May 13, 2012
Mosey to Ash Valley


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para,

So there it were mosey time. Initial, I had me and Prowl fer fighters, Dae, Tharloch, and Yot fer healers, and Kvynn fer expert stragety advice. Gived tha two fighters and 2 really solid runner-types, I thoughted Ash Valley would be a perfect mosey. After all, once yer det from pebbles, ya gots no stress on actually doin sumthin. Eventual Diana, Fiona, and Dande camed too.

So tha "sensible" strategy be ta go n and zu fort a wall. Tha stragety I likes is "fight near tha ladder and go downstairs when hurted," Kvynn as ya kin see in tha pitcher wanned ta try plan A. We had a good time and retreated a fair chunk but Tharloch were really good at runnin around keepin tha ladder clear fer tha retreat.

Then it were Clair-break time and Prowl had ta hit tha books but she said initial she couldnt stay past clairbreak. We grabbed Serv and went off ta tha Darshak Doggys. Kilt lots o doggys. Kilt a pup but were fergitn Serv collected puppies fer tha Darshak PSPCA. So we went and founded her two more ta give ta tha civic minded darshaks. Then tha mosey were over. Had a good time fallin ta doggies and munkies trip.



Posted by Para at May 13, 2012 10:44 AM
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