May 18, 2021
Aymi Introduced


Aymi sent the following announcement to TMN:

hello this is aymi. i had a ship before and i traded small metal for things. then traded the things for more small metal. to acquire small metal. the emperor wanted my small metal but i did not want to give him my small metal. the emperor took my ship and made me live here.

i was sad when the emperor took my ship because i liked my ship. i was so sad when he took my ship and made me live here that i went to go and live in the myrm hive. that was a long time ago and now i am part of the hive. i learned to smell myrm smells and make them with my body. now i am a myrm. i am also a thoom still. i didnít used to go to town but i go to town sometimes now. i think town should be wet because when town is wet it's good for your skin

sometimes i dig big holes and sometimes i dig little holes. sometimes there is a big caterpillar and we eat the caterpillar and feed it to larvae. sometimes i cut the skins off of animals and trade the skins for small metal and then we eat the animals but not the skins because i traded the skins for small metal. small metal can be exchanged for goods and services. sometimes there are spiders and we kill the spiders. be kind to myrms. we fixed the mirror when it got hurt and we dug a hole that made the books fall down and then bears lived in the hole.

i learned you can make the man in town yell things by giving him money. there is a clan called red quill. a clan is like a hive for exiles but it is not like a hive too. i am in the red quill but i am also in the hive still. i learned there is a thing called a news paper. a news paper puts words on to paper and the words mean things. you can trade small metal for a news paper. then look at the news paper and know what the words mean. to learn information. a news paper is a good idea. i wrote a news paper story about me and this is the news paper story about me.

good bye


Posted by Para at May 18, 2021 10:47 PM

news paper

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Posted by: Connie on May 22, 2021 06:59 PM
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