January 23, 2005
Recent Invasions


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

"I thought I'd submit a report and a couple of sketches regarding the two most recent invasions of our fair Puddleby.

"On Sombdi, day 16 of Spring, 557, a swarm of Jade and Emerald Noids attacked Puddleby from the east. Many exiles were busy studying at the time, so it was a relatively small group of defenders who made their stand between the bakery and the Healer's Temple to try to fend off the eight-legged attackers. As you can see from the attached sketches, the noids were very adept with their sticky black webs, and many exiles found themselves snared. But after a long battle, as always, the exiles prevailed!


"Just three days later, Gradi, day 19 of Spring, 557, Puddleby was struck by another invasion. This one was no less nasty for the creatures being small . . . that is, rats, vermine, death vermine and even LDVs. As with previous rat swarms, this one seemed to be originating within Haricot's establishment. This reporter urges all exiles to avoid eating at Haricot's . . . unless rat tartare is to your taste!


"The rat/vermine invasion was repelled relatively fast, and peace was restored to town center . . . at least for now.


"One more tidbit: a group of exiles were hunting recently in the passes and stopped by the area known by some as Haand, to show it a couple of the group who hadn't seen this phenomenon before. Tsune amazed everyone by crossing into the lava and even lying down in it, then amused us with his Frodo Baggins imitation. As usual, a good time was had by all."


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