May 09, 2011
Hrothgrim's Quest for 6,000 Coins


Hrothgrim sent the following declaration to TMN:


My name is Hrothgrim, and I'm a fairly new exile. To have a little bit of fun, I've created a quest of sorts to complete, as something different I suppose. I've set off on a journey away from the protection of town and will not return until I have earned 6,000 coins, and can swing my axe 20 times. I'm still a first circle fighter, and can almost swing about 5 times, and I'm starting my journey with 262 coins (some of which Exin and Malachym donated while I was trying to subtract my current amount from my goal of 6,000).

I'm doing this for me, but thought it might also be fun to throw a little celebration should I succeed, and keep people up to date as to how it's going.

Why 20 swings? Because an axe is meant to be swung.
Why 6,000 coins? Because library fees are expensive! And because I need 6 chains and two sunstones!
-Don't ask why! I do! I need em!

The after party:

Upon returning to town, I intend pass my first circle test; buy a couple of kegs of something; hopefully get hold of a baker so there can be some food AND CELEBRATE!
All who are around are free to join in the festivities.

Two last things:

Anything of interest found will be put up for auction and the proceeds going to Stora.

And finally, I have started a scroll to keep a record of this ongoing adventure!


Posted by Para at May 09, 2011 11:50 PM

Er, good luck with that. Just stick with Skea and Regia.

Posted by: Stars on May 11, 2011 06:03 PM

Yeah, don't train like that. You're not going to get many hunts at all with the Atkus deficit required to have 20 swings.

Posted by: Daimoth on May 13, 2011 11:29 AM

As a first circle, regia is not available. 20 swings is crazy anyway. Even 10 swings will be challenging to reach. Good luck and have fun, but as Daimoth, said, you will have a big atkus deficit when coming out of that.

Posted by: Gremlins on May 15, 2011 08:20 AM

What he said :)
Having plenty of swings will eat up many, many ranks - unfortunately, you will not be able to hunt any valuable critters. The necessary Atkus will drive your needed Regia most likely above 1000 ranks. Not easy to reach with stuff you slaughter (aka only possible for a library char); you will not be able to do serious damage to critters you don't slaughter (damage- and hit-wise).

Posted by: Haenk on May 23, 2011 08:12 AM

I respect your concerns fellow exiles, however I ask you the following. Will it be challenging for me to attain this goal? Will this severe training also hinder my future, also making it challenging? If so, wouldn't another word for challenging be fun?

So far it has been a frightening and difficult road. I fall easy if hit too much, but I am difficult to hit, and seem to heal up quickly enough if I'm clever. I can never rest in the wilderness, lest I be overwhelmed and cannot simply swing out like crazy, as my sense of balance is all I have.

This "balance" is great fun indeed, and will yield glory and riches for my heart.

Posted by: Hrothgrim on May 25, 2011 06:40 AM
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