August 12, 2001
Fishwrap #43 - "House on a Freeway"



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Issue #43: "House on a Freeway"
[August 12, 2001]
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Tenebrion can't stop talking
ThoomCare founder seeks a Purgatory pendant
New library in town
Hall of Chivalry
Coriakin reports on the new potion
Parting words from Leogic
Fishwrap interviews Raldin the Mystic


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Court records:
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0542_327_12_47 on 57 Autumn, 542 at 13:31..."
Clerus says, "Raknus accused Luc of abusing the court system..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was innocent."
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0542_327_13_51 on 57 Autumn, 542 at 14:46..."
Clerus says, "Romuli accused Luc of Abusing the court system..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was innocent."
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0542_337_20_48 on 67 Autumn, 542 at 21:38..."
Clerus says, "Panthro accused Lorikeet of leaving me for dead in South Forest...."
Clerus says, "The verdict was innocent."
Clerus says, "Case #pcl_0542_342_10_19 on 72 Autumn, 542 at 11:10..."
Clerus says, "Fishylish accused Soulmaster of destroying her property..."
Clerus says, "The verdict was frivolous; 12 minutes in jail, 23c fine and 0 days banished."

Results from the last ballot, closed Autumn 31, 542, with 1386 eligible
#201: Which of the following statements best describes your feelings about skin dye?
6 (12%): Skin dye is too expensive.
14 (27%): Skin dye does not last long enough.
18 (35%): Skin dye is too expensive, and does not last long enough.
9 (18%): Skin dye works fine the way it is.
3 (6%): None of the above
1 (2%): Abstain
#202: What should Rising Claw re-name itself?
2 (4%): "and Friends"
13 (26%): Pogue Mahone's Little Bitches
1 (2%): Pogue Mahone's mobile Horus clinic
11 (22%): "Lorikeet, and some other people"
12 (24%): None of the above
11 (22%): Abstain
#203: Who gets in your way the most when you are trying to fight?
5 (10%): Healers
14 (27%): Other fighters
2 (4%): Healers
5 (10%): "Backpacking" healers
18 (35%): None of the above
7 (14%): Abstain
#204: Should cigars be smoked in town center?
25 (51%): Yes.
2 (4%): No.
11 (22%): Smoking hurts lungs. So, stop smoking around others.
8 (16%): None of the above
3 (6%): Abstain
#205: Who ate my shoes?
7 (14%): Sum probably did! Weirdo thoom ...
11 (22%): I like grape juice.
2 (4%): Fish.
12 (24%): Will you be my friend? I really need a friend. I mean, trees are nice and all, but they don't talk ... um, please?
8 (16%): None of the above
9 (18%): Abstain



One of the unique aspects of Puddleby life is that there just aren't many useful things to buy. Thousands of coins have gathered dust in the bank with nary a purpose until the opening of a new super-advanced library. It turns out the digging dwarves located tomes of even higher learning and a library constructed to house them and have hired librarians to care for them. In terms of aesthetics, this library is more richly furnished than the current libraries with more tables and chairs to sit at and a cozier atmosphere. Of course, all of these amenities come about because of the exceedingly high cost of renting the books; 875 coins a zodiac. No reports exist yet of just how much more experience you get over the other libraries, but I'm sure that one will surface shortly.


Near the Puddleby-Kiramu Monastery, a new builder (D'rraldrri) collects building materials and coins for the construction of a Hall of Chivalry. What could possibly be contained within once it is finished is anyone's guess.

What I'd like to see is a place where the ideals of chivalry, such as courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others, are discussed. A place where such behavior is encouraged in others and the chivalrous way is shown to all that are interested. The cynical side of me says that it will probably just be a museum with statues of knights and nothing else, but I can dream for something bigger and better.


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Advertising rates are quite affordable. Your ad will be read by well
over 150 exiles!

Sponsorships: only 25 coins
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You'd better go get a snack. This is a long Fishwrap.

In other news, it has become apparent that a Purgatory pendant would help me considerably, for both rescuing and reporting. Unfortunately, my limited income does not allow me to afford such an expensive item. Are there any clans or individuals willing to contribute to a fund for a Purgatory pendant for me? Your contributions will of course be recognized with either sponsorships or advertising space in the Fishwrap, if you so desire.

Nuba Yo!

- Para


Trouble in the Ethereal Plane

8/3/01 3:46:45a Callia says, "hello"
8/3/01 3:47:34a Callia says, "I fear there are few healers strong enough and
well enough trained"
8/3/01 3:47:41a Tenebrion says, "Ether is flowing out of the Ethereal Plane
at a rate I have never seen before."
8/3/01 3:47:51a (Callia looks uncomfortable)
8/3/01 3:48:08a Callia thinks, "are there any healers with pendants in the
8/3/01 3:48:14a Tenebrion says, "If I am correct and it is following the
paths to Purgatory, your town could be in considerable trouble."
8/3/01 3:48:34a Callia asks, "what should a healer who checks look for?
clouds of Ether?"
8/3/01 3:48:57a Tenebrion says, "I would hope it is not that strong there.
There might be other signs."
8/3/01 3:49:19a Callia asks, "any speculation regarding what those signs
might be?"
8/3/01 3:49:27a Tenebrion says, "For a cloud to form requires a truly massive
amount of ether."
8/3/01 3:49:47a Callia says, "they have been sighted in Puddleby on ... one or two occasions"
8/3/01 3:50:12a Tenebrion says, "Things may appear out of phase."
8/3/01 3:50:19a Tenebrion says, "A heat shimmer perhaps."
8/3/01 3:50:23a You think to Babajaga, "can you find a 4th circle healer to
check Purgatory?"
8/3/01 3:50:28a Callia says, "hmm"
8/3/01 3:50:33a Tenebrion says, "Something like the appearance of the clouds
but fainter."
8/3/01 3:50:39a Tenebrion says, "It could take many forms."
8/3/01 3:50:41a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 3:51:04a Babajaga thinks to you, "Baffette is now"
8/3/01 3:51:08a Callia asks, "is the conduit .. permanent?"
8/3/01 3:51:21a Odesseus says, "hrm"
8/3/01 3:51:28a Tenebrion says, "No sooner had I warned one of your townsfolk
earlier today of the dangers of traveling from the Ethereal Plane to
8/3/01 3:51:39a Tenebrion says, "than a group went and did exactly that."
8/3/01 3:51:42a You think to Babajaga, "can you ask her to check Purgatory
for ... heat shimmers, or possibly weak clouds of Ether?"
8/3/01 3:51:51a (Callia sighs and nods)


