August 02, 2006
Boats, Beer, and Bards: A Success


MaryJane sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Paramedic,

A fabulous time was had by all at the "Boats, Beer, and Bards" event hosted by the Dwarven Militia. I thought I would send along a report along with a few sketches.

It all started with calm seas and a pep talk on Centaur Island. We had a last-minute change in the route to make up for the fact that some folks may have broken their boats on GI and not been able to get off. So, the first stop was MI.

First stop: drinking two beers on MI beach

The race then continued along its announced route, and it was a close call. Mr. Largo would have come in second, but he was too drunk to make it around TI and just popped onto CI instead. Raul took first, followed closely by Kinon, and Farhope brought it to a close in third place. Special commendation goes to Kayander Mere who raced despite the worst weather possible. He hung in until the very end and was a real trouper!

Handing out the awards

Once we finished up the beer at all the stops, and sobered up enough to make it to the Bard Yard, we were treated to two songs for the bard portion of the events. Xel was kind enough to play Coriakin's entry for him. Coriakin was trapped on the boat back from Peaceton and could only hear the festivities over the sunstone network.



Next, Blackhand stepped up, and in his best drunken stupor sang a grand song for us.

Blackhand singing

We awarded him an honorable mention and a cask of beer for giving it a go without any training. Finally, we awarded Judder to Xel for his performance, teamwork, and for being a nice bard.

A great time was had by all, and you can bet that DM will be having more events soon. Keep your eyes on our scrolls at for more information about us and our drunken escapades.


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