February 08, 2009
Largo Waves White Flag?


This image and description were deposited anonymously in the TMN mailbox.

The Orga, inflated by their own ranger-training efforts, began an invasion last night against Puddleby. Orga Vermine trainers were unleashed upon town, who had befriended Crypt Rats, Florese Vermine, Cerebs, and other various nasties.

After a strong rally against the vermine trainer, exiles met with heavy opposition in East Field. Numerous bolting locks held the exiles at bay for a while, but strong rodding efforts by Tara, Mephisto, Lorikeet and others proved overpowering to the Orga magic-users.

Exiles then pushed on to the Orga Camp, meeting a small pocket of resistance in the meadow. But after a stunning show of strength by the orga, Fen President Largo conceded defeat after a long battle in the OC. Exiles were unwilling to heed this flag of submission, and defeated a staggering force of Fury, Wrath, Frenzy, and Hatred.

Posted by Para at February 08, 2009 12:04 AM
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