September 23, 2007
Back-to-Back Pathfinding Book Adventures

Yor summarizes the day.

Phineas sent the following report to TMN:


SOMEWHERE DEEP IN THE SNAGGLEWOOD, LOK'GROTON ISLAND -- Today PAG turned the "adventure dial" all the way past 11 and lead a strong group of exiles to not one, but TWO different pathfinding books!

The journey started in typical fashion: the exiles poured into Camp Dred, threw a headlock around the orgas, made them cry "Uncle," and then took their lunch money. The exiles then turned their attention to the arachnoids and swarmed into the caverns below the Snagglewood waterfall. We marched forward and quite suddenly found ourselves at the library holding Gaiyl's Guide to Hidden Ways.

Some exiles began new lessons while others renewed old lessons. Some exiles just kinda skimmed though the book and looked at the pictures.

At this point, with the exiles feeling under-challenged and overly-adventurely, it was decided that we would do the unthinkable: we would push onward to Pathfinding Book Two, "Trillbane's Commentary on Ways." This volume of the Pathfinding Book series is located deep within the arachnoid's lair. Know this, gentle reader: you have not experienced fear—and by "fear" I mean "poop your breakfast into your shorts" kind of fear—until you have descended into the dank and inky depths of these arachnoid caverns.

The exiles repeated numerous fierce battles to gain positions leading to the mystic's teleport booster. Once the last crimson arachnoid was felled and the area was secure, the mystics prepared for the next leg of the journey: the mass teleport.

Natas advises the group that the *real* adventure is about to begin!

Hepta prepares for the journey deeper into the underground complex.

He screamed.

Once the entire group was teleported, the intensity of the battle grew hundredfold! Crimson, pitch, olive, albino and malachite arachnoids swarmed thickly around the exiles! On multiple occasions, this reporter believed that the exile's progress had come to its conclusion, but the cool heads and sure arms of PAG managed to stabilize the fighting line, and the exiles slowly took control the
cavern outside of Book 2.

It was a day of courage.

It was a day of bravery.

It was a day of changing pants.

The last obstacle that we faced was the turning passage that lead to "Trillbane's Commentary on Ways." This passage was thick with arachnoids and the floors were covered with sticky webs. We made repeated attempts to lure arachnoids out from this passage, and with each attempt, our fighting strength lessened as exiles fell to the might of the noids. After a couple of daring chain runs, we were able to recover our forces and we made a final push on to victory!

pythia_eventful-9.gif phineas_adventure-10.gif
It was an "eventful adventure!"

And how.

With the vanquishing of the last arachnoid, the exiles have safe access to their earned reward.

Trillbane's Commentaries on Ways. Studying was never so satisfying.

The exiles involved with both back-to-back Pathfinding Book adventures take a brief and well-deserved respite. (Not pictured: Natas.)

Many thanks to the folks of PAG for taking the time to guide the citizens of Puddleby to both Pathfinding Books. We hope that everyone present enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to another trip sometime soon. Reporting for TMN, this is Phineas.

sentinel_by_kani.png Discussion on the Clan Lord Sentinel.



Torin has posted some thoughts about the expedition on OWE News.

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