kirth Gersen says, "Another "bad" incident..."
Kirth Gersen says, "I met a few fighters referring to healers as money drainers..."
(Kirth Gersen laughs)
Kirth Gersen says, "The reasoning behind this is muddled..."
Kirth Gersen says, "It made me quite angry at the time, but I have overcome it since."
(Kirth Gersen shrugs.)

Jeanne says, "Question #3"
Jeanne says, "Could you talk a bit about your study of biothaumaturgy? It sounds from your scrolls as if you were studying the concept of life beyond death."

Kirth Gersen says, "Oh, yes, biothaumaturgy..."
Kirth Gersen says, "That is a very important part of my past."
Kirth Gersen says, "As you know, I was a teacher and researcher at the university of Hyrios (mainland)."
Kirth Gersen says, "At the department of biothaumaturgy, we studied the science of what we here call Healing."
Kirth Gersen says, "The word biothaumaturgy consists of the word biology, and thaumaturgy."
Kirth Gersen says, "Back in Hyrios, the work at the department was very focused on what we called "borderline" state of being."
Kirth Gersen says, "Here, we simply refer to is at 'fallen.'"
Kirth Gersen says, "I see myself, here, as a follower of master Horus, and mostly, lord Koric."
Kirth Gersen says, "To continue their work, and fuse into it the research from my past research in Hyrios."
Kirth Gersen says, "That would be a more scientific approach to the subject, methinks."
Kirth Gersen says, "I will have to gather my material and present it when ready."
Kirth Gersen says, "I am still learning the basics from lord Koric right now."
Kirth Gersen says, "So, the time of fusing of knowledge is a bit ahead in time..."
Kirth Gersen says, "He says I am progressing well..."
(Kirth Gersen beams proudly.)
Kirth Gersen says, "BUT..."
Kirth Gersen says, "There is a fine line here between Necromanic Arts and what I am interested in."
Kirth Gersen says, "I am aware of this, and I have to work very hard to keep the subject pure."
(Kirth Gersen looks serious.)

Jeanne asks, "How are raising the fallen and necromanic arts related?"

Kirth Gersen says, "The difference is philosophical and thaumaturgical...."
Kirth Gersen says, "But with the same starting material (fallen body, loose spirit) you can create both things."

Jeanne asks, "but the methods are different, are they not?"

Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Aye! Very different!"
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "And at the same time soooo close!"

Jeanne says, "ah, just like cooking"

Kirth Gersen says, "Aye..."
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Very much so!"
(Kirth Gersen grins.)
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Thanks for the analogy!"
(Kirth Gersen smiles warmly.)
(Kirth Gersen smiles and tastes the metaphor...)

Jeanne says, "Question #4"
Jeanne asks, "Dreams seem to have a important role in your life. Do you think that dreams can have messages or warnings that we should listen to?"

Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Oh yes!!!"
Kirth Gersen says, "I am myself starting to learn more about this."
Kirth Gersen says, "I don't really remember any dreams from before being exiled."
Kirth Gersen says, "They started becoming very vivid when I came here, though."
Kirth Gersen says, "So, being a scholar, I started writing them down... and making sketches."
Kirth Gersen says, "Now, I have discussed my dreams with several other exiles, and I think I do get a lot of help from listening to them."
Kirth Gersen says, "What and why may not be clear until long after the dream..."
(Kirth Gersen smiles a careful smile.)

Jeanne asks, "So you think that dreams do have meaning but understanding what that is can be difficult due to the symbology dreams use?"

(Kirth Gersen nods.)
Kirth Gersen says, "Aye. And we need other people's help to interpret and understand."
Kirth Gersen says, "It is always difficult to see your own life in perspective."

Jeanne says, "Question #5"
Jeanne asks, "Do you have any long-term goals during your stay in Puddleby?"

Kirth Gersen says, "Aye."
Kirth Gersen says, "For one thing, I want to persue biothaumaturgical science here, as I told you earlier."
Kirth Gersen says, "Another is to become a trusted and valued member of a clan."
Kirth Gersen says, "Yet another is to help collecting knowledge about things, places, beings here in Lok'Groton."
Kirth Gersen says, "Like my scroll on Hieskor and the sparkle stones."
Kirth Gersen ponders, "And I want to become RICH!"

Jeanne says, "Now you can ask the Fishwrap reporter ONE (1) question."

(Kirth Gersen thinks hard.)
Kirth Gersen asks, "Are you ticklish there?"
(Kirth Gersen points at the tip of the reporter's tail.)
(Kirth Gersen grins.)

Jeanne exclaims, "Eek!"
Jeanne says, "yes, that's why this cloak is so handy"
Jeanne says, "you have no idea how often vermine liked to nibble at my tail"

Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Ouch!"

Jeanne says, "boloks and artaks and orga"
Jeanne says, "I would be walking along and...."
Jeanne says, "*bite*"
Jeanne says, "this cloak keeps my tail hidden so it doesn't get bitten"

Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Yikes!!!"
(Kirth Gersen grins.)
(Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Good thing!"

Jeanne exclaims, "I think so too!"
Jeanne says, "I'd hate to have a mangled tail."

(Kirth Gersen smiles beamingly!)
Kirth Gersen says, "Aye... that'd be bad."
Kirth Gersen exclaims, "Thanks for an excellent answer!"


Sun Dragon Clan presents

A Comic Strip Contest

It all began with the fall of a whole distant country, called Edaria.

Its inhabitants and us seemed to lead quite similar lives.

It is unsure whether it was an island, whether it sudddenly sunk or was invaded.

What is sure is that it abruptly stopped existing.

Soon after that, waves of refugees hit our shores, all of them very weak and speaking with a strong accent.

Puddleby welcomed them like it did to us, and they started a new exile life.

This contest is dedicated to Edarians, so that we don't forget, learn more about them and help them in return.

See the entries and full rules at the Sun Dragon Clan scroll:

Contest ends OOC February 1, 2002.


Top 10 Medical Excuses of Exiles:

10. "There's a lump in my inventory"
9. Orga burn
8. Purple Tor Inn rash
7. Caduceus elbow
6. Panther bite
5. River Tunnel Syndrome
4. Hairball (fens only)
3. Grass burns from being chained
2. "I've fallen and I can't get up"
1. Super Chicken pox


The Garkazian Order and Sir Goric invites everyone to view the results from the 1st "Life in Exile" Art contest.

Sir Goric for the Gakazian order


Black Unicorn clan

Origin of The Black Unicorn
Several hundred years ago an ancient faith of the most holy order lie in a secluded valley within the kingdom of S'pire. Peace and tranquility prevailed.

