December 27, 2011
Overview of New Areas by Chance


Chance sent the following report to TMN:

Hail, Para,

I wanted to share a few sketches of some of the new areas and creatures recently seen around the lands. None of these is big news to anyone, but there may be younger exiles who haven't seen them yet, so again—I thought I would share.


The first item is actually an anomaly—a swimming spider! A wall arachne followed our group by water throughout the gloamings area of Metz and stayed close to shore whenever we paused. It was very strange, and we wondered whether our friend Gremlins might want to join the hunt!


The next sketch is of some snowcats that attacked our group on the same hunt. Apparently these snowcats have shown up all over the lands as winter has settled in.


There is a new area off the southwestern beach, far south of Kitty Beach, where one can find some strange new creatures . . . including horseshoe crabs! These are fascinating creatures and good expy for mid-range fighters.


And finally, I had the chance recently to visit more of the Undermarsh than I ever had before. We killed the Lord of the Undermarsh—I was only able to sketch the aftermath, but missed the Boss himself (itself? herself??). Apparently he drops a gland that can be used to make some really cool pants. Being a Mini and a connoisseur of fashion, I shall have to explore that further! We also saw a third pet Reedcat in the marsh village of the estuary, named Poppins. I had not met Poppins before, only Penny and Piper.



Posted by Para at December 27, 2011 08:50 AM
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