February 13, 2011
Chance and an Ona Chigger


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Dear Para,

I would like to report on a fascinating encounter I had with an Ona Chigger in the Northwest Forest. Yes, you read that right! I was coining away in NWF when I suddenly noticed that a nearby Ona Chigger was watching me. I can't quite explain how I knew what it was saying, as it certainly did not speak Common or any of the other languages that I speak. We seemed to be psychically linked.

Anyway, below I present an edited transcript of our conversation (edited to take out my intermediate whacking of non-Ona critters) and a few sketches to prove this amazing encounter really did happen. I have promised the Ona-Tor Alliance that I will no longer slay either Onas or Tor from now on, as long as they also remain peaceful, and I urge others to make the same promise.

It's 1:19pm on Lundi, day 34 of Spring, 582.
* You recover the Large Vermine fur, worth 1c. Your share is 1c.
You slaughtered a Vermine.
(Ona Chigger reports ranger activity back to OnaHQ.)
You slaughtered an Ona Chigger.
(Ona Chigger reports violent ranger activity and calls for reenforcements.)
Chance says, "I'm sorry, Ona"
Chance says, "I didn't mean to kill your buddy"
Chance says, "I was just trying to follow him :-\"
(Ona Chigger notes it appears the violent activity appears to have been an anomoly..)
Chance ponders, "I had no idea!"
(Ona Chigger observes.)
Chance asks, "Onas, do you speak Common?"
You slip your gossamer into your backpack.
(Ona Chigger 's dont speak silly human.)
(Chance giggles)
Chance says, "we seem to be psychically linked"
Chance asks, "do you ever stop circling about?"
(Ona Chigger sees all from all sides.)
Chance asks, "Say, do you know the Helpful ChiggyBug?"
Chance asks, "Dandelion's friend?"
(Ona Chigger has not seen HelpfulCB in ages.)
Chance exclaims, "So he exists!"
(Ona Chigger neither confirms nor denies.)
(Chance is full of questions for the onas)
(Ona Chigger sees all and watches but knows little.)
Chance says, "I wonder if it would be considered violent behavior to fight my way out of this."
(Ona Chigger is not in the direct path of destruction.)
(Ona Chigger cares little for aggressive creatures.)
Chance asks, "Onas don't ally with other creatures?"
Chance says, "ah, I see"
* You recover the Feral fur, worth 1c. Your share is 1c.
(Ona Chigger honors the Great Ona alliance.)
You slip your gossamer into your backpack.
Chance asks, "indeed?"
(Ona Chigger honors the Great Ona / Tor alliance.)
Chance asks, "oh really?"
Chance exclaims, "I never hurt tor!"
You equip your gossamer.
You slaughtered a Vermine.
You slaughtered a Large Vermine.
Chance says, "I didn't know you folks were buddies"
Chance asks, "do all Onas have one big hive mind?"
(Ona Chigger admits that the Tor are ever vigilant.)
Chance says, "fascinating"
(Ona Chigger : From one, many.)
Chance says, "I like your style, Ona"
(Chance smiles)
Chance says, "say hi to Helpful CB for me, please"

Ranger/5th Circle Fighter
Order of the Mini

Posted by Para at February 13, 2011 11:39 AM
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