Until the raids started. The neighboring kingdom of Darlank, under the tyranny of their self-appointed King Merlos, became jealous of S'pires wealth. Month after month, Merlos's men would sweep the mostly undefended smaller border villages of S'pire, pillaging and raising all that lived there; carefully weaving a path of destruction around the well guarded citadels, always fleeing across the border again when reinforcements arrived, safe in the knowledge that the mostly peaceful people of S'pire would not strike back against the kingdom of Darlank within their own bounds.

The Church of the Five Faiths was among these. Time and time again this small faith would be at the mercy of evil forces, and its once prosperous following dwindled, almost driven to the point of extinction.

One autumn day, again the Church of the Five Faiths was left in near ruins, everything the people held in faith destroyed. With heavy hearts the remaining faithfuls started to rebuild everything they believed in.

It was then, that one man stopped. He stood and gazed vacantly at the sky for a moment, and then, boldly, confidently, started to speak. "How much longer are we going to allow ourselves to be destroyed? How many times are we going to let them take what we hold so dear, and not raise so much as a hand? How many times are we going to rebuild our lives again for no reason, and pretend that it won't happen again?" "No more!!!" He paused, and picked up a sword that lie in the ruins. [Picking up a weapon of destruction was strictly against the faith]. "From this point on, I am going to fight for what I believe in, to defend all that is good and sacred, to see that the shadows of evil never again cast themselves across these shattered walls, that we shall no longer live in fear. Now who will join me?"

Several members of the faith responded, and at that point they started a legend, a small band of men and women, training intensely in combat and the mystic arts, but following their respective sacred beliefs in as much influence, learning from all around them. And as their successes grew, so did their numbers. Slowly but surely they started chapters in other villages, defender the inhabitants from suffering the fate of friends and family, fallen to the blades of greed. Unafraid to do what is necessary to protect the innocent, and to uphold the rights of the free. And from the ashes of the Five Faiths, they came to be known by their own name, the Black Unicorn.

Thoughout the hundreds of years of The Black Unicorn's history, this legend has been passed down from one initiate to another, and now to you...

Find out more about the Black Unicorn here:


* Introduction

These are my writings regarding the sparkle stones of Hieskor. I have taken upon myself to gather information about the sylvan Hieskor, his sparkle stones, and their origin. By no account do I own the complete picture. This is an account of the State of the Stones, as I know it.

There are some facts known about the stones, and some theories developed around them. In this account I relate the facts first, and then I present the theories. The big and central question is still unanswered: are the stones no more than overpriced luxury gadgets, or, are they actually something useful and important?

* Facts

This is what we know about Hieskor and his stones. These facts are gathered from Hieskor's own stories and based on actual, scientific experimental facts.

I do not know exactly when Hieskor arrived to Puddleby. I know for a fact, though, that he was rather newly arrived on the 81st day of Autumn 543. I first saw him and heard his stories when he discussed his stones with Elenis Reyav in the Town Square that very day. Judging by his comments on everyday life in Puddleby, he had arrived just one day earlier (80th Day of Autumn that is). (Hieskor says, "I am here and there. I was staying at the Purple Tor Inn, but only paid for one night.")

The sylvan called Hieskor is (or rather, was?) the apprentice to a Mystic called Coleron. According to Hieskor, Coleron's lab burnt to the ground in an accident, and Hieskor managed to "rescue" the stones he now has brought to Puddleby. (Hieskor says, "I ...uh... grabbed all I could and took them, ...uh... for safekeeping.")

During Hieskor's first days in Puddleby, he walked about and talked to us other exiles. Now he is less social and more businesslike. (This was his intention from the beginning, Hieskor says, "Since I am so far from home, and a bit lost, I hope to make a new home setting up shop, here." and Hieskor says, "If all goes well, I will learn how to make these myself, and can become a contributing member of society.") He is currently in Puddleby selling these stones. The price varies a lot depending on which exile tries to purchase one. A span of between 30 and 500 coins is reported! Somehow he knows that you already have one on your body, so you need a friend to hold your stone, if you wish to purchase additional ones...

* Sparkle Stone Use

When you use the stone, you sunstone a message to yourself (Kirth Gersen thinks to you, "Go, go, go!!!"). By using the stone, you merely place it in your hand and will it to start by gently squeezing it.

After that initial thought-message, the stone is active for a period of exactly 2 OOC minutes. During the two OOC minutes, the user experiences strange visual and aural hallucinations. Also, in the corner of your eye you see numbers flickering.

During the period of activity, the speed of the counter and the intensity of the aural and visual effects are dependent on your actions. The more you run and dance, kill and jump, the more intense the hallucinations, the quicker the counter rolls.

After the period of activity, you get the aural message ("Kirth Gersen sees the number 1,702 glow on his sparkle stone!") What this means is not at all understood. Many theories abound.

The last effect of the usage is that every stone crumbles to dust. Depending on factors largely unknown, it may or may not reform into a new stone ("The dust from Kirth Gersen's crumbled sparkle stone reforms into a new one!")

There seems to be a relation between location and scoring. Nothing really conclusive at the moment, but the Puddleby Monastery Training Room is verified by two different exiles (Raymond Shifter and myself) to be one such location (generating a score of over one million!). This means that the scoring on the stone is not particular to a specific sn'ell, but rather a very exact location. More of these locations are believed to exist. Our fellow exile Nephilim has experimented with his stone simply sitting down. This did, quite logically, not generate more than 600 in the score. This verifies the hypothesis that activity is vital to receiving a big score.

* Theories

My opinion is that the sparkle stones are of one of two possible natures. Either

--The stones are mere phantoms, pretty phantasms, gaudy illusions, luxury gadget, or
--The stones are really measuring something, and the aural and visual effects are mere byproducts.

Which of these that is the truth, no one can tell right now. I do believe that Hieskor himself does not know the answer. In the light of the experiments conducted in the Puddleby Monastery Training Room, I do believe that the stones are not merely pretty phantasms. There is some kind of thaumaturgy embedded in the stones that take the surroundings of the stone user into account.

* Outstanding questions

For my research and to further this subject for the sake of others, there are a few outstandning issues and questions.

--Has any similar artifacts been researched earlier in the lands?
--Does the stone measure anything?
--What does the stone measure? Life Energy? Released Life Energy? Spirit Exhalation?

Since the stone seems to react to movement (exertion) and killings, I have been led to believe that it actually measures spent, or exhaled, life energy.

I implore you, fellow exile, if you learn something about the sparkle stones or Hieskor, let me know! Contact me in the lands, or send an enchanted mail to Kirth Gersen. Thank you.

Further research is presented in the scrolls:


I would like to congratulate Xel and Coriaken for winning the prize of 5500c for the contest that was started back on OOC 1/19/01. For more details on the contest see

In the contest there where four performances held. I would encourage everyone to request a private showing of each of the unique pieces. They are all very good and each is very unique in different ways.

