September 05, 2007
Trillbane Transcript


Xel sent the following report to TMN:

'lo Para,

I have a report for you from the PAG and EAT combination crew that took the Orga Stronghold by storm several days ago.

I've been remiss in reporting it, because it was my task to clean up some transcripts for your readers. I've stitched together a complete log from when Trillbane was raised, to when he left us, and I suppose there are some who would like to read it. For those with less time on their hands, I have pared down the battle-yelling and garbage (but not subtracted from any of the meaningful conversation). The result below is nearly a thousand fewer lines, so I recommend the edited version.

Edited Transcript 80K, 36 page PDF
Full Transcript 108K, 54 page PDF

To set the stage for the transcript, here are a few notes on how our trek went prior to meeting up with Trillbane.

In seeking him, our rather large party made use of some mystic teleportation via the Slate Caves to enter the Stronghold from a longer but less perilous route. We had to fight some extra arachnoids, but for such a sturdy crew, they weren't much of a match.

On reaching the Stronghold, we had a few close calls, but neared Trillbane's location in reasonable time. What we discovered en route, much to our chagrin, was Trillbane being towed on Bartok's chain! After some fearsome fighting and fleeing, Bartok even had Mephisto in his clutches, severely reducing our ability to pursue him to his hut.

Pressing on, and with some more close calls, we reached the plateau where Bartok lives and eventually raised Trillbane. This is where the transcript leaves off.


Posted by Para at September 05, 2007 05:49 AM

Thanks for sharing, that was almost like being there! (without all the falling)

Posted by: Kalypso on September 6, 2007 04:20 PM
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