March 03, 2007
Raid on the Orga Stronghold

A newly found chasm in the Pitch Caves

Hunter sent the following report to TMN:

Greetings, Paramedic and Puddleby!

On behalf of PAG, I bring news of our most recent discoveries. The last PAG expedition was an epic one, as our mission of fully exploring the Pitch and Slate Caves has finally been accomplished! With a great turnout and some revised tactics, we were victorious in a snell of the Slate Caves that has eluded us for a long time. Continuing on our way past deadly throngs of Arachnoids, we penetrated into unexplored territory. However, in a comical moment we soon realized that this mysterious terrain was in fact the Pitch Caves! So in actuality we found an alternate route to one of the teleport boosters and the Azure Mushrooms. From what we learned, the layout of these caves also suggests that they ultimately lead to the Orga Stronghold...

Not only that, mere days later a collaborative effort between EAT and PAG accomplished something even more monumental. We raided the Orga Stronghold, breaking through to discover a massive garrison and Katpus herself! Encountering fierce resistance from all breeds of Orga, the force of about 50 of us came under the barrage of many catapults.

A rough start to our Orga Stronghold raid

Part of our group advancing in an entirely unexplored area

A deadly chieftain hut amidst their incredibly dangerous garrison

It's clear the Orga have been fortifying. The battles were intense and eventually we found a cave where Katpus has been hiding. She didn't have much information as she's been isolated from outsiders for some time, but she did mention the importance of finding catapult parts and plans.

Katpus chatting with the first group to reach her since she set out from the Foothills

We also sensed that Trillbane was very close, yet while searching we were overwhelmed by the shear firepower of the Orga and their minions. Even though we were defeated, we still conquered and explored a great deal of the Orga Stronghold.

A rough end to our Orga Stronghold raid

This has been quite a fun and eventful week indeed. Let the Orga take note, because now we know what to expect and our assault on their homeland has just begun.


Posted by Para at March 03, 2007 10:02 PM

Awesome news. Congratulations all around to those involved! A lot of effort has been invested into exploring and understanding this area.

Posted by: Phineas on March 4, 2007 05:47 AM
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