February 08, 2009
Puddleby Players Seek Bard Assistance


Measle made the following announcement on the Clan Lord Sentinel:

Hear ye, hear ye.

Puddleby Players are hoping to perform a musical and we need the help of Puddleby's bards.

We need songs with lyrics so we can put them into our next production. Basically we'll have a look at all the songs sent in to us and write a play around them so that they can fit in to some dramatic context. All bards will be credited for the work they put in. Love songs, sea shanties lowbrow humour and high art. All genres are welcome. They don't even have to specifically written for this musical. If you have a song with words gathering dust in your music folder, send it to us.

What we don't need
-Lyrics without music and music without lyrics. The one exception would be if someone volunteered to do an overture incorporating all the music's highlights in one piece.
-Duets and trios. Unfortunately I am PP's only bard so duets and trios are out unless you want to join our theatre troupe as well. We rehearse every Tuesday night (US Tuesday nights that is, Wednesday afternoons for us people in a civilized country).

What we do need
-Submissions as early as possible, well before the deadline. The quicker we get songs, the faster we can start writing.

The deadline is one month from the posting of this announcement on March 8 2009 with the performance date tentatively around the end of May sometime. Submissions can be PMed to me here at the Sentinel.

Start writing!

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