Puddleby has some very gifted artists and I hope we all find more ways to encourage them to produce this type of work. Even those that didn't win the prize still received 1000c.

On a side note, I put this together for a couple reasons. One was to see what was possible with merging music and story. Based on what has presented I would say a lot. The other hope I had for this was to potentially find a bard that would join me on adventures to produce stories loosely based on those adventures. I'm still searching for such a bard. Some day I will find one.

Thanks again to all those that participated!

- Klur


Well, I never thought it would happen... but I actually updated "Better Living Through Fast Feet." I figured I might as well spruce it up a bit for its third anniversary.

From the press release:

"A classic composition, both witty and funny, 'Better Living Through Fast Feet' is a timeless collection of tips, hints, and gentle instruction on how to maximize your time in the lands by staying upright through the power of flight."

Man, I really have to get a better publicist.

Anyway, Fast Feet's been updated. If you've never been, stop by and
crash the server:

- Nohn


Ether mapping! The very name strikes fear into your heart, does it not? Well, perhaps not, but this is a subject that few are familiar with but many should be. First of all, what exactly is ether? I don't know. I don't know if anyone knows the true answer to that yet, but we do know it is the substance that makes up the Ethereal Plane. Some fighters may recall fighting powerful clouds of yes, this is potentially dangerous and deadly stuff.

Another question that comes to mind is how it got here. Perhaps a puddleyear ago or so, Tenebrion frequently warned us of "a coming storm", and more specifically of a leak of ether into Purgatory from our many departs from the Ethereal Plane. I hesitate to assume that this leak is gone...however, Umbrion did say it should heal itself much as one's skin repairs itself. Due to decreased travel and departs from the Ethereal Plane of late, I would like to think some of the damage has been reversed. Has the ether leak healed itself completely? All truth be told, no one can really know yet. I believe many of us discount the potential danger involved. We should not be ignorant of the ether that is currently in or that is flowing into our plane of existence! Tenebrion himself said there would be possible danger to even himself if we were to become overrun with ether and ethereal creatures. (Though, he was quick to add, no permanent danger as he had a place to hide in until the danger was past.)

How are we to measure the amount of ether we have in our lands, yi say? I thought yi would ask that! The 'Brion brother Umbrion has developed an instrument to allow exiles, specifically specially trained mystics, to detect the amount of ether in a particular area. This device is called an ethereal amulet. Currently, they are available in Tenebrion's Keep in exchange for a single piece of metal. In order to use this device, properly at least, a mystic must travel to Umbrion's Keep and begin training with his thoomy servant Leladar. Ten agonizingly slow ranks later, the amulet's readings change from the utterly confusing vibrations and shifting colors to revealing if the level of ether in the area is anywhere from dangerously low to dangerously high. However, some believe there may be another trainer that will improve the amulet's use even more. Tenebrion has said his brother Lugubrion has another servant who can train in its use, but so far he has not been available to discuss this.

Ah, and what good does this do us? Well, methinks it helps the 'Brions out more than it helps us. They have requested we map out the levels of ether in our lands. Every snell in every area on every island, to be specific. Hopefully they will settle for slightly less than that, as we have not even completely explored our island. The known lands should be sufficient. Perhaps on the surface this job seems simple, but there is more to it than it seems. Ether seems to fluctuate dramatically in very short periods of time. One amulet reading may show there to be an average amount of ether, while the next could yield an unusually high amount, all in the space of a few seconds. However, with a good number of readings, the average seems to indicate if there is a high, low, or normal amount of ether. Therefore, several readings must be taken in each snell. What complicates things even more is the frail nature of these Ethereal Amulets. If used in one snell, they last for about three uses. Using them to map out an area in a loop seems to extend their life by a good amount. For example, I took a loop through the north marsh, using the amulet once per snell. After this was completed and the results recorded, I did this several more times. In the end, I had used the amulet over fifteen times, as opposed to the maximum life of four uses while mapping the underground while repeatedly using them in the same snell.

How does this all apply to the average, everyday exile? Right now, not all that much...though if a spawn of Astral Drakes came to town, your day could be ruined fairly quickly. The only way to avoid hazardous situations is to explore, map and try to find possible danger areas. The best way to help us help yi is to donate metal pieces to the mapping project. I don't know for certain everyone who is involved, so ask around. Many amulets will be needed for this project! There are many snells to be tested, and many readings that must be taken. For now, the most notable occurence has been in the marsh, in the dead tree snell with the muddy yellow shirt seller. High levels of ether have been detected there, as well as sightings of Ethereal Slugs. Be wary if travelling in that area, and please report any findings over the sunstone network, or in person to someone who can help. To date, the east, south, north, and northwest forest have been mapped, along with the Tangle and Snaggle woods, and the underground and marsh as well. A few snells show slightly off readings...but there have been no strange or ether related occurences there. My readings on Tenebrion's Isle have shown consistently strange results in ever snell....the ether is just...well....a bit strange and eerie. I'm not quite sure what it means...perhaps it is a result of all of Tenebrion's experiments...or maybe close proximity to a Zodiac maze? Ah well. But, if yi have any questions, feel free to contact me in the lands and I will do my best to help yi. I hope this has brought yi up to date on these oft-overlooked topics, what with all the hubbub over the Orga Stronghold and such...let us be wary not to miss the danger at our doorstep while watching the opportunities in the distance.

See maps of ether in these areas at the following scroll for yourself:

Wangah Rah


H'loi all-
Hope the ether mapping is coming well for all...its been slow here as its rather difficult to get enough pendants. But on to some new information...

I had the chance to speak with Tenebrion again, albeit for only a brief time. He said he had trained another slave to teach us the ways of ether/ethereal amulets. He said he was digging out a chamber for him, and would be finished in a puddlemonth or so. Good news there. The other matter he spoke of was a bit confusing, regarding chaos and order and understanding the nature of ether. I think, basically, he means the more you understand ether, the less chaotic it seems. The more you research and understand, the more you are able to penetrate the chaos...the more you know, the more you are able to learn, perhaps? I'm not quite sure..but he said everything we see as chaos is really ordered, to a trained, knowledgable, and understanding mind. He also spoke of further uses of the amulets...but not anything in detail. The more we are trained and understand, the more apparent uses the amulet will display. Vague as ever, but this is what we have to deal with. Hope it is helpful to some people.

Wangah Rah


This group is for the purpose of tracking Ethereal fluctuations on the island of Puddleby and the Lok'Grotton Islands in general.


During a recent dew/trool invasion from the brambles, I happened to be in the South Forest Field Hospital just as the invasion was starting.

While waiting for reinforcements to arrive with some fellow exiles (a fallen fighter and healer that I had chained there from the west entrance, another fallen fighter felled by a mighty blow as he leapt to safety from the mirror snell, and one other fighter), we were shocked to see neodews nibbling on the fallen exiles.