8/3/01 3:52:00a Tenebrion asks, "Perhaps your people do not believe or trust
8/3/01 3:52:03a Barbarossa is now Clanning.
8/3/01 3:52:13a Callia says, "if I point to a star..."
8/3/01 3:52:21a Callia says, "a constellation..."
8/3/01 3:52:23a Callia says, "and say.."
8/3/01 3:52:26a Callia says, "that is Sororian"
8/3/01 3:52:32a Babajaga thinks to you, "She says its completely empty"
8/3/01 3:52:34a Callia says, "you might believe me"
8/3/01 3:52:35a Tenebrion exclaims, "!"
8/3/01 3:52:45a Callia says, "but.. if I point to a bench.."
8/3/01 3:52:46a Tenebrion asks, "What do you know of such matters?"
8/3/01 3:52:52a Callia says, "and say the paint is wet"
8/3/01 3:52:58a Callia asks, "do you touch it?"
8/3/01 3:53:04a Callia asks, "to be sure?"
8/3/01 3:53:05a Babajaga thinks to you, "She says it looks perfectly normal"
8/3/01 3:53:14a Callia says, "I have made a study of such matters"
8/3/01 3:53:18a Tenebrion asks, "Why would you point to that constellation?"
8/3/01 3:53:23a (Callia smiles)
8/3/01 3:53:41a Callia asks, "perhaps because it is stationary over the
Lok'Grotton islands?"
8/3/01 3:54:02a (Callia smiles)
8/3/01 3:54:06a Odesseus says, "scuse, be right back"
8/3/01 3:54:10a Tenebrion says, "Yet faint and barely visible. A
constellation of no importance."
8/3/01 3:54:10a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 3:54:24a Callia says, "of no importance.. of course :)"
8/3/01 3:54:35a Babajaga thinks to you, "She is still in there. You may want
to contact her directly"
8/3/01 3:54:49a You think to Babajaga, "talking to Tenebrion now.. sorry..
8/3/01 3:54:56a Callia says, "Baffette is in Purgatory now..."
8/3/01 3:55:02a Callia says, "she says it looks normal"
8/3/01 3:55:26a You think to Baffette, "Tenebrion was asking about conditions
there, he is quite concerned"
8/3/01 3:55:26a You concentrate on sending your message to Baffette.
8/3/01 3:55:47a Callia asks, "so.. you also have studied the constellations?"
8/3/01 3:56:06a Tenebrion says, "I'm more interested in the ether at the

Tenebrion Is Disturbed

8/3/01 3:56:06a Baffette thinks to you, "the other night there were Abyssal
hunters in Purgatory"
8/3/01 3:56:41a You think to Baffette, "he's more worried about Ether at the
moment, he says it's pouring out of the EP at a heretofore unseen rate"
8/3/01 3:56:59a (Tenebrion clears his throat)
8/3/01 3:57:10a Callia says, "Baffette sees nothing.. although she saw
Abyssal hunters a few nights ago"
8/3/01 3:57:20a Baffette thinks to you, "There are little purple and blue and
yellow splotches in there, but I think that is normal"
8/3/01 3:57:25a Callia says, "hmm..."
8/3/01 3:57:31a Tenebrion says, "That is disturbing."
8/3/01 3:57:37a Callia says, "She says she sees little splotches of color..."
8/3/01 3:57:44a Callia says, "blue.. yellow.."
8/3/01 3:57:53a Tenebrion says, "We have been searching on many planes and
can find no disturbances."
8/3/01 3:57:54a Callia says, "She thinks it's normal for this time of day"
8/3/01 3:58:04a Callia asks, "So.. where is the Ether going?"
8/3/01 3:58:12a (Babajaga leans into the wall)
8/3/01 3:58:15a Tenebrion says, "We cannot search them all of course."
8/3/01 3:58:35a Tenebrion says, "The most sensible conclusion is Purgatory,
but we are unable to see that for ourselves."
8/3/01 3:58:44a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 3:58:48a Callia says, "perhaps..."
8/3/01 3:59:09a Callia says, "the essential body .. and the structure are not
the same.."
8/3/01 3:59:32a Babajaga thinks to you, "Anything new?"
8/3/01 3:59:36a Callia asks, "might the structure be weakened, without
immediate observable results?"
8/3/01 3:59:59a Tenebrion says, "It would depend on your sensitivity to such
8/3/01 4:00:05a Odesseus thinks to you, "door locked"
8/3/01 4:00:06a You think to Babajaga, "not yet, he's worried about the flow
of ether from the EP, he says it's flowing at a prodigious rate"
8/3/01 4:00:12a Tenebrion says, "I could sense a weakening immediately."
8/3/01 4:00:19a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:00:22a Tenebrion says, "An untrained mind might never sense it."
8/3/01 4:00:25a Callia says, "I can sense some things.."
8/3/01 4:00:41a Babajaga thinks to you, "He might be wrong that it's our
travel that causes this, or his motives might not be what he say they are.."
8/3/01 4:00:46a Callia says, "I sensed when the Hunters approached"
8/3/01 4:00:50a Tenebrion says, "I can tell you what is happening on one end."
8/3/01 4:00:56a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:01:03a Tenebrion says, "You should try to determine if anything is
happening on the other."

