February 08, 2009
Captain Scabfoot's Unfortunate Condition and the Perseverance of the Fen President


Arianrhod sent the following report to TMN:

Today I exited the library expecting to visit the auction house, Radium and then headed back to study some more. However, I was quickly distracted by a group of exiles discussing a certain "Captain Scabfoot" who had been sued and sent to jail due to a special condition he was suffering from. This condition caused the lowly pirate to spontaneously turn into a liche (or greater death. I'm not quite sure which it was). It's unclear to me whether Scabfoot was corrupt or possessed, but with him in jail, President Largo decided to take advantage of the situation and head off the Dark Temple for some answers. He quickly secured a group of exiles to stay behind and watch Scabfoot and then rallied together a team to invade the Temple on Ash Island.

As the group gunning for the temple was short healers, I decided to tack myself on and followed the powerful exiles into the dark place. Largo planned to find whatever was possessing Scabfoot and eradicate it before things turned ugly. However, Wangah Rah did not exactly agree with this plan. He arrived shortly after we came to the pentacle that leads to the Inner Sanctum and promptly summoned various ghastly creatures to fight us back. His plan might have worked if not for the fact that the ghosts saw him as a threat as well and quickly beat him senseless.

After this we went searching through the temple only to get defeated, lose many great warriors along the way, and have Scabfoot escape from prison back in Puddleby. Throughout the defeat, President Largo decided that the best course of action would be to gather up all of the fallen, bring them back to town and then come back for a rescue.

All would have been fine, if not for Wangah Rah returning with us and placing a dastardly curse upon Babajaga and Largo. He used his Darkstone as a tool of necromancy, churning their blood and turning them into mindless undine who were void of all free will. Meanwhile, our powerful fighters were already trying to fend off a Greater Death. Things seemed to have taken a turn for the worse until out of nowhere, Babajaga and Largo regained their sense of self and were able to control their animated corpses. They used this to their advantage, and with some team effort were able to destroy the Greater Death and rescue all of the fallens.

Until today, I had no problem with Wangah Rah, seeing him merely as a man who yearned for knowledge and wished to use it for the greater good, even if that meant sometimes being on the bad side of society. However, there is no possible way that turning our President into the living dead could be good for anyone but himself and the foul creatures residing on Ash Island.

I suggest everyone watch out for him, for he is very dangerous and quite unpredictable.





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Proofreading is apparently key. :P

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