November 03, 2008
Yikes Endorses Largo


Yikes sent to TMN the following political endorsement:

My fellow exiles,

I speak to you in the final hours of a great election. An election that may well be the most important in the history of Puddleby. I encourage you to be sure to get to the election house tonight—make your voice heard. We are facing difficult issues ahead of us in our lives in exile, and your vote will make a difference in making sure that we all get the Fen President that we deserve.

I am here today to endorse a candidate. I don't usually do this, but I think that one candidate in this election has a unique set of skills and the right qualifications for the job. I endorse Largo. Largo has shown the foreign policy experience that Puddleby sorely needs. He also is prepared to deal with the various domestic and economic problems facing our town. Largo listens to voters, and he's shown a consistent effort to reach across the aisle to his political opponents to move policy forward.

Largo's not perfect. I think we all have some questions about his past sympathies with the Orga, and he's still never answered adequately our questions about where he went when he disappeared before the last election. But I think that when you compare his qualifications to those of his opponents, Largo comes out far ahead.

Thank you, and please get out and vote.


Posted by Para at November 03, 2008 06:35 PM
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