August 02, 2006
Discovery and Exploration of Metzetli


Jo Ma'ril sent the following report to TMN:

TKA had some adventures in the jungle of Metz Island two zodiacs ago. We were searching for Boondoggle. It all started when Gubara came to town looking for Boondoggle. Ansset and Suu'ub III took off looking, while the rest of us stayed to glean more information from Gubara about where Boondoggle might have gone. Soon after, there was a sunstone message that a new island had been found.

The following message may contain spoilers. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the information below.

Since then, we had been pushing hard, trying to locate poor Boondoggle before he fell prey to the vicious Haremau, the swift Rudremau and the deadly Yorillas.

Using K'vynn and Ansset's skristal abilities, we set off in the direction of Boondoggle. This path took us all the way to the south bank of the river.


We then entered a beautiful and dense rain forest, where we encountered numerous Yorillas and Haremau. We also found monsters previously unfound anywhere, including the beautiful but dangerous Agronox.

In the jungle we climbed trees, swung from vines and did everything we could to reach Boondoggle. Alas, we all fell before reaching him.

We persevered though, and we eventually made it to Boondoggle after several attempts.


Boondoggle's crew had been wiped out on the expedition and we assisted him in getting back safely to Puddleby. Once there, he flirted with Entil and told us of his many adventures. He also let us have his Machete and his Vine Rope for future island expeditions. Now that Boondoggle is safe and sound, he is trying to raise coins again for another expedition to the island, or perhaps another island.

In the meantime, we will continue exploring the island.

-Jo Ma'ril

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