June 01, 2012
The Return of Bartok


Hunter sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para,

My aforementioned jaunt through the Orga Stronghold was indeed explosive. Our entry through what we call the Front Door was met with heavy resistance. After several retreats, we were able to push our way through to the next snell where we encountered an oddity. The Orga had arranged a circle of campfires where shamans were busy working with some kind of magic. Despite this suspicious activity, the remainder of our path towards Trillbane seemed normal and we advanced without much difficulty.


Trillbane greeted my merry band and was happy to have many new students. He was talkative, revealing that Giayl is more knowledgeable than him and hinting at an old relationship between them, though he doesn't know where she is now. He's kept busy collecting books and claimed that every book on the island had, at one time, been in his library. Some in the group tried to persuade him to return with us to Puddleby, but he again scoffed at our library. One of his tomes happened to fall into Rroot's pack and is being investigated by top men.

As we were about to leave, Trillbane warned us that the Orga had summoned a new god who had been setting traps and harassing him. Meet their new god, Bartok, same as their old god. This fellow simply refuses to retire peacefully. Either that or perhaps the Orga's book of baby names is somewhat limited. Just as Trillbane mentioned that Bartok spends all his time counting treasure, we, unrelated to that information, realized that we should get moving and hurried towards the heavily fortified region of the Stronghold.


Upon entering, we found Bartok waiting for us atop a ridge behind spiked barricades. He toyed with us throughout the battle, slaying exiles with ease and laughing at our efforts. His minions, meanwhile, appeared to be quite concerned, at times surrounding him in protection. In the face of the Orga's fire and lightning barrage, we eventually cleared much of the fort and made our stand inside his massive skull-adorned hut. Although we severely wounded him, he skillfully picked our fighters off and left us too vulnerable to survive a retreat.


We returned home through Purgatory without any treasure, yet it was a glorious fight. Be alert, as Bartok's return could signal renewed hostilities with the Orga. Their activities should also be investigated further. As for future ventures into the Stronghold, soon we'll have more pathfinders hoping to reach Trillbane and we now have another catapult part to give to Katpus. So we will be back, seeking revenge and Bartok's head.


Ber, and congratulations on your decade of publications!


Posted by Para at June 01, 2012 05:13 PM

Great story Puff Higgy!!! It was a grand adventure and next time Bartok won't be so fortunate! Oooga!

Posted by: Yor on June 2, 2012 09:20 AM
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