February 06, 2011
Mystic/Healer Hunt, Super Chicken Visits, and More


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

Hail Para!

I wanted to send along a few sketches that you and your readers might enjoy. These are just some of the random events that make life in Puddleby fun 'n' interesting, like:

1) A Mystic-Healer Hunt. I joined At'n, Fishwinkle, Lily Fren and Trymon in a short ramble around the lands, starting in Kitty Beach and moving south through South Forest. As you can see, we were whaling on a Giant Vermine when we heard that Airlea was fallen under Puddleby. So we went on a daring rescue, and to everyone's amazement, including our own, we actually managed to find AND rescue her.


2) Super Chicken's Visit. Everyone's favorite Mini Chicken made one of his rare visits to town and of course, began a chicken footline. Although it was not the very longest footline ever, it was quite impressive.



3) An Epic Fall. The footline was disrupted by the arrival of a very, VERY dead Elenis Reyav. Every healer in the lands, plus a few more (heh), had to come out of their hidey holes to get Elenis back on his feet—but, as you can see—he still had a snarky comment to share!


4) An Epic Pwn. Chopper bugged Daimoth until everyone's favorite veteran Fen couldn't take it any longer. Before this sketch was taken—I believe—Daimoth had already slain Chopper several times. I'm not too sure of the sequence of events. There was so much Chopper-blood all over everything, it was hard to see clearly.


Well, that is all for today. Be well!

Posted by Para at February 06, 2011 04:46 PM
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