September 13, 2003
Drakes in Town


Drakes (or at least the sounds of drakes) have become more common in Puddleby lately, and no one knows entirely why. Here's a report from CJ Parker on a drake event in town that slipped through the cracks and did not get posted earlier to TMN. It refers to this attack, mentioned earlier in a report from Baff.

"Today I was hunting on Melabrion's Island with a little group and we heard that a drake was roaming in town. As the lands had few exiles available (our groupmade up one half of the population) we decided to go back and help.

"Upon arriving back in town, we found the drake had got itself trapped by our library. It penned itself in, basically. We proceeded to set up and attack it, as it had already proven hostile by flaming people who passed nearby. We thought we had all the time in the world to kill it because it seemed trapped. Things were going well until it felled many of the best fighters. It then broke free. In fact, it must have been luring us to attack it. We couldn't get in attacks from behind where it was trapped. As it broke free, it grabbed K'pyn, Arod, Lightbringer and Ffodor. We tried to heal them, but the drake flew too high.

"As we followed it, it headed to Devil's Island. A force gathered outside, now increased substantially, and we headed in, through the McBolie Cavern to the drake's den. We found three young drakes and the mother. All were dealt with accordingly, and the exiles were raised. However, it seems to us that the drake who took them from town wasn't the one in the den as many of our fine exiles had trouble even hitting the town drake, and the ones in the den were disposed of with relative ease.

"Perhaps the father drake wasn't at home when we entered!"

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