June 29, 2002
Wedding and Pies in the Meadow


"Dead bugs, explosions, pies, love...that's art all right"
- Prue

The Puddleby Pie Project was held today in the Meadow, at the same time as the second wedding of Babajaga and Sleipnir.

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Exiles began to gather in the Meadow early, some for the wedding, others bearing pies for the Pie Project. Most exiles intended to attend both events. Sleipnir was quietly informed that many of his guests seemed to be surreptitiously carrying pies. He muttered in shock, "How awful." Sor brought along his presents for the bride and groom, which included a large insect corpse.

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Prue showed up to announce the beginning of the pie exhibition, and Healery commenced the wedding ceremony. The tension was quite high at this point, as people could be heard nervously coughing and fidgeting with pies.

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As soon as Babajaga and Sleipnir completed their vows, the pies began to fly. The bride, groom, and many others were hit with many pies. All this pie energy unleashed in the same place and at the same time caused some sort of disturbance in the ethereal plane, and the Meadow was rocked by a powerful ethereal explosion that injured many guests. Chum's involvement in this explosion is still under investigation.

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After everyone was healed, a reception was held in the Meadow, and exiles danced to the "Duck Song." Prue made the following announcement: "The Pie Project has a few extra funds...therefore, we will hold an art contest to commemorate this fine event! Winner will receive his or her choice...3000 coins, or a 21 pie salute!"

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The celebration in the Meadow ended on an ominous note. The ethereal explosion caused a rift to the ethereal plane to open inside the tree of the sunstone seller. An ethereal stalker was attacking guests. The bride and groom were informed of this serious situation. The rift eventually closed on its own, but not before several exiles were left fallen and stranded in the ethereal plane.

What follows below is Prue's report on the Pie Project. You can also find out about how to enter the Puddleby Pie Project Commemorative Art Contest.

From Prue:

Well, the Puddleby Pie Project went off without a hitch. Unless you
count a massive ether explosion at the end as a "hitch". We choose to
view it as cosmic applause for the greatest cooperative art orgy in the
history of the world.

Babajaga and Sleipnir served as stunning mixed pie media sculptures.
Prue was also the canvas for the work of several contributing artists.
(And don't think we'll forget it!) Sor offered an unexpected entry not
in pie form... his inspired and inspiring "Dead Scarmis and Swamp Feral
with Chain". Experts suggest that this last bit of creative genius was
to blame for the big explosion. Most everybody else blames Malkor.

Visionstones of the event will be made available soon. IF YOU HAVE


And now for more exciting news... In the words of HGM, "It's not over

That's right! The Puddleby Pie Project is the event that keeps on...
eventing. We had a little money left over from the pie fund. With some
added coins generously donated by the ever-charitable Sisters of
Benevolence, we've arranged for a CASH PRIZE and a space in the main
hall of the Puddleby Museum of Exile Art. To what end, you ask?...

We are pleased to announce:


Here's the skinny...

WHAT IS THE CONTEST?: The winning entrant will submit the best piece of
original art memorializing the spirit of the great Puddleby Pie Project
exhibition. Deciding what that means is left as an exercise for contest

WHO CAN ENTER?: The contest is open to all exiles.

WHAT DOES THE WINNER GET?: The winner will receive their choice of A)
3000 coins, or B) A really super 21 pie salute. They also get to have
their work displayed in the Museum for the rest of time.

WHAT IS SECOND PRIZE?: People laughing and pointing at you.

WHO PICKS THE WINNER?: The winning entry will be chosen by a vote of the
official Puddleby Pie Project sponsors. Votes will be weighted based on
sponsorship level. Diamond Sponsors will get 5 votes each. Platinum
Sponsors get 4. Gold 3. Silver 2. All the rest get 1 vote. Anonymous
sponsors, if we have their names, will get to vote just like everybody
else. In the event of a tie, the Sisters of Benevolence will take the
cash prize and go on a nice vacation.


HOW BIG SHOULD MY SUBMISSION BE?: Prue thinks submission in any form is
just dandy. But that's not what you wanted to know. We are waiting for
word from Musea on the dimensions of the space. We'll let you know as
soon as we can.

Ideally, contest submissions should fit in a 150 x 150 pixel
space. Submissions that don't fit in a 175 x 175 space get displayed on
Junko's heap. Artists should use the System Palette for all colors.

CAN I ENTER MORE THAN ONE PIECE?: Sure. Why the heck not?

WHERE DO I SEND SUBMISSIONS?: Send all submissions or inquiries to


That is all.


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