March 11, 2007
Wangah Rah: Guilty

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In a second trial, Wangah Rah has been found guilty in Puddleby Court.

Trial #1:
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0566_033_11_11 on 33 Winter, 566 at 11:57..."
Clerus says, "Wangah Rah accused Kerrah of mystic-napping ..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was innocent."

Trial #2:
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0566_049_17_21 on 49 Winter, 566 at 18:21..."
Clerus says, "Largo accused Wangah Rah of Assault and summoning Orga..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was guilty; 26 minutes in jail, 172c fine and 0 days banished."

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Posted by Para at March 11, 2007 10:53 PM