We quickly dispatched them, and started musing aloud over how they could have gotten into what we considered a "safe" area. While we were talking, I spotted a mildew and several more neodews near the entrance to the Outpost.

We killed those quickly, and then went into the Outpost to discover many more neodews and mildews (I saw nothing larger than a mildew, but I concentrated on keeping the smaller dews away from the fallen exiles while the other fighter cleared out the northern area).

The point of this story is to let people know that the "safe" South Forest Field Hospital may not _always_ be safe.

I hope that their infestation of the Outpost was merely caused by a great push from the giant dews outside in the mirror sn'ell, but I fear that it might be a sign of something more sinister...perhaps there is an opening to a cave somewhere in the Outpost, opened by trools and their kin, and these dews just wandered in from below.

Yours in Beer,


Kala Sahar is a Sylvan, is female, is a Merchant, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
She is holding a purse, and she is wearing a sunstone and a shieldstone.
Kala Sahar has 3 good karma.
(Merlisk waves to Kala Sahar)
Kala Sahar : "hello, poor thoom"
Merlisk : "Greetings, Kala Sahar"
Merlisk : "care to have a seat in the shade?"
Kala Sahar : "I see you have the affliction."
Merlisk : "oh?"
Merlisk : "You mean this dew?"
* You show your lump to Kala Sahar.
Kala Sahar : "sorry but your infection makes you dangerous to me."
Kala Sahar : "yes"
Merlisk : "sorry"
Merlisk : "I'll back up"
Kala Sahar : "it is not your fault"
(Merlisk nods)
Merlisk : "Qual's evil"
Merlisk : "I need to get rid of this!"
Merlisk : "Any idea how?"
Kala Sahar : "Is the good healer Tessa around?"
* 'tessa' is not in the lands.
Merlisk : "I'm afraid not"
Kala Sahar : "very sad"
* Xepel shows his lump to everyone.
(Merlisk nods)
Merlisk : "She knows how to remove it?"
Kala Sahar : "I may be able to help her learn to do it"
Merlisk : "ah"
Merlisk : "'tis tricky?"
Merlisk : "I mean, learnin' how to get rid of it?"
Kala Sahar : "but it seems I need to train in tracking to find her"
(Merlisk grins)
(Kala Sahar snickers)
Merlisk : "Have you tried to send her a mail?"
(Merlisk points to the Post Office)
Kala Sahar : "ahh yes the post"
Kala Sahar : "What a thoomish idea. Thooms are always so practical."
(Merlisk grins)
Ailsa : "Kala Sahar, I can look up postbox numbers for you, given the first part of a person's name."
Kala Sahar : "Tessa"
Ailsa : "I do not see a box for anyone named 'Tessa'."
Kala Sahar : "hmm"
(Merlisk sighs)
Merlisk : "I could perhaps give a message to her"
Kala Sahar : "sadly she does not seem to have a mail box"
(Merlisk sighs)
Merlisk : "Kala Sahar, may I as you a question?"
Kala Sahar : "sure"
Kala Sahar : "I guess"
Merlisk : "What are these dews?"
Kala Sahar : "ahh a long dark story"
Kala Sahar : "best told another time"
Merlisk : "What are these dews? And, why is Qual shovin' 'em down our throats?"
Merlisk : "ah"
Merlisk : "very well"
Kala Sahar : "you may know all in time"
Merlisk : "I shan't keep you then"
Merlisk ponders, "I hope so"
Merlisk : "but there is a cure...right?"
(Merlisk crosses his flippers)
Kala Sahar : "I'm told there is a cure for every disease"
(Merlisk nods)
Merlisk : "I sure hope so"
Kala Sahar : "I may be out a bit"
Merlisk : "no problem"
Kala Sahar : "the library is so dusty"
Merlisk : "I'll relay to Tessa your message"
Merlisk : "have a beer in the pub"
Merlisk : "that's good for dust"
Kala Sahar : "Dwarves tell me beer is good for everything"
Merlisk : "I remember a merchant from Peaceton so long ago"
Merlisk thinks, "If anyone sees Tessa, please let her know that I and Kala Sahar are looking for her."
Droch : "Amputating something from someone. Why, got special doctor stuff?"
Kala Sahar : "I'm told she can help me...or I can help her... we share a common interest."
Merlisk : "Kala, have you ever been to Peaceton?"
Kala Sahar : "Peaceton...hmmm"
Kala Sahar : "I have been so many places...I may have been there"
Merlisk : "We're worried for them"
Kala Sahar : "Is that the land with the Queen who has Six Eyes?"
Merlisk : "ewww"
Kala Sahar : "hmmm"
Merlisk : "Hope not"
Kala Sahar : "so many places... I should have known it would hide in a place like this."
Merlisk : "It? The Dew thing?"
Merlisk : "I wish I could find out what Qual was dewing"
Kala Sahar : "The dews are only a part of a greater whole... a drop of blood in a great beast."
Indigo : "is the whole... beast... here, good merchant?"
Kala Sahar : "eeh?"
Kala Sahar : "must have drifted off to sleep a wink."
Merlisk : "Kala, how does even fathom to kill the whole if its parts are all creatures?"
Merlisk : "Kala, would these lumps grow into full dews?"
Kala Sahar : "it is a creature without definite form"
Kala Sahar : "If IT keeps to its ways IT will hide far underground and have its minions do ITs bidding."
Kala Sahar : "This talk of a Qual bothers me though."
Merlisk ponders, "me too"
Kala Sahar : "is or was Qual an exile such as yourselves?"
Merlisk ponders, "Or Qual *is* the dew"
Merlisk : "Not accordin' to my first meetin' of him, Kala Sahar"
Merlisk : "I met him in the old Castle courtyard"
Indigo : "There are rumors that he is in league with the Darshak, or perhaps was one, once. But I know not the veracity of such statements."
Merlisk : "Years ago...."
Merlisk : "He was never an exile"
Kala Sahar : "The source would never put itself in danger... does this Qual ever come out in the open?"
Merlisk : "yes"
Kala Sahar : "then Qual is but a mask I would guess"
Kala Sahar : "a hop or skip and I'm where I need to be."
(Kala Sahar laughs!)
Sutai : "It is queen dew, right?"
Kala Sahar : "It is the Source."
Kala Sahar : "some might call it the Dark Bubbling but it has as many names as it has faces."
Sutai : "Oh, yes.. Source.. I thought at one time this information was supposed to be hidden, so Qual couldn't find out we knew."
Kala Sahar : "what do I call it?"
(Kala Sahar chuckles)
Aldernon : "I take it we may've heard that bubbling in places on Dal'Noth then"
Kala Sahar : "we are in polite company I dare not say least you think less of me."
(Merlisk grins)
Wangah Rah ponders, "She must be ancient...and we age so slowly..."
Kala Sahar : "Hard to say anymore. I wander more then I am at any one place."
Indigo : "You remember not where you were raised? Your family?"
Aldernon : "Kala, are we in danger here. Assuming it is close?"
Kala Sahar : "none of that is important."
(Merlisk waves to Kala Sahar)
Kala Sahar : "in danger? from what I have seen of this isle you are always in one danger or another."
(Aldernon chuckles)
Aldernon : "very true, very true =)"
Indigo : "Hm."
Kala Sahar : "this is but one raindrop in the storm."
Indigo : "Was there something that you sensed that brought you here, Kala?"
Aldernon : "there is more than one It?"
Kala Sahar : "It knows I can teach the power to destroy It."
(Aldernon nods)
Sor : "Oh do you?"
ShadowEarth : "just it?"
ShadowEarth : "or other things too?"
Kala Sahar : "when it feels strong it tries to draw me in to destroy me"
Aldernon : "does It fear you then?"
Indigo : "Teach powers? What do you mean?"
Kala Sahar : "when it is weak it hides away and leaves no trace."
ShadowEarth : "well then you came to right place.. tons of adventures here ;)"
Indigo : "Does "It" reside in other islands, or must it stay close to itself?"
Sutai : "Isn't Bubbring concentrated under Noth?"
(Aldernon nods to Sutai)
Kala Sahar : "Qual, the mask of this beast, would not often travel far from where it hides."
Indigo : "I see."
