August 02, 2004
Newbielympics: Cear'vae and Boat Race


There were two Newbielympics events today, the Cear'vae sampling contest hosted by Farhope and the Boat Race hosted by Himitsu. In the Cear'vae sampling contest, Elena came in 1st, Aprender was 2nd, Flooovde was 3rd, and Bonk was 4th. In the boat race, Ezail came in 1st, Stephen was 2nd, Sabine was 3rd, and Esa, Lokar and Kazik also made it to the finals.

Tomorrow's events are the underground run at 1pm PDT (GMT-7) and the clue hunt at 6pm PDT (GMT-7). Full Newbielympics schedule available.

Posted by Kiriel at August 02, 2004 09:24 PM
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