Behind Locked Doors

8/3/01 4:01:12a You think to Babajaga, "I know, can you help Ode and Forey
get here?"
8/3/01 4:01:19a (Babajaga nods)
8/3/01 4:01:22a The door is securely locked.
8/3/01 4:01:24a Odesseus thinks to you, "can't get in tunnel, hut door locked"
8/3/01 4:01:25a The door is securely locked.
8/3/01 4:01:26a The door is securely locked.
8/3/01 4:01:27a The door is securely locked.
8/3/01 4:01:34a You think to Odesseus, "Baba is coming to help you"
8/3/01 4:01:39a Callia says, "hmm"
8/3/01 4:01:53a Callia asks, "do you know of any tools which are used to
study the planes?"
8/3/01 4:02:06a Callia says, "my guild .. has much natural ability.."
8/3/01 4:02:24a Callia says, "but.. amplifaction would be helpful"
8/3/01 4:02:27a Babajaga thinks to you, "gah. .trapped"
8/3/01 4:02:27a Tenebrion says, "There are keys of a kind to facilitate the
choice of a plane which you want to"
8/3/01 4:02:27a Odesseus thinks to you, "why locked?"
8/3/01 4:02:38a Tenebrion asks, "Is "move" the correct word?"
8/3/01 4:02:47a Callia says, "Babajaga tells me she is trapped"
8/3/01 4:02:51a Tenebrion says, "There are keys of a kind to facilitate the
choice of a plane which you want to move to."
8/3/01 4:03:06a Callia asks, "hmm.. and.. do these also offer feedback?"
8/3/01 4:03:24a Babajaga thinks, "Need help TK courtyard"
8/3/01 4:03:35a Coriakin thinks, "omw TK"
8/3/01 4:03:39a Tenebrion says, "In the same manner a tuning fork does. That
is an adequate description."
8/3/01 4:03:57a Callia asks, "hmm.. and where does one acquire such tools?"
8/3/01 4:04:04a (Tenebrion smiles.)
8/3/01 4:04:15a (Callia raises an eyebrow and smiles)
8/3/01 4:04:24a Tenebrion says, "Long sleepless nights spent researching
books which should no longer exist."
8/3/01 4:04:32a Tenebrion says, "Trial and error."
8/3/01 4:04:40a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:04:55a Tenebrion says, "Some clever guesses."
8/3/01 4:04:59a Tenebrion says, "Some luck."
8/3/01 4:05:13a Callia says, "a course of study you would recommend? or not"
8/3/01 4:05:39a Tenebrion says, "I don't know how to answer that."
8/3/01 4:05:57a Tenebrion says, "It is a way of life my brothers and I have
8/3/01 4:05:59a Callia asks, "well.. could you facilitate my study thereof?
if you wished to?"
8/3/01 4:06:29a Callia says, "I wish to serve my community.. as foolish as
some of them are.."
8/3/01 4:06:30a Tenebrion says, "To be honest, not until we were on much
better terms."
8/3/01 4:06:37a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:06:40a Callia says, "a fair answer"
8/3/01 4:07:04a Callia says, "do you speak personally? or.. specifically?"
8/3/01 4:07:08a Callia says, "or.. in general"
8/3/01 4:07:15a Tenebrion says, "More generally I believe."
8/3/01 4:07:18a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:07:23a Callia says, "so I surmised"
8/3/01 4:07:46a Tenebrion says, "I would no sooner give weapons and armor to
the beasts than some of this knowledge to a people I am not sure I trust."
8/3/01 4:07:58a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:08:03a Tenebrion says, "I enjoy certain individuals."
8/3/01 4:08:16a (Callia smiles politely)
8/3/01 4:08:34a Callia says, "this is a penal colony"
8/3/01 4:08:40a (Callia shrugs)
8/3/01 4:08:50a Tenebrion says, "As has been pointed out."
8/3/01 4:09:01a Callia says, "some of our members are.. less evolved"
8/3/01 4:09:09a Callia says, "we do what we can"
8/3/01 4:09:14a Tenebrion says, "I have encountered some of those."
8/3/01 4:09:19a (Callia smiles)
8/3/01 4:09:25a Callia says, "far too many I'm sure"
8/3/01 4:09:39a Tenebrion says, "My brothers call me."
8/3/01 4:09:45a Forey has fallen to a Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:09:48a Callia says, "hmm"

Tenebrion's Warnings

8/3/01 4:09:51a Tenebrion says, "Let me leave you with two cautions."
8/3/01 4:10:09a (Callia listens)
8/3/01 4:10:23a Tenebrion says, "Every time someone moves from the Ethereal
Plane to Purgatory they are making things worse."
8/3/01 4:10:25a Odesseus has fallen to a Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:10:43a Tenebrion says, "(If indeed you care about the condensation
of ether in Purgatory.)"
8/3/01 4:10:52a Tenebrion says, "And the second..."
8/3/01 4:10:52a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:11:04a Tenebrion says, "The Ethereal Sword is not a plaything."
8/3/01 4:11:09a Coriakin has fallen to a Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:11:12a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:11:14a Tenebrion says, "Attempts to acquire it cannot help you."
8/3/01 4:11:25a Callia says, "hmm"
8/3/01 4:11:35a Odesseus thinks, "I'm alright"
8/3/01 4:11:42a Callia says, "I will not keep you... but I would like to
speak to you again, when your time allows..."
8/3/01 4:12:10a Tenebrion says, "I will attempt to keep you apprised of
changes on the Ethereal Plane and how they might be affecting Purgatory."
8/3/01 4:12:11a Callia thinks, "Ode, Cori, and Forey all down"
8/3/01 4:12:18a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:12:19a Odesseus thinks, "I'm up"
8/3/01 4:12:23a Tenebrion says, "I would appreciate reports on any
disturbances in Purgatory."

Family Feud

8/3/01 4:12:39a Callia says, "I am also curious.. regarding your offer about
the Portal, for the Teleportation stones"
8/3/01 4:12:45a Forey is still fallen to a Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:12:50a Tenebrion says, "I am discussing it with my brothers."
8/3/01 4:12:51a Barbarossa is no longer Clanning.
8/3/01 4:12:58a Flex thinks, "Coriakin is in Tenebrion's Demesne, fallen."
8/3/01 4:12:59a Tenebrion says, "Some of us are violently opposed."
8/3/01 4:13:02a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:13:19a Tenebrion says, "I am arguing that allowing you controlled
access is better than the damage you might cause otherwise."
8/3/01 4:13:30a Callia says, "we have only met Umbrion..."
8/3/01 4:13:47a Tenebrion says, "he is the most vocal against you."
8/3/01 4:14:00a Flex thinks, "Forey is in Tenebrion's Demesne with Coriakin.
Both fallen. Anyone assisting them?"
8/3/01 4:14:03a Callia asks, "hmm... you have 4 other brothers I believe?"
8/3/01 4:14:09a Tenebrion says, "Yes."
8/3/01 4:14:10a Coriakin is still fallen to a Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:14:19a Callia says, "it would be a pleasure to meet them also :)"
8/3/01 4:14:52a Tenebrion says, "They guard their privacy jealously."

