December 08, 2005
PAG's Breakthrough


The following report may contain spoilers. If you are concerned that such information is something you would prefer not to read, please do not look below.

Greeting all,

Well, PAG had its biggest breakthrough since we found the second book; we reached the end of the Slate Cave complex! Woot.

The trip started off as usual with no real hope of getting much further than our weekly trip to Purgatory, and even when we reached the port stone we held out no hope: we have never landed successfully into SC8 and lived. Anyway, today was different, we landed, and our plan worked. We secured the area after a long fight, and proceeded to dig our way west. We then lured SC9 until its was empty, then we finally entered SC10, a room made from a different kind of stone, similar to PC5 and the room holding the second book. I can't tell you how amazed everyone was! We also sent a small group via a teleport stone to see where it went, but it just landed in the waterfall caves: no new area there, just a quick way out we guess.


Within this room (SC10) we found a blocked lid in our way. We were so close but still a mile away. Damned Orga too . . . we could hear their drums playing from beneath the lid, teasing us, but we could find no way to enter the area above. So to us it looks like this might be a way into the legendary Orga Stronghold if only we could get past the lid. Although we were upset to find a dead end after many years of work, we were pleased to get to the end of the complex, with so much hard work paying off (to a point). We hope the way might open soon.

So what's next, well, PAG still has many unexplored areas in the PC area, we just gave up because the area was kicking our ass every week. I guess we need to re-address our aims at these areas and hope they might lead us to another way in, or perhaps, as we all hope, to some tools to help fight the Noids more effectively, plus the way to the Stronghold.

Whatever happens, we will keep together as PAG and keep on exploring.

-Cj parker for PAG

More information can be found in Azriel's journal entry.

Posted by Para at December 08, 2005 08:01 PM
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