November 06, 2017
A Depart Hunt


Tas Furfoot sent the following report to TMN:

Lori, kinda, dared Connie to do a depart hunt cause Lori said to Connie, "I've never departed on your hunts.' So Connie took that as a dare. Yup, we departed by going to Ash Town. Then we went to Metz. And I found a new costume. Sorry no photos of departsville with Lori. SO i can't PROVE we did it . . . well, maybe in the logs . . . so this is us headed to Metz Forest. Two BBers, a ranger, Connie, and Lori and Tas. What could go wrong? We survived!

-Tas Furfoot

Posted by Para at November 06, 2017 06:35 PM
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