September 15, 2007
Dun'ilsar: Drunk'n Dinghy


Illora Mone sent the following announcement to TMN:

Snow Lemmings and Laughing Academy would like to challenge all clans to the first Dun'ilsar in eight years!

On Fordi, eleventh day of Summer, we are sponsoring a Dun'ilsar event called Drunk'n Dinghy. This event is open to all clans. Each clan should choose a representative who can hold their liquor to run the race.

Racers will start at the brewery, where all will take the celebratory first drink. They will then head to the beach, where they will drink three drinks at the keg there. The next stop of the race is on the beach of Thieves' Island, where a keg will provide each racer with another three drinks. Next the racers stagger to Centaur Island, and take three more drinks. If they've not collapsed yet, the racers must drink three more mugs at the southern beach of Ash. The final leg of the race is a dash to Metz, where they must pull the moderator waiting in the Metz Cove. First person to land on Puddleby beach after Metz is the winner, the rest will take their places in the ranking as they land.

Falling does not disqualify a racer from the race, but they must run back to their last station of the race and drink three more drinks before proceeding.

Discussion on Clan Lord Sentinel.

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