Kala Sahar : "Is there a place where he is most often seen?"
Aldernon : "yes, most often on Dal'Noth Isle"
Aldernon : "an isle surrounded by illusion"
DragonClaw : "Want to go to Dal'noth to meet him?"
DragonClaw ponders, "hmm..."
Sor : "Qual has been seen sometimes in the southern brambles as well… on this island"
(Aldernon nods)
Sor : "He's negotiating with trools"
Kala Sahar : "Dal'Noth where is this place?"
Indigo : "Yei. He seems to have some power over creatures known as trool'kin"
Sor : "It's far in the north ocean"
Kala Sahar : "he may have infected them as he tries to infect your town"
Kala Sahar : "your diversity protects you"
Aldernon : "!"
Aldernon : "that would explain some things"
Indigo : "He seems to mobilize them into armies who march toward town. Sometimes dews are with them."
Wangah Rah : "What of the ones who have already been dewed, infected?"
Kala Sahar : "there are some races that he seems yet unable to touch"
Aldernon : "is it possible then, the Noth were all infected and left the town abandoned, by this It?"
Kala Sahar : "I would guess it took the townsfolk to be its servants. made them part of the whole."
Solas ponders, "hmm"
Kala Sahar : "it is the way it grows"
(Aldernon shivers)
Magnous ponders, "Qual is more insidious then he seemed"
Aldernon : "is that what it has in store for us then? those who've been 'dewed'?"
Indigo : "Do those who are taken as servants have a particular... hm... outward change in appearance?"
Kala Sahar : "in most cases one dew supresses the host while a second takes over the body."
(Sor gulps)
Indigo : "Do we know of any who have been dewed twice?"
Kala Sahar : "this usually results in a major change in apperance."
Aldernon : "and....and...the 3rd?"
Magnous : "such as?"
Delirium : "are the dews and noths related?"
Kala Sahar : "no need for a third. two and some time are all that is needed."
Magnous : "how does the affected's apperance change?"
Aldernon : "how long does this take? does it vary?"
Wangah Rah ponders, "Wasn't Tessa finding a way to fix this?"
Kala Sahar : "If It is not stopped this town may well wake up to find itself lost and under Its sway."
(Indigo frowns.)
Kala Sahar : "not all wars are fought with swords."
Indigo : "That is very true, good merchant."
Aldernon : " can teach us how to fight it though, right?"
Magnous : "Kala, are there any common symptoms of the physical changes of an infected?"
Indigo : "Yei, you said you could teach us powers to fight it."
Sutai : "teach us to use that shierdstone & we wirr defeat Quar more easiry :)"
Kala Sahar : "This one named Tessa sounds as if she may have promise."
Wangah Rah : "One sylvan doctor will not win the war...what of the common exile?"
Aldernon : "she pursues many things...I'm sure she does have promise"
(Kala Sahar sighs)
Indigo : "Kala, the one called Dr. Malthus is one of many exiles interested in this situation. Is there nothing you can teach the rest?"
Kala Sahar : "maybe I don't know"
Wangah Rah : "And maybe yi do?"
Kala Sahar : "it is hard to say unless I find them."
Aldernon : "I'm sure some here would be willing to try to learn..."
Wangah Rah : "At this moment, yi have nothing?"
Indigo : "no wisdom to offer the rest of us?"
Wangah Rah : "Yi speak of great tales..."
Aldernon : "what is it you seek in an exile that show's their "promise"?"
Wangah Rah : "Surely yi have something? Or wisdom as she says?"
Kala Sahar : "prior experience"
Aldernon : "ah"
Aldernon : "we may be able to steer you to another that can help"
Aldernon : "Paramedic has experience!"
Kala Sahar : "Tessa has examined many dews I'm told"
Aldernon : "Paramedic has examined as many, I'd guess"
Wangah Rah : "Others have killed many"
Solas : "I believe Achates did as well"
Indigo : "many of us have fought them at great risk."
(Paramedic listens)
Aldernon : "I've been to see him many times"
Aldernon : "and spoken about this lump"
Paramedic : "Tessa is the expert"
Aldernon : "he's always done his best to help"
Kala Sahar : "has anyone, other then Tessa, collected some of the fluid from the lumps or growths?"
Paramedic : "No, just Tessa"
Kala Sahar : "then Tessa is the one I seek."
* Aldernon shivers fitfully
Indigo : "Kala, we see you are a merchant. What do you sell?"
Wangah Rah : "How old are yi, Kala?"
Sutai ponders, "hopefully the stone!"
Kala Sahar : "ZZZzzz...."
Jeanne ponders, "she fell asleep?"
(Ayella raises an eyebrow.)
Rael the Squonk ponders, "Narcoleptic..."
Kala Sahar : "zZZZzz..."
* Aldernon shivers violently.
Rael the Squonk : "One lump, or two?"
Paramedic : "Two"
Aldernon : "I'm....cold"
(Lucio grins.)
Kala Sahar : "yes, Sutai their eyes ARE his eyes... or the eyes of the Dark Bubbling to be more truthful."
* Aldernon shivers for a moment.
Kala Sahar : "it is not so much what she has done but what she has collected."
Aldernon : "Kala...."
Kala Sahar : "yes Aldernon?"
* Hex shivers involuntarily.
Aldernon : "is there nothing you can do....until you find Tessa"
* Aldernon shivers for a moment.
Kala Sahar : "sadly no"
(Aldernon nods to Kala, slowly)
Aldernon : "what...can we expect? those that...have been infected"
Kala Sahar : "I can not do what she has done. And I need what she has collected to help."
* Hex shivers involuntarily.
Aldernon : "I understand..."
Aldernon : "=/"
Hex : "Kala..."
* Aldernon shivers involuntarily.
Kala Sahar : "The Dark Bubbling knows I am close. Those affected will have worse symptomes near me."
Sor ponders, "?"
Hex : "There's no evidence that those... lumps are contagious, correct?"
Kala Sahar : "move away to feel better."
Kala Sahar : "they can be spread by the source or its agents."
Sutai : "!"
(Aldernon slowly moves away from Kala)
Jeanne : "You mean Aldernon can give someone else a dew as well?"
Sutai : "Do agents incrude those who have been infected?"
Kala Sahar : "if he gets two dews he may soon find the need to give a third to an uninfected person"
Aldernon : "will the symptoms increase, now that you are visiting?"
Kala Sahar : "only when you are near me Aldernon."
Aldernon : "it is difficult, if you can help, yet we cannot be near you =/"
* Aldernon shivers for a moment.
Kala Sahar : "those infected can do little to help me."
(Aldernon coughs)
Shere Khan : "that's why you need tessa the intermediary"
Aldernon : "are we, to be "written off" then?"
* Hex shivers for a moment.
Aldernon : "Kala, are certain races more susceptible?"
* Aldernon shivers suddenly.
Kala Sahar : "I shall return another time to find this Tessa"
Wangah Rah : "Kala, let me understand. Yi have no knowledge, equipment, or anything else to help anyone save Tessa?"
(Aldernon frowns)
Delirium : "Tessa may be out a little later"
Aldernon : "thank you for coming, and offering some hope at least"
(Kala Sahar snickers)
Kala Sahar : "I never said I didn't have equipment."
* Ein Kala Sahar shows her wood and crystal tool to everyone.
Sutai : "Hmm, quite interesting."
Sor : "a wood and crystal tool?"
* Entil'Zha shivers for a moment.
Jeanne ponders, "interesting"
Aldernon : "be well, Kala Sahar"
* Hex shivers suddenly.
Sutai : "I wonder what it does.."
Sor yells, "be well Kala, we shall tell Tessa about you!"
Kala Sahar : "some have called it a Separ... but it has many names."
Jo Ma'ril : "!"
Sor : "!!"
Sutai : "!"
Jo Ma'ril : "The Separ?!"
* Aldernon shivers suddenly.
Wangah Rah : "Separ!"
Sor : "the Separ??"
Aldernon ponders, "the Separ!"
Sutai : "Separ.. to destroy It."
Sor : "damnit!"
Magnous : "whats a Separ?"
Jo Ma'ril : "Where'd she go?"
Sor : "A legendary item…"
* Kala Sahar is no longer Clanning.
Aldernon : "it looked like what had been described to us"

