September 05, 2007
Lugubrion Returns


Phroon sent the following report to TMN:

Another eventful day in Puddleby as Lugubrion once more appeared in the lands. This appearance was apparently unintentional, as he seemed surprised when he encountered us in his conference room.

Several mystics conversed with Lugubrion and leaned that at least basic maintenance is necessary for the Kyuems already placed.

Lugubrion also suggested that the Ethereal Plane has greatly slowed its approach to the material plane and that a full collision between the planes is now unlikely due to our efforts in stabilizing the planes. As tempers rose, accusations of who was at fault for the incursions were tossed about, with no real progress made. Lugubrion did strongly encourage that we take better care of the planes, lest the incursions become harder and harder to repel.

After the heated discussion over the Ethereal Crisis, this reporter asked for and received clarification about the Melabrion's previous offer of a key in exchange for the location of his lost brother, Tenebrion. The details are in the visionstone, but the exchange ended with MaryJane gaining the use of a pass key. To this, MaryJane commented: "I look forward to using my key to give access to lots of exiles when they need it."

As a final gesture, Xel asked if there was anything that Lugubrion would ask of the exiles given the chance. Lugubrion was confused by the gesture at first, his apprehension of dealing with exiles very apparent. Lugubrion settled with the request that we treat the planes better then we have been, other than that he is content with what he has.

For a more detailed recollection of the events, a visionstone is available in my scrolls as "Second Conversation with Lugubrion":


(Story copyright 568, SNN Wire Services.)

Posted by Para at September 05, 2007 06:27 AM

The link is broken, but if you take out the redirect part, it works.


Posted by: Astral Duck on September 5, 2007 10:14 PM

Whoops. Fixed!

Posted by: Para on September 5, 2007 10:20 PM

maryjane got the key? ... wow.

Posted by: ... on September 8, 2007 11:53 AM
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