November 15, 2008
Fen Presidency FAQ 3.0


Q: Does one have to be a Fen to be nominated or elected as Fen President?

A: No.

Q: Does one have to be a Fen to vote for Fen President?

A: No, definitely not. All exiles should participate!

Q: Who selects the nominees for Fen President?

A: A Thoom cabal gathers in a secret chamber of the Puddleby Underground and selects the candidates after a detailed review of the political zeitgeist. The list of candidates is written on a small scroll, which is stuffed into a large tuna and surreptitiously left on the porch of TMN. While this is widely known, most exiles consider it rather distasteful to discuss this time-honored process in public.

Q: When are elections held?

A: While is more typical for elections to coincide loosely with the Feast of Tsrrin, they have been known to occur at any time of the year depending on political developments in Puddleby.

Q: What's going on with Relkin being Fen Vice President twice in a row now? Is this some sort of conspiracy?

A: Yeah, that makes you wonder, doesn't it? See also Fen Presidency FAQ 2.0.

Posted by Para at November 15, 2008 06:50 AM

Q: Can Inu possibly beat the Largocracy's well matted - er oiled, ballot stuffing machine?

A: Yes if and only if another fen is sacrificed. Here Boo.... Here Boo....

Posted by: Inu Teisei on November 15, 2008 11:36 PM
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