August 19, 2002
Puddleby Museum Expansion


The following report on the expansion of the Puddleby Museum was submitted to TMN by Ahh the Zo.

Hello, Ahh here.
Muzea, the Head Curator of the Puddleby Art Museum, has been telling me that she is soon to be opening up room for us exiles to display our pictures in the museum. She is looking for displays of more then one piece of art with a common theme. I found her walking around in the Museum recently and I stopped to ask her some questions. I have volunteered to help her by coordinating with the exiles who wish to send in their art. I will be available at the address below or in the lands to help you.

The transcript of Ahh's interview with Muzea is presented below.

Muzea ponders, "Cats in the museum, what is the world coming to?"
Muzea says, "Hello, Ahh."
Ahh asks, "...may I do an interview?"
Muzea says, "Oh, why, certainly."
(Muzea looks a little flustered.)
Ahh says, "We are here with Muzea, today...."
(Muzea smiles.)
Ahh asks, "May I ask you some brief questions?"
Muzea says, "Yes, of course."
Ahh says, "I have long enjoyed this museum"
Ahh says, "And look forward to each new addition"
Ahh asks, "I understand you are opening up part of it?"
Ahh says, "could you explain?"
Muzea says, "We're planning several expansions."
Muzea says, "The side halls, for the spaces sold at auction, are being expanded as they fill up."
Muzea says, "We're also making space in the main hall for works that win local contests, like the Pie Project Memorial Art Contest."
(Ahh nods)
Muzea says, "And finally, we're hoping to build a new hall for temporary exhibits, themed displays of several works that would change regularly."
Ahh asks, "How can exiles add to the museum?"
Muzea says, "Entering contests is one way, of course."
Muzea says, "Or buying a token and displaying a work that way."
Muzea says, "We're also looking for contributions for the temporary exhibits."
Muzea says, "We don't even have themes planned yet, so the choices are wide open."
Ahh asks, "What kind of restrictions does someone have as far as space?"
Muzea says, "My interviewer, Ahh, here, is helping to coordinate the temporary displays."
Muzea says, "The pieces in the main hall right now are about as big as we can conveniently handle."
Muzea says, "The technicians tell me they're around 150 x 150 units, whatever that means."
Ahh says, "I see"
Muzea says, "Height is more important than width, since our ceilings are only so high."
Ahh says, "I will relay that to those who ask"
Muzea says, "We also have some restrictions on paints."
Ahh asks, "Like what for example?"
Muzea says, "There's a special palette of 256 colors that are the only ones we can allow in here. It's called the System Palette, I don't know why."
Ahh asks, "You provided an address where it can be relayed to you as "" Is that correct?"[Editor's Note: remove the word THOOM from the address before you use it.]
Muzea says, "Yes."
Ahh asks, "And for the subject title on the enchanted mail?"
Muzea says, "But I'm not the one organizing the displays."
Muzea says, "Oh, "Art for Muzea," something like that."
Ahh asks, "Thank you for your time, was there anything to say to our listeners?"
Muzea exclaims, "Thank you for supporting your Puddleby Museum!"
Muzea says, "And please don't bring the cats in here. They make a mess in the corners."

Ahh can be contacted at [Again, remove the word THOOM. - Editor]

Posted by Para at August 19, 2002 05:16 PM
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