Dr. Malthus meets Kala Shar

Kala Sahar : "can we go some place quiet to talk?"
Kala Sahar : "too many dews about"
Dr Malthus : "That would be good.. would you like to go to my office?"
Crius yells, "It's 3 o'clock, and all's well."
* Entil'Zha shivers for a moment.
Jo Ma'ril : "Let 'em talk in private people."
Dr Malthus : "Hmmm.... Cori?"
Kala Sahar : "lead on. please no others come."
Coriakin : "Aye, Tessa?"
* Henryk shivers for a moment.
Dr Malthus : "Would you mind if the thoom came along?"
Thirteenth Rat shivers for a moment.
Dr Malthus : "Of course.. if it is a medical matter..."
Kala Sahar : "I guess one thoom would be ok"
* Xepel shivers fitfully.
(Dr Malthus nods)
(Coriakin smiles)
Coriakin : "Thankee, kindly"
Dr Malthus : "This way then..."
Kala Sahar : "shall we?"
Shen Calin ponders, ":)"
Jo Ma'ril thinks to you, "I'll keep people outta your office."
(Jo Ma'ril waves.)
Dr Malthus : "Please.."
(Dr Malthus holds the chair)
Dr Malthus : "Have a seat! You must be tired."
Dr Malthus : "Where are you from?"
Kala Sahar : "pardon"
Coriakin : "No worries :)"
Kala Sahar : "ahhh"
Dr Malthus : "Where are you from?"
Kala Sahar : "I'm told you have taken fluid from the lumps?"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Dr Malthus : "I've been studying them for years..."
Kala Sahar : "may I have a sample?"
Dr Malthus : "in hopes of finding a cure."
(Kala Sahar gets out a wooden bowl.)
Dr Malthus : "Ummm..."
Kala Sahar : "and so we may"
Dr Malthus : "They were really hard to come by... Can I ask...."
Kala Sahar : "just pour it in the bowl"
Kala Sahar : "ahhh"
Dr Malthus ponders, "Ewww...."
Dr Malthus : "Excuse me for being a bit.. cautious?"
Kala Sahar : "then go get some and return"
(Dr Malthus gets out a key and unlocks her cabinet)
(Dr Malthus sets a tray out on the shelf, and pulls out a notebook)
(Dr Malthus also takes out a clipboard)
Dr Malthus : "They're there.. on the counter...."
Dr Malthus : "I understand that you have some interest in stopping the spread of this menace?"
Kala Sahar : "more then interest."
Dr Malthus : "Hmm?? Do go on..."
Kala Sahar : "ability"
Dr Malthus : "How so..."
Dr Malthus : "Oh?"
Kala Sahar : "but I need a sample of the fluid to make ready the Separ."
Dr Malthus : "The Separ??"
(Coriakin glances at Kala's tool)
* Ein Kala Sahar shows her wood and crystal tool to everyone.
Dr Malthus : "You have it???? I've only read about it."
(Dr Malthus seems cautious)
Kala Sahar : "well there is only one"
(Kala Sahar chuckles)
Dr Malthus : "I hate to be presumptuous... surely.. if you understand the background..."
Dr Malthus : "you must know that caution is in order?"
Kala Sahar : "passed from keeper to keeper to hunt the beast"
Dr Malthus : "Oh?"
Dr Malthus : "Do you mean.. "it" ?"
Kala Sahar : "but now it is time to pass it to a new keeper."
Kala Sahar : "yes IT the Dark Bubbling"
Coriakin : "The hive mind?"
Dr Malthus : "Oh so that's what that is in that riddle then..."
Dr Malthus : "the one I read about?"
Kala Sahar : "when it arrives one of my order will try to go and give the Separ."
Dr Malthus : "You wouldn't mind... then.. if I did a brief physical? Just to be on the safe side?"
Dr Malthus : "It... won't take too long."
Kala Sahar : "In most cases the arrival of the separ drives off the dark bubbling... but I fear here things may be different."
Dr Malthus : "Oh?"
Dr Malthus : "Do you think more may be needed?"
Dr Malthus : "I have a list.. of many.. who have been infected... and from whom I have taken samples..."
Kala Sahar : "The dark bubbling seems to have learned that it can save and use the minds of some of those it infects"
Otepei thinks, "ThoomCare™ North West Forest Hospital is Open!"
Dr Malthus : "Sometimes...I fear... "It" has been very resistant."
Dr Malthus : "Oh... yes! I see that.... in that they become as agents for...."
Dr Malthus : "their master?"
Kala Sahar : "It is no smarter then the myrm queen... But this talk of Qual..."
(Dr Malthus nods)
Coriakin ponders, "So they really are possesed..."
Dr Malthus : "I haven't ever seen him.. But I surmise that he is trying to exert some control over it?"
Dr Malthus : "some... domination.. to use for his own means whatever they are."
Dr Malthus : "That... I really have no clue about."
Kala Sahar : "well he may think so"
(Kala Sahar laughs!)
(Dr Malthus nods)
(Dr Malthus smiles)
Kala Sahar : "The Dark Bubbling has many lies to tell."
Dr Malthus : "Well.... still... it is not exactly a safe situation!"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Dr Malthus : "Uh.. huh..."
Dr Malthus ponders, "Thuja..."
Coriakin ponders, "Caddrel..."
Dr Malthus : "People have been tel... well..."
Kala Sahar : "The Separ can cure those infected but not fully changed."
Dr Malthus : "A few of the infected ones are very very afraid."
(Dr Malthus nods)
Kala Sahar : "so exiles with lumps and growths can be saved."
Dr Malthus : "I've noticed the disease can progress...."
Coriakin : "But what of those more greviously infected?"
Dr Malthus : "From my predictions... after it evolves into a growth...."
Kala Sahar : "those who have changed in apperance can not be saved... i.e. 'Noth."
(Dr Malthus shudders)
Coriakin : "Ah."
(Dr Malthus nods... Oh!!!!)
Dr Malthus : "Is that the final form???"
(Dr Malthus looks suddenly fascinated)
Kala Sahar : "I'm not sure"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Dr Malthus : "So you need ... some of my samples then?"
Dr Malthus : "I have... uh..."
Dr Malthus : "Eleven...."
Kala Sahar : "Qual seems to be trapped IN MID-CHANGE"
Dr Malthus : "and quite a few preserved neodews as well."
Coriakin : "Really?"
Dr Malthus : "Oh????"
Kala Sahar : "I'm not sure if he can be cured."
Dr Malthus : "That sounds VERY dangerous."
Kala Sahar : "when folks change to the new form they go crazy and become mindless"
Dr Malthus ponders, "I really would prefer to do a brief physical on her first..."
(Dr Malthus nods)
Coriakin : "I see..."
Kala Sahar : "Qual is not mindless, so he must not be fully changed."
Dr Malthus : "Under Its control... Dark Bubbling???"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Coriakin : "But what of the minds the Dark Bubbling steals?"
Dr Malthus : "That would follow... tell me.. where did the name "dark bubbling" come form????"
Kala Sahar : "once you cure the exiles you may well wish to try to cut him off from the Dark Bubbling"
Kala Sahar : "if you saw it you would know"
(Kala Sahar snickers)
Coriakin : "Ah, so it is a physical entity?"
Dr Malthus : "Okay.. I.. get the picture then..."
Kala Sahar : "well"
Dr Malthus : "Do you know where it is?"