Spells of Protection

8/3/01 4:15:00a (Callia smiles)
8/3/01 4:15:03a Callia says, "ahh well"
8/3/01 4:15:06a Tenebrion says, "As yet the spells of protection still guard
their homes."
8/3/01 4:15:32a Callia says, "hmm.. curious that Umbrion, who is opposed to
us.. has lost control of his"
8/3/01 4:15:40a Odesseus has fallen to a Bolok Cougar.
8/3/01 4:15:41a Tenebrion says, "If you could ever find out what has broken
the ones around this island and that of Umbrion's we would reward you richly."
8/3/01 4:15:44a Forey has been fallen for some time because of a Guard
8/3/01 4:15:52a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:16:11a Callia says, "I have one point to suggest..."
8/3/01 4:16:19a Tenebrion says, "They do not fail by accident."
8/3/01 4:16:26a Callia says, "hmm"
8/3/01 4:16:30a Callia asks, "by design?"
8/3/01 4:16:43a Tenebrion says, "Someone or something is robbing their power."
8/3/01 4:16:54a Odesseus thinks, "because it's locked, idiot"
8/3/01 4:16:57a Callia says, "illusory barriers are not a subject for casual
8/3/01 4:17:06a Callia says, "like much else :)"
8/3/01 4:17:10a Coriakin has been fallen for some time because of a Guard
8/3/01 4:17:10a (Callia shrugs)
8/3/01 4:17:26a Callia says, "Qual seems to have little trouble maintaining
his barriers"
8/3/01 4:17:39a Callia says, "though those of my guild can see through his
8/3/01 4:17:46a Tenebrion says, "I have not met him."
8/3/01 4:17:51a Callia says, "nor have I"
8/3/01 4:17:57a Callia says, "I merely comment"
8/3/01 4:18:01a Tenebrion says, "I am told he is evil."
8/3/01 4:18:18a Callia says, "from our perspective, and that of Votenkath..
8/3/01 4:18:22a (Callia shrugs)
8/3/01 4:18:30a Odesseus thinks, "ok, fine. there is no action or attack on
TI, just a couple of wanderers who fell"
8/3/01 4:18:38a Callia says, "my comment"
8/3/01 4:18:39a Tenebrion says, "And may be blamed for everything from bad
weather to baldness."
8/3/01 4:18:45a Forey has been fallen for some time because of a Guard
8/3/01 4:18:49a (Callia smiles)


8/3/01 4:19:04a Callia says, "you have established Sarirs (is that what you
call them?)..."
8/3/01 4:19:13a Tenebrion says, "I can make them."
8/3/01 4:19:13a Callia says, "to offer items in trade.."
8/3/01 4:19:20a Lucero thinks, "Coriakin is fallen near the bridge outside
Tenebrion's castle."
8/3/01 4:19:25a Tenebrion says, "Ah."
8/3/01 4:19:32a Tenebrion says, "Yes. I am not always available."
8/3/01 4:19:33a Callia says, "for .. certain items that Exiles encounter, and
8/3/01 4:19:40a Callia says, "it seems to me.."
8/3/01 4:19:49a Tenebrion says, "To keep certain items out of their hands."
8/3/01 4:19:50a Callia says, "that such ... servants of yours..."
8/3/01 4:20:01a Callia says, "are aggravating the problem"
8/3/01 4:20:09a Coriakin has been fallen for some time because of a Guard
8/3/01 4:20:12a Callia says, "between Purgatory, and the Ethereal Plane"
8/3/01 4:20:14a (Tenebrion sighs)
8/3/01 4:20:24a Tenebrion says, "I have such trouble understanding you
8/3/01 4:20:38a Callia says, "many of them are .. morally weak"
8/3/01 4:20:41a (Callia shrugs)
8/3/01 4:20:47a Tenebrion says, "I thought it would stop your people from
playing with items they should not have."
8/3/01 4:21:06a Tenebrion asks, "You suggest it encourages them to get them?"
8/3/01 4:21:07a Callia asks, "so instead you offer them access to the place
you have warned us not to go?"
8/3/01 4:21:16a Callia says, "I believe it does"

Tenebrion and the Ethereal Plane

8/3/01 4:21:26a Tenebrion says, "I do not mind if you go to the Ethereal
8/3/01 4:21:32a Tenebrion says, "I do not own it."
8/3/01 4:21:36a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:21:41a Callia says, "but.."
8/3/01 4:21:45a Forey is becoming part of the scenery, since falling to a
Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:21:47a Tenebrion says, "And it makes no difference to me in the
slightest if Purgatory falls."
8/3/01 4:22:00a Callia says, "even the strongest parties tend to find
difficulty surviving there"
8/3/01 4:22:04a Tenebrion says, "I offer this information to you merely
because your people seem to care so much."
8/3/01 4:22:09a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:22:14a Callia says, "and for that I thank you :)"
8/3/01 4:22:21a The Sun rises.
8/3/01 4:22:36a Callia thinks, "Good Morning!! :)"
8/3/01 4:22:44a Callia says, "hmm"
8/3/01 4:22:56a Callia says, "we have been told.. by our elders..."
8/3/01 4:22:58a Callia says, "and others"
8/3/01 4:22:59a Tenebrion says, "It is up to you scholars to educate your
townsfolk as to the wisdom of going to the Ethereal Plane."
8/3/01 4:23:11a (Callia smiles slightly)
8/3/01 4:23:15a Callia says, "we try"
8/3/01 4:23:24a Callia says, "we have been told..."
8/3/01 4:23:29a Tenebrion says, "It is not a dangerous trip. If you know what
you are doing."
8/3/01 4:23:43a Callia asks, "you have ... suggestions? to aid groups there?"
8/3/01 4:23:49a (Tenebrion laughs.)
8/3/01 4:23:53a (Callia shrugs)
8/3/01 4:23:58a Tenebrion says, "Not at this time. No."

