October 15, 2014
A Day in the Life of a Mystic


Salandra sent TMN the following account of a day in the life of a mystic.

10/11/14 1:36:11p Salandra is now Clanning.
10/11/14 1:36:42p You are sharing experiences with Lov'sya and Feodoric.
10/11/14 1:37:05p Feodoric has been fallen for some time because of a Death Vermine.
10/11/14 1:37:15p Salandra thinks, "Feo have help?"
10/11/14 1:37:19p Lov'sya thinks, "Working on it"
10/11/14 1:37:45p Salandra thinks, "Do you have help or should I prepare to send help when you die? =o"
10/11/14 1:38:03p Lov'sya thinks, "I will not justify that with an answer."
10/11/14 1:38:35p Salandra thinks, "*nod* Anyone available in a few minutes to maybe go rescue someone who's totally fine right now, but..."
10/11/14 1:41:44p Lov'sya has fallen to a lightning bolt.
10/11/14 1:42:52p Salandra thinks, "heh... heh.. Does Lov'sya have help? *snicker*"
10/11/14 1:43:16p Geotzou thinks, "you going sala? :p"
10/11/14 1:44:29p Salandra thinks, "Someone has to stay in town and chuckle to themselves... ;D"'


Posted by Para at October 15, 2014 04:19 AM

I laughed SO HARD.

Posted by: Khural on October 24, 2014 03:04 PM
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