Kala Sahar : "it is many parts in a whole, but there are dense areas I guess."
(Coriakin nods)
Kala Sahar : "areas with more parts."
Dr Malthus : "Hmmm..."
Coriakin : "Like Dal'Noth island"
Kala Sahar : "to quicker activity"
(Coriakin nods)
Kala Sahar : "hard to explain"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Kala Sahar : "and mostly unimportant."
Coriakin : "I see"
Kala Sahar : "what we need now is to stop the spread"
Dr Malthus : "Well.. the fact that you are divulging all of this.. information... is certainly a good sign..."
Dr Malthus : "Tell me what you want then..."
(Coriakin blinks)
Kala Sahar : "If it spreads the Dark Bubbling will feel safe and stay"
Coriakin : "Er..."
(Dr Malthus picks up her tray)
Coriakin : "When did this bird get here?"
Kala Sahar : "place some fluid in the bowl"
Dr Malthus : "Did you take care of it?"
Coriakin : "Aye... Can't be too careful"
Coriakin : "Especially nowadays."
(Dr Malthus carefully opens a vessel labeled "Entil'Zha")
(Dr Malthus holds a small vial of a quivering dark mass)
Kala Sahar : "when those infected are near the Separ their disease will act up as the dew screams in fear."
(Dr Malthus nods)
Dr Malthus : "I noticed that."
(Coriakin nods)
(Dr Malthus pours it into Kala's bowl)
Coriakin ponders, "Dark Bubbling indeed"
(Dr Malthus sighs)
(Kala Sahar takes the Separ and waves it over the bowl)
* Kala Sahar is a Sylvan, is female, is a Merchant, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
* She is holding a wood and crystal tool, and she is wearing a sunstone and a shieldstone.
(Dr Malthus watches with interest)
(Kala Sahar mutters a quiet chant)
(Kala Sahar touches the fluid with the crystal.)
(Dr Malthus peers)
Kala Sahar : "ahhh!"
Coriakin : "Aha!"
Dr Malthus : "What is that?"
Kala Sahar : "it is ready"
(Coriakin looks at the item)
* You find a strange object!
Coriakin : "Is that really.... the Separ?"
Kala Sahar : "you have a Separ that is made ready"
Kala Sahar : "BUT!"
* You equip your wood and crystal tool.
Kala Sahar : "know this"
(Coriakin listens intently)
Kala Sahar : "the Separ is not a weapon"
Kala Sahar : "it is a tool of healing"
Dr Malthus : "I am a healer..."
Dr Malthus : "So that would be fitting."
Kala Sahar : "if the Dark Bubbling move on you must follow it and give the separ to the locals whom it starts to attack"
Kala Sahar : "just as I come to give it to you"
Dr Malthus : "I understand."
Kala Sahar : "you are the 267 holder"
Dr Malthus : "Whatever we can do.. there are lots of people working for.. and against.. us... Kala"
Dr Malthus : "How does it work?"
Dr Malthus : "is it.. dangerous to others?"
Kala Sahar : "If the Dark Bubbling does not flee keep the Separ and battle its dark ways."
(Dr Malthus holds it carefully)
Kala Sahar : "you may pass the separ to any you feel worthy to carry it"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Dr Malthus : "That's ... fortunate..."
Dr Malthus : "And very helpful"
Kala Sahar : "once it is ready at a new location any local can use it."
(Dr Malthus nods)
Kala Sahar : "I'm old and tired"
Dr Malthus : "Should I... preserve these other samples?"
Kala Sahar : "finally I can go home"
Dr Malthus : "You must be very tired..."
Coriakin : "Rest east, Kala. We shall take up your fight"
Dr Malthus : "Please though... can you tell me.. how I should use it?"
Kala Sahar : "what you consider today to be a blessing may in the end be a curse."
Dr Malthus : "How ... we ... should use it?"
Kala Sahar : "never lose hope and consider what others have to lose"
Dr Malthus : "Well.. it is a battle of sorts.. I understand."
(Coriakin nods)
Dr Malthus : "That has always been my goal!"
Dr Malthus : "And that of many others as well..."
Kala Sahar : "ahhhh...and NEVER let the Dark bubbling capture the Separ"
Dr Malthus : "Thank you so much for helping us... I was beginning to dispair!"
(Dr Malthus nods)
Coriakin : "That would be disastrous"
Kala Sahar : "there is only one and if it is lost ALL maybe lost"
Coriakin thinks to you, "No pressure or anything. ;)"
(Dr Malthus sighs)
Kala Sahar : "simply touch them with the crystal as you might use anyother healing stone."
(Dr Malthus nods)
Kala Sahar : "The Separ knows its job and is of a single mind."
(Coriakin blinks)
Kala Sahar : "guide it well and it will be a kind servant"
Coriakin ponders, "Knows its mind?"
Dr Malthus : "Would you mind if.... if... we tried it out while you are here?"
Coriakin : "Is it... alive?"
Kala Sahar : "sure"
Kala Sahar : "Coriakin bring us one infected person"
Dr Malthus : "Thank you..."
(Coriakin nods)
Dr Malthus : "One is on the way"
Coriakin : "Very well"
Coriakin : "oh?"
Kala Sahar : "we shall await your return"
(Coriakin brings Jo ;))
(Kala Sahar chuckles)
Jo Ma'ril : "'lo."
(Dr Malthus seems nervous)
Dr Malthus : "Jo...."
Coriakin : "Ahoy there, Jo"
(Dr Malthus winces)
Kala Sahar : "thooms are so efficient"
Jo Ma'ril : "Tessa?"
(Coriakin grins)
Dr Malthus : "I really... don't know what this is gonna do..."
Jo Ma'ril : "er"
Dr Malthus : "Are you... ready?"
Jo Ma'ril : "Well."
(Dr Malthus holds the object gently)
Jo Ma'ril : "It can't be any worse than having this thing stuck in me"
(Coriakin sorta moseys behind Jo, not guarding the door at all)
Dr Malthus : "Here goes..."
(Dr Malthus gently touches Jo with the tool)
* Jo Ma'ril shivers from head to foot.
* You hold your crystal wand over Jo Ma'ril; it vibrates weakly.
(Jo Ma'ril winces)
Jo Ma'ril : "it's gone!"
(Coriakin blinks)
* Jo Ma'ril stumbles.
Kala Sahar : "ahhh"
(Coriakin supports Jo)
Kala Sahar : "see"
* Jo Ma'ril falls to the ground, shuddering.
Dr Malthus : "Are you okay?"
* Jo Ma'ril gags, chokes, and vomits up a spore.
Dr Malthus : "Jo!!!"
Jo Ma'ril : "er no"
Jo Ma'ril : "I don't feel so good."
Kala Sahar : "he needs to regain control"
Jo Ma'ril : "gah"
Coriakin : "Ack!"
Kala Sahar : "it's out!"
Dr Malthus : "Kill that!"
* You equip your greatsword.
Kala Sahar : "kill it"
Jo Ma'ril : "I can't......"
Dr Malthus : "Where did it go?"
Jo Ma'ril : "outside"
Jo Ma'ril : "hurr"
Coriakin : "Can you kill it?"
* You helped kill a Mildew.
Coriakin : "Whew!"
Jo Ma'ril : "a bit better"
Coriakin : "It is dead"
Dr Malthus : "Are you better?"
Jo Ma'ril : "Is it..."
Jo Ma'ril : "ah"
Coriakin : "How d'ya feel, Jo?"
Jo Ma'ril : "a bit better, yes"
(Dr Malthus hugs the old woman!)
Jo Ma'ril : "thank you so much!"
Dr Malthus : "Thank you!!!"
Kala Sahar : "now you have much work ahead"
Dr Malthus : "I wonder what happens for someone with a more.. advanced case...."
(Jo Ma'ril tries walking, slowly)
(Dr Malthus nods)
Coriakin : "How can we thank ye enough?"
Dr Malthus : "Could I offer you some tea?"