The Wager

8/3/01 4:24:09a Callia says, "you are wise Lord Tenebrion, who else would we
ask? :)"
8/3/01 4:24:39a Tenebrion asks, "Your scholars have a council of sorts?"
8/3/01 4:24:42a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:24:44a Forey is becoming part of the scenery, since falling to a
Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:24:58a Tenebrion says, "I have faith you can determine the wisest
course of action yourselves."
8/3/01 4:24:59a Callia says, "yes, we do"
8/3/01 4:25:08a (Callia smiles)
8/3/01 4:25:12a Tenebrion says, "I have made a substancial wager on that very
8/3/01 4:25:17a Tenebrion has not disclosed his race, is male, is a Fighter,
and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
8/3/01 4:25:17a He is holding a dagger.
8/3/01 4:25:19a (Callia laughs)
8/3/01 4:25:44a Callia says, "how .. trusting of you :)"
8/3/01 4:25:52a Callia says, "Umbrion has bet against us? :)"
8/3/01 4:25:55a Tenebrion says, "Not trusting."
8/3/01 4:26:03a Tenebrion says, "Yes he has."
8/3/01 4:26:07a (Callia nods)
8/3/01 4:26:18a Callia asks, "may I ask what the .. nature of the wager is ?"
8/3/01 4:26:21a Tenebrion says, "I believe you to be far more intelligent
than he does."
8/3/01 4:26:32a Tenebrion says, "Unpredictable, but intelligent."
8/3/01 4:26:35a (Callia smiles)
8/3/01 4:26:49a Tenebrion says, "He likens you to, well, perhaps that is not
8/3/01 4:26:55a (Callia laughs)
8/3/01 4:27:04a Callia says, "perhaps not :)"
8/3/01 4:27:15a Flex thinks, "Babajaga is fallen in Tenebrion's keep."
8/3/01 4:27:35a Callia thinks, "as are Coriakin and Forey"
8/3/01 4:27:36a Coriakin thinks, "I'm up, will be raisin' Baba soon with the
help of many others"
8/3/01 4:27:43a Tenebrion says, "I imagine many people sit on the wet paint.
At some stage they might learn not to. ;)"
8/3/01 4:27:45a Forey is becoming part of the scenery, since falling to a
Guard Commander.
8/3/01 4:27:49a (Callia laughs)
8/3/01 4:27:52a Callia says, "indeed :)"
8/3/01 4:27:54a Tenebrion says, "Farewell. I am late."
8/3/01 4:28:01a Callia says, "thank you for your time :)"
8/3/01 4:28:11a Tenebrion is no longer Clanning.


Ahoy there!

I recently heard the news that Mar Solkin had disappeared, after finally selling his potion to the Winds of Dawn (on behalf of Puddleby) for approximately 70,000 coins and some brambleberries.

Being naturally inquisitive, I rushed to the alchemy lab and learned the creation process so quickly, I probably forgot some things about healing. Ah well.

In any event, I became either the first, or one of the first exiles to be able to create tykan healing potions! The process involves dissolving kyten into distilled water, and adding crushed togron nuts to the solution until it turns a dull silvery colour. The actual proportions need to be carefully measured, and some training in basic chemistry and specific alchemy is required before usable potions can be created.

As soon as I had produced several of these potions, Highlander, Zorton, and several others along with myself set about testing the potion to determine its healing capabilities. We discovered that its healing capabilities are greater than that of red healing potions, but once a body is battered beyond a certain point, the potion is useless. Thus, it cannot be used on fallen exiles. Although red healing potions are proscribed by the Healers' Guild, there are no restrictions upon tykan potions, and healers may use them freely.

To sum up:
- New healing potion, requires some training to produce
- Ingredients: togron nuts, kyten, water (bottled)
- Can be used by all professions
- Heals more than red potion, but doesn't work on fallen
- Held in left hand (VERY good for chainers)
- Healed me (better student bodrus, better student higgrus) 20-25%

The price for a potion will of course fluctuate with the availability of the ingredients, mainly the kyten. Since togron nuts are pretty common and kyten is continuously available (for a price), I decided that 150c for a potion is a pretty reasonable price. Some people have given me all the ingredients, and I'm happy to make potions for people who bring all the parts to me, but when people ask for more than 1 or two potions, I charge 10c per potion for services. Since there is no precedent, I tried to set a standard that seemed reasonable. If people are charging you more than something along those lines, you're probably getting ripped off. :)

In my opinion, Mar Solkin didn't rip us off. These potions, while they can't be used to raise fallens, are half the price of red potions (depending on the price of kyten), are easily available, can be used by any profession, and are useful for emergency situations and especially for chainers.

I hope that the price of 150c will be enough to discourage fighters from taking potions hunting instead of healers. I doubt this will be much of a concern, though.

Healer, Bard, Alchemist


(Editor's note: Leogic recently left the lands for an extended journey. It's unknown if we'll see him again. Fishwrap here presents one of his last writings.

- Para)

Citizens of Puddleby and Those Beholden to It,

Of the Ethereal Plane, its portals and freely trading our technology to an enemy encampment.

I find it very dolorous that someone - Gurgi or Natas - would sell the efforts and hopes of others in desire of attaining themselves a glistening new gewgaw. Deranged and baneful are some of the few words and impressions that spring to mind. Methods of the Darshak or T'rool are others. Do you really respect and admire individuals who have habitually done whatever suits themselves without regards to if it was right or wrong?

I would recommend that if the lot of you want to keep Puddleby from being dominated by the dark-hearted and corrupted souls, do something. I feel pity for Tyking. He has taken the brunt of the blame for being an agent of Tenebrion. He is surely not the only one.

Many will question in detail, mostly those who seek power above wisdom, my motives in saying this. Pondering the possibilities of my individual feelings and motives being jealousy and/or spite, they will ask how wrong is this, or what do I know. They question the word of a minor fighter. It's easy to dismiss my word, as many dun creepers have sought to debase it. I seek those whose words hold greater weight and who rally against such actions and treacheries.

I beseech some of you to look inward and search yourself and ask that you realize what is going on before it is too late. Think and summon what wisdom is within you and act before the lot of you are sold off for 30 pieces of silver.

