May 15, 2003
Arena Master Visits Puddleby


Viola filed this report with TMN:

Mjollnir has submitted a visionstone to the Visionstone Repository:

It's terribly long, but it has some interesting information on different Champion items and skills.

A stonegirdle turns you into stone, increasing defense and Histia dramatically. The drawback is that you can't move or attack. The effects of flames and lightning are also reduced, though still painful.

A lava cloak lets you set all enemies around you ablaze. Don't use it too much, apparently it's very fragile.

Once you have trained in earthpower channeling, a darkite can make your blows extremely destructive. The atkite increases the accuracy of your blows, instead.

Viola, Champion Quester


Norm also reports on the Arena Master in his journal entry for 9 Spring 550 (5/15/03).

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