'Twas the night before Bawkmas, and in Puddleby
not a creature was stirring, not even a flea;
The stockings were hung by the town hall with care,
In hope that the Santa Chick soon would be there.

The exiles were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of greatswords danced all through their heads;
And Babs in her nightie (and I was there too)
Had just settled down in the Tor for a cup of tea,

When out from the town there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a hare
(Blushing a bit, 'cause my bottom was bare)

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below,
When, what should come driving through Puddleby's homes
But a miniature sleigh, pulled by eight Pogue Mahones,

With a fat, ugly driver, a beastly old bag,
I knew that it must be Althea the hag.
More rapid than spriggins her clan mates they came,
And she whistled and shouted, and called them by name;

"Now Devil! now, Cutlas! now Baffette you vixen,
On, Klur, Aki, Wisher! on, Malkor and Blitzen!
To the top of the Tor! to the roof of the Hall!
Now Pogue Mahone, Pogue Mahone, Pogue Mahone all!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky,
So up to the hall-top the Poguies they flew,
With a sleigh full of ugly, malicious old shrew.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard from above
The Poguies all giving Althea a shove.
As I drew in my hand, made a run for the door,
Through the chimney Althea fell down on the floor.

She was dressed all in grey, from her head to her foot,
And her clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot;
An empty old sack she had flung on her back,
And she looked like a homeless bag lady on crack.

Her hair needed washing! her pimples, how hairy!
Her huge greasy nose was as red as a cherry!
Her drooling old mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard on her chin (well, you don't want to know).

A piece of old snot was lodged tight in her teeth,
And stench, it encircled her head like a wreath;
She had a broad face, and a huge fat round belly,
That shook, when she belched, like a bowlful of jelly.

She spoke not a word, but went straight to her work,
And stole all the stockings; then turned with a jerk,
And sticking her finger up inside her nose
To pull out a bit, up the chimney she rose;

She sprang to her sleigh, to the town gave the finger,
Away stomped the Pogues, they did not want to linger.
As they left, she cried out, with a touch of real class,

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