March 29, 2007
When Stron Planter Comes to Town


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para,

Breaking news from Town Center: A stranger to most of us, a lady named Stron Planter, has appeared in town and set the exiles on two quests. She first claimed to have a very rare leaf that had magic properties, and started a bidding war among exiles who wanted to buy it. After some bidding back and forth, Stron proposed a quest instead: she offered to sell the leaf for 700c to the exile who brought her the rarest creature within 15 minutes.

While several groups went a'questing, I tried to get some information from Stron. She told me that she is interested mostly in rare plants, but that she also follows strange and rare animals through the lands because they lead her to rare plants. She likes to dissect dead animals to find out what secrets they hold inside. I thought it was strange that she has never heard of nor met Patti Spring.

Stron did tell me that her rare leaf's properties are accessed by chewing the leaf raw.

Eventually Mellion was named the winner of the leaf for returning with a cave chamelopod. Stron then revealed that she had a second leaf, and asked for exiles to bring her the largest creature they could find, within two hours. One exile was heard to express anger that Stron was asking for exiles to use their chains for this purpose so soon after so many chains were broken in the recent ethereal incursions.


This incident is still going on even as I scribble this scroll. Reporting live from Town Center, I am as always,

Your faithful correspondent

Posted by Para at March 29, 2007 11:31 PM
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