Leogic of The Fighter's Guild


Sum exclaims, "Slyph!"
Slyph says, "hiya, Sum"
Sum asks, "Do you have a moment?"
Slyph says, "er, I guess so."
(Sum grins.)
(Sum plops down messily into the puddle. He thooms happily.)
Sum says, "Please join me in yon puddle."
Slyph says, "gah"
Slyph says, "um, I'm fine on land :)"
Sum says, "Aww, pooh."
Sum says, "I wish to interview you unofficially for Fishwrap Magazine. It will take but a moment."
Slyph exclaims, "!"
Slyph says, "ok, sure :)"
(Sum smiles.)
Sum says, "I have a number of questions, which you may answer or choose not to."
Sum asks, "Are you ready?"
Slyph says, "alright."
Slyph exclaims, "ready!
Sum asks, "Question 1: Thooms wear no pants. How do you feel about this?"
Slyph asks, "I feel fine about that. why should Thooms cave in toward oppressive gender norms?"
(Slyph smiles warmly)
(Sum grins.)
Sum asks, "Question 2: I used to own a ball of mud. I no longer own it. How do you feel about that?"
Slyph says, "I feel just fine. Look about you now. You are rich in mud."
Sum says, "Good point."
(Slyph nods)
Sum says, "Question 3: As a healer, which is more important to you:"
Sum asks, "Rapid healing from red to white, or rapid raising of the dead and the far-gone?"
Slyph says, "Rapid healing is more important-- it's preventive healing, it sidesteps being fallen at all."
Sum says, "Good answer."
Slyph says, "Er, the first choice."
(Sum jots that down.)
Slyph says, "of course it is."
(Sum snickers.)
Sum asks, "Question 4: What three words most succinctly describe your clan, the Moon?"
Slyph says, "Hmm."
Slyph says, "Fluid, tenacious, and intuitive"
Sum exclaims, "Very good!"
(Slyph smiles)
Sum asks, "Question 5: Do you think I would look good in a dress like yours? I mean, be honest. Do I have the hips?"
Slyph says, "hmm."
Slyph says, "I haven't seen this color on a Thoom, but if you didn't have pale skin, it could work."
Slyph says, "Fashion is all."
(Sum makes a note.)
Sum exclaims, "Thank you for your time! You have been very helpful!"


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Jeanne says, "Okay, I have 5 questions and then you ask me one question at the end. Do you have any opinions on the Mystic Council in general, and if so, what are they?"

Raldin says, "I think the Mystic Council is very good."

Jeanne asks, "What do you think about the reasons that Neige gave as for his leaving?"

Raldin says, "Uhm, you don't really question a mystic who's about to jump if you already know why he's gonna do it. I'm just sorry that he didn't realize that being a mystic is miserable a lot earlier. We try to tell people, but they won't listen."

Jeanne asks, "Why do you say that being a mystic is miserable?"

Raldin says, "Well, we have the highest suicide rate I'd say, especially with the recent events. I don't think fighters ever kill themselves because they are so pathetic or healers, for that matter. I say we are pathetic beacuse that is the nature of the guild. It's a long tradition, and all members try to keep it up."

Jeanne asks, "So what exactly is so bad? The profession itself, the guild, or the people who join? In your opinion, of course."

Raldin asks, "The bad part about being pathetic, you mean?"

Jeanne says, "I mean, what do you think causes mystics to be so useless? The guild, the mystic profession itself, or the people who join, or a combination of them?"

Raldin says, "Well, the very nature of a mystic is uselessness. Why there are people who want this is beyond me...but, the fact is that there really are people who want to be mystics."

Jeanne says, "I still don't understand why you think mystics are so useless, though. It seems to me that mystics can be as useful as healers or fighters."

Raldin says, "Heheh. Well, useful is a tricky word. Yea, sure our fallen bodies can brick monsters .. and that's useful. But beyond that..."

Jeanne asks, "Well, what about locating fallen or tuning sunstones or boosting? Aren't those skills useful? Certainly more useful than the exiles who dedicate themselves to repairing worn clothes"

Raldin says, "All that stuff is all well and good but hardly essential"

Jeanne says, "I think I used the word "useful.""

Raldin says, "The price paid for each of those things is much too high to be of value to us which is part of our problem."

Jeanne asks, "What is the price paid?"

Raldin says, "Urm, no comment."

Jeanne says, "Oh, okay, don't want to breach any mystic secrets. So, why did you become a mystic?"

Raldin says, "I was one of those people who got it in their head to be useless and pathetic, and I wanted to throw fireballs."

Jeanne says, "Pity that any fireball throwing would be done by fighters, even if that would happen in my lifetime."

Raldin says, "Ah jeeze, I think I have to go visit Resetus then."

Jeanne exclaims, "Oh, no! Don't do that!"

Raldin says, "Oh yea, we still got this interview."

Jeanne asks, "So what is your specialty?"

Raldin says, "Well, I can act..."

Jeanne says, "I meant mystic specialty, but your other specialties are okay too."

Raldin says, "Ok, I see how it is..."

(Raldin nods lightly)

Jeanne says, "I want to inform everyone on the powers of the mystic."

Raldin says, "Ahahaha"

Jeanne ponders, "Even though they all seem to have low self-esteem."

(Raldin chokes on his laugh)

(Jeanne slaps Raldin on the back)

Raldin says, "oof, thanks."

Raldin says, "Oh yes, we are really powerful, just ask that great vermine that soloed me the other day."

Jeanne says, "Well, not everyone can kill everything that moves."

Jeanne asks, "No seriously, what is your mystic specialty? What do you like to boost? If anything, of course."

(Raldin shrugs)

Raldin says, "I like to boost exiles."

Jeanne asks, "Which boost?"

Raldin says, "Yes"

Jeanne asks, "Yes?"

Raldin says, "You got it."

Jeanne asks, "Both boosts? I don't mean to pry. I just want the Fishwrap readers to know a bit about your skills as a mystic. Feel free to boast."

Raldin says, "My skills are like my guild. I tune a sunstone now and again. It's fun to do, I like doing that, but then I get soloed by a great vermine, which is not so fun. Sometimes I come up short, but then I realize that has more to do with being a dorf."

