February 07, 2003
Insurance Commissioner Interviewed


TMN is pleased to present the following interview with Insurance Commissioner Manx the Fen.

Paramedic says, "Ah, the Insurance Commissioner"
(Manx avoids eye contact.)
Tigger ponders, "@#($*#$ Manx"
Manx says, "*cough*"
Manx exclaims, "oh hello!"
(Manx smiles.)
Paramedic says, "Odesseus says he is preparing to file a number of claims"
Manx says, "yes..."
Manx says, "well..."
Manx says, "I think all the paperwork is in order."
Manx says, "We're processing it right now."
Manx says, "I have my people on it."
Paramedic asks, "Do you have any thoughts on your role in Puddleby? How will you help people?"
Tigger ponders, "She has 'people'? Feh."
Manx ponders, "with an iron fist"
Manx says, "Oh."
Manx says, "I just wanna serve the community to my best ability."
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic asks, "And why do you think you defeated other candidates, like say, Tigger?"
Tigger says, "grrr"
Hrothgar says, "Heh, at one point I had nearly one of everything"
Knucklehead says, "Tigger sucks"
Tigger says, "He means 'clearly superior candidates' like Tigger."
Manx says, "Tigger's popular and all..."
Manx says, "but I think the people know who can do the best job."
Tigger asks, "So in other words, you'll do nothing yourself?"
(Manx glares at Tigger.)
Paramedic asks, "Do you think there are problems with insurance in Puddleby?"
Manx exclaims, "sure!"
Manx says, "I mean..."
Manx exclaims, "no!"
Tigger ponders, "I wish I had thought of that, it is brilliant!"
Manx says, "Well, yes and no."
(Tigger really likes the idea of doing nothing)
Manx says, "I think it's a perception problem."
Manx says, "Which I intend to repair."
Manx says, "That will be my first priority."
Paramedic asks, "Do you intend to regulate or do you prefer a 'hands-off' approach?"
Tigger ponders, "paws off!"
Manx says, "I prefer not to answer that at this time."
(Paramedic nods)
Manx says, "We're working on a strategy."
Paramedic asks, "Is there anything else you'd like to tell the citizens of Puddleby at this time about your policy plans?"
Manx says, "Yes."
Manx says, "Well, no."
(Paramedic listens)
Manx says, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."
(Paramedic writes that down.)
(Manx shuffles some papers.)
Paramedic ponders, "This is good stuff"
Manx says, "Now, if you'll excuse me..."
Manx says, "I have some paperwork to finish up."
(Paramedic nods)
Paramedic says, "Thanks for speaking with Fishwrap"
Manx says, "Anytime."
Manx says, "I'm here whenever you need to know what's going on."
Manx says, "Don't hesitate to make an appointment next time."
Manx says, "Thank you again."

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