February 07, 2003
Eldon GM's Contest


Eldon GM is holding a contest. Read below to find out more.

Updated! Fairgrounds Chat transcript with Eldon now included.

Eldon GM is conducting a contest to encourage role-playing. The intent to facilitate engaging story-lines, involving multiple participants, over the next month. Eldon says:

"My main goal of this contest is to encourage role-playing. I certainly understand the irony of a GM wanting to inspire GM-less role-playing, but this is only a first step. This first contest is very much about 'role-playing in Eldon's mind' since I am the one judging. I would very much like for the citizens of Puddleby to nominate candidates so that I can be on the look-out. I do not want players bombarding other GM's with /pray's, so no /pray's are allowed unless they're IC. So, no '/pray Hey! I'm role-playing! You better be watching!' No GM can be asked to intervene as part of a plot.

"I would like the contest to end near March 1st. If someone has something big planned and it needs a bit more time, that's okay. They should drop me a line though. I want to be as flexible as possible but still have the semblance of a deadline."

mail Eldon GM

Contact Eldon at the address above with comments or questions. Please remove the word THOOM from the address, and be sure that your message has a subject that says "CONTEST."

What follows is a transcript from the Eldon GM Fairgrounds Chat:

Eldon GM is in the fairgrounds for a brief chat about the contest. Don't make a long trip.

Eldon GM asks, "Has the word spread about the contest?"
[\news: Roleplaying contest ends Mar 1st. Most engaging, player-driven storyline (in EldonGM's mind) will be rewarded.]
Eldon GM says, "Here's the deal..."
Eldon GM says, "From now until March 1st..."
Eldon GM says, "I'll be watching discreetly"
Eldon GM says, "After March 1st, I'll award what I think.."
Eldon GM says, "... is the most engaging roleplaying plotline that I saw."
Eldon GM says, "If you roleplay in the woods and no one hears. you..."
(Eldon GM grins)
Eldon GM says, "So, get people involved"
Boris says, "Please define what you call engaging roleplaying plotline"
Eldon GM says, "Get it talked about"
Eldon GM says, "No, I'm not defining it"
Valtrim says, "Are you defining "reward"? ;)"
Eldon GM says, "It's all my opinion anyway"
Eldon GM says, "Yes, Valtrim"
Eldon GM says, "Let's say if you win, you'll be pleased."
Eldon GM says, "I promise to not stiff anyone"
Valtrim says, "So you're defining "reward" loosely."
Eldon GM says, "yep"
Eldon GM says, "I want to tell you..."
Eldon GM says, "but I don't want to take the flak for it :)"
Eldon GM says, "But, heck, at least I can tell you this:"
Eldon GM says, "The first 3 winners will get at least one rank"
Eldon GM says, "Plus some other stuff"
Eldon GM says, "Anyway...there are a few caveats..."
Eldon GM says, "1) no GM intervention must be needed"
Eldon GM says, "2) If you /pray that your RPing, you're not gonna win"
Eldon GM says, "3) Cater to EST/CST. I'm sorry, but that's the best I can do."
Eldon GM says, "Now...other GMs are on the patrol"
Eldon GM says, "So..."
Eldon GM says, "It *could* happen at other times"
Eldon GM says, "But, I want to give you fair warning"
Gol'daris asks, "I'm still confused. Are you asking people to 'gather their friends and put on a play' type RP?"
Eldon GM says, "I'm not sure, Goldaris"
Eldon GM says, "Goldaris, I'm not saying it has to be melodramatic..."
Eldon GM says, "...but a one-day affair isn't what I'm looking for"
Eldon GM says, "I'm looking for a story"
Eldon GM says, ""played" out over days/weeks"
Eldon GM says, "With people getting involved..."
Eldon GM asks, "Remember Aargh's moonstone?"
Eldon GM says, "Even Baba/Sleipnir/Prue's pie contest would qualify"
Eldon GM says, "Something that people can get involved in..."
Eldon GM says, "and have fun..."
Jo Ma'ril says, "Well, Eldon to be honest..."
Jo Ma'ril says, "I think a real concern a lot of RPers have is that they don't want everyone involved"
Eldon GM says, "Well, Jo, as long as it involves more than a few, I'm okay with that"
Eldon GM says, "Let me tell one thing that won't win"
Eldon GM says, ""I'm roleplaying a rank whore""
Eldon GM says, "Let's make that #4"
Eldon GM says, "Well, that's all I had"
Day asks, "What if someone decides their character dies as part of the plot? How do they get rewarded?"
Day says, "Another tombstone in the east forest? :)"
Eldon GM says, "Then, well, if you're in first place, 2 of the 3 rewards will still count"
Eldon GM says, "You'll still be happy with the prizes"
Eldon GM says, "Quote: "I promise not to stiff you""
Eldon GM says, "Okay...that's all for me"

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