September 15, 2007
Darshak Invasion: Connie Crete Interrogated


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:


So a darshak invasion happened befer a mosey I were headed on. I tried a new strategy since they were bee-linin ta tha brewery. I tapped a keg and had a drink. O course, I falled. Mars also falled (not causn he were drinkin though). And tha darshak pressed on ta town.

So while tha invasion were bein repelled, one o tha necromancers thought they would interrogate us. They started askin about rebels and wherefer they were and whofer they were. O course, Ima simple 2• dorf so dunno nuthin bout nuthin. Mars didn't know neither.

But there be good news at tha end! Tha darshak really dont want beer. That be all a ruse fer sumother foolishness, but in tha end, we dont gotta stress so much about tha brewery causn they be tea-totallers.

Oh ya, and I were about ta be dragged off, but town saved me and Mars befer that happened. Ima sure MJ and folks knows more about tha particulars what happened later. But tha important thing—all tha beer be safe.




Posted by Para at September 15, 2007 08:43 AM
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