(Jeanne chuckles)

Jeanne asks, "So you are more of a generalist mystic?"

Raldin says, "As in I am generally useless and pathetic, yes."

Jeanne asks, "What do you think about the lowering of Nyssa's mystic status and her subsequent leaving?"

Raldin says, "People make choices. It's all the same in the end. If she overthrew the Mystic Council, she would have created a council of her own, someone wouldn't have liked it, overthrown it and made their council... and then ANOTHER person would not have liked THAT council and then overthrown THAT one. Then we would be back to square one."

Jeanne asks, "So are you saying that she would have been better served by working with the current council?"

Raldin says, "That's a "what if", those are scary."

Jeanne says, "Ah indeed, they are rather uncertain"

Jeanne asks, "What do you think about how mystics are promoted?"

Raldin says, "Promotions are good. I like hearing everyone congratulate people on their advancement into the abysmal Mystic Guild. It gets a chuckle out of me sometimes, but then I find a giant vermine who makes me stop laughing."

Jeanne asks, "I hear that being promoted depends more on who you know than on your skill. Your thoughts on this?"

Raldin says, "I think that who ever said that is just frustrated with being a mystic which makes little sense, to me at least."

Jeanne asks, "What do you think of the role of mystics in Puddleby society?"

Raldin says, "It is very similar to that of those strangly dressed greeter-people in the clan house and courthouse. We are just like those guys.

Raldin ponders, "I wish I knew their tailors too."

Jeanne says, "You don't have a high opinion of your abilities. Do all mystics feel this way? I mean, why be something if you feel so bad about being it?"

Raldin says, "No, some might think we aren't so bad, but I think they are just in denial... makes little sense, but there are very few things that do make sense"

Raldin says, "When you find something that does, it's usually served in the pub."

Jeanne says, "I suppose I won't understand why mystics think they are useless. You can argue for less useful at times. You can also argue for more useful at times too. Kind of like the rest of us. Do you think I am in denial for thinking this way?"

Raldin says, "No, just misinformed. I try to trust in the Sun and just walk my path."

Jeanne says, "Now you can ask the Fishwrap reporter ONE question."

Raldin asks, "Just one...? heheh"

Jeanne says, "Well, you can have two."

Raldin says, "LOL"

Jeanne says, "Maybe even 3 if you share back."

Raldin is sharing experiences with you.

Raldin asks, "Ok, will you give me a discount on an ad now?"

Jeanne says, "Hmmm, I can possibly cut a deal with Paramedic. I *am* a senior reporter now."

Raldin says, "Or do I have to include TUNE WITH RALDIN as part of the interview?"

Jeanne asks, "Oh no, how much do you want as a discount?"

(Raldin shrugs)

Raldin says, "50%."

Jeanne says, "I'll get as much as possible."

(Raldin nods)

Jeanne asks, "Anything else?"

Raldin says, "Nope, was fun thanks"

Jeanne asks, "Want to say anything to the Fishwrap readers?"

(Raldin shrugs)

Raldin says, "I've got nothing"

(Raldin waves)

Jeanne asks, "So you want to say "hello"?"

Raldin says, "Yea that's good."

(Jeanne smiles)

Jeanne says, "Thank you for the interview and your opinions on mystics"

(Raldin nods)


Engaged: D'Noma and Arod


The House on the Freeway

8/7/01 8:12:26p Natas says, "hey big T"
8/7/01 8:12:29p Yor exclaims, "Strim!"
8/7/01 8:12:31p (J'jh waves)
8/7/01 8:12:32p (Achates bows.)
8/7/01 8:12:34p (K'Pyn waves.)
8/7/01 8:12:39p K'Pyn exclaims, "'Lo sir!"
8/7/01 8:12:39p (Demian sighs sadly.)
8/7/01 8:12:55p K'Pyn ponders, "talkative today I see"
8/7/01 8:12:58p Tenebrion says, "Greetings"
8/7/01 8:13:07p J'jh ponders, "thanks for offering this chair.."
8/7/01 8:13:11p Achates says, "Hello Lord Tenebrion"
8/7/01 8:13:26p Demian says, "Min'tei Tenebrion'sar..."
8/7/01 8:13:28p Tenebrion asks, "Has there been any evidence that the ether flowing from the Ethereal Plane is in fact flowing to your Purgatory?"
8/7/01 8:13:37p K'Pyn asks, "evidence sir?"
8/7/01 8:13:43p Yor says, "yes"
8/7/01 8:13:43p Natas says, "not that I have seen"
8/7/01 8:13:56p J'jh says, "There was an ethereal cloud in Purgatory."
8/7/01 8:14:00p Natas says, "ahh"
8/7/01 8:14:01p (Yor nods.)
8/7/01 8:14:02p Achates says, "Yes"
8/7/01 8:14:05p Tenebrion says, "That is a bad sign."
8/7/01 8:14:16p Yor asks, "Does departing from the Ethereal Plane hurt Purgatory?"
8/7/01 8:14:16p K'Pyn asks, "The cloud in purgatory is a bad sign?"
8/7/01 8:14:17p J'jh says, "it is"
8/7/01 8:14:28p (Demian frowns.)
8/7/01 8:14:44p Tenebrion says, "I don't think it is the departing. It is any move from the Ethereal Plane to Purgatory."
8/7/01 8:14:52p Achates says, "Ahh"
8/7/01 8:14:56p Yor says, "good"
8/7/01 8:15:02p Satuki is now Clanning.
8/7/01 8:15:04p Tenebrion asks, "Departing is only one way of making that move isn't it?"
8/7/01 8:15:06p K'Pyn asks, "Well, you don't consider a depart a move?"
8/7/01 8:15:10p Natas says, "Well, most have been either departing or exiting via the tower"
8/7/01 8:15:10p K'Pyn says, "ah"
8/7/01 8:15:17p K'Pyn says, "indeed only one way"
8/7/01 8:15:26p Yor asks, "so departing is bad?"
8/7/01 8:15:29p Tenebrion says, "The tower is private property."
8/7/01 8:15:42p Tenebrion says, "You people do not seem to respect that notion."
8/7/01 8:15:32p Achates asks, "What about moving from within the Ethereal Tower... does that also entail consequences?"
8/7/01 8:15:34p Yor asks, "Does departing from the Ethereal Tower hurt purgatory?"
8/7/01 8:15:34p J'jh asks, "departing, pendanting and portal?"
8/7/01 8:15:39p Achates says, "ahh"
8/7/01 8:15:52p Yor asks, "whose tower?"
8/7/01 8:16:00p Natas says, "I saw no signs"
8/7/01 8:16:05p Tenebrion says, "It belongs to me and my brothers."
8/7/01 8:16:06p Demian chirps in Sylvan.
8/7/01 8:16:24p Tenebrion asks, "So if I put up a sign you will respect it?"
8/7/01 8:16:31p Yor says, "but, it's the only way out without damaging the Ethereal Plane...."
8/7/01 8:16:33p Natas says, "probably not"
8/7/01 8:16:35p J'jh says, "yes, and we want it, it's a great way to travel"
8/7/01 8:16:54p Achates says, "Then do you claim the Ethereal Plane as your realm? Your family's zodiac rings seem to claim certain snells..."
8/7/01 8:16:59p Tenebrion says, "There are many ways to leave the Ethereal Plane without going to Purgatory."
8/7/01 8:17:12p (Yor shrugs.)
8/7/01 8:17:12p Tenebrion says, "No, I do not lay claim to the plane."
8/7/01 8:17:19p (Achates nods.)
8/7/01 8:17:21p Tenebrion says, "I lay claim to our tower."
8/7/01 8:17:28p K'Pyn asks, "but you put property there?"
8/7/01 8:17:29p Achates asks, "Just the tower which your family constructed?"
8/7/01 8:17:36p (Achates nods.)
8/7/01 8:17:41p K'Pyn asks, "that's kinda weird isn't it?"
8/7/01 8:17:46p Natas says, "well I lay claim to the plane so your tower is on private property"
8/7/01 8:17:52p K'Pyn asks, "Like puttin' a house on a freeway?"
8/7/01 8:17:53p (Yor laughs.)
8/7/01 8:17:53p Demian ponders, "feh"
8/7/01 8:17:56p (Achates chuckles.)
8/7/01 8:18:00p K'Pyn exclaims, "hehe!"
8/7/01 8:18:17p Yor asks, "why are some of the mirrors in the tower not functional?"
8/7/01 8:18:33p Tenebrion says, "There are no mirrors in our tower."
8/7/01 8:18:35p (Demian mutters something obscene in Ilsardinish referencing the Ethereal Plain.)
8/7/01 8:18:40p Yor says, "umm"
8/7/01 8:18:45p Achates says, "I can respect that since you constructed it ... it is yours ... but can we reach some agreement on access? It is very useful to us"
8/7/01 8:18:45p K'Pyn asks, "there aren't?"
8/7/01 8:18:46p Yor says, "ok portals"
8/7/01 8:18:47p Natas says, "the portals"
8/7/01 8:18:47p Demian ponders, "Lilly..."
8/7/01 8:18:54p K'Pyn says, "oh portals"
8/7/01 8:19:01p Achates asks, "or only portals should we use?"
8/7/01 8:19:05p Yor asks, "why are some of the portals in the tower not functional?"
8/7/01 8:19:20p Tenebrion says, "They all function perfectly. I use all of them on a daily basis."
8/7/01 8:19:25p Achates asks, "Better question, are the portals functional to you?"
8/7/01 8:19:29p (Achates nods.)
8/7/01 8:19:45p Yor asks, "why can we only go through three of them?"
8/7/01 8:19:49p Natas says, "why is it that exiles are rejected by some of these portals?"
8/7/01 8:19:56p Tenebrion says, "You should not go through any of them."
8/7/01 8:20:04p J'jh asks, "why not?"
8/7/01 8:20:06p K'Pyn asks, "Tenebrion, what problem do you have with exiles using your structure as a way station?"
8/7/01 8:20:15p Tenebrion says, "As I say, the tower is private property."
8/7/01 8:20:19p (K'Pyn shrugs.)
8/7/01 8:20:21p J'jh asks, "so?"
8/7/01 8:20:28p K'Pyn says, "yes, but we're not likely to damage it"
8/7/01 8:20:30p Yor asks, "Are you saying you travel to the Abyss?"
8/7/01 8:20:37p Achates says, "We have a problem though Tenebrion..."
8/7/01 8:20:39p Tenebrion says, "I am not yet convinced you are not a threat."
8/7/01 8:20:45p (K'Pyn nods.)
8/7/01 8:20:48p J'jh asks, "a threat to what?"
8/7/01 8:20:48p (Demian watches the conversation go in circles...)
8/7/01 8:20:55p Tenebrion says, "To me, of course."
8/7/01 8:21:05p Achates says, "if we portal to Ethereal Plane... then open a portal there to go back it goes to Purgatory..."
8/7/01 8:21:19p Achates asks, "That is bad, correct? Any movement to Purgatory and Ethereal Plane is bad, yes?"
8/7/01 8:21:21p J'jh asks, "you with your powers are afraid of this poor bunch?"
8/7/01 8:21:25p Tenebrion says, "That can't be good for Purgatory."
8/7/01 8:21:31p Achates says, "Aye"
8/7/01 8:21:40p Yor asks, "Are you saying you travel to the Abyss through that portal outside the tower?"
8/7/01 8:21:41p Achates says, "Your tower is our only way to not combine the two realms"
8/7/01 8:21:46p Natas says, "so our solution is to use your portals"
8/7/01 8:21:55p Natas says, "until we can find another way"

Tenebrion's Offer

8/7/01 8:21:58p Tenebrion says, "I offered you another solution."
8/7/01 8:22:11p Achates asks, "the 10 Ethereal Stone offer?"
8/7/01 8:22:11p K'Pyn asks, "oh?"
8/7/01 8:22:13p Natas says, "departin' isn't a solution for me"
8/7/01 8:22:20p Tenebrion says, "I have spoken with my brothers."
8/7/01 8:22:32p K'Pyn ponders, "what offer, dangit!?!"
8/7/01 8:22:36p Tenebrion says, "We are willing to be more reasonable."
8/7/01 8:22:37p Achates says, "I suspect they are not too happy with you and your chaotic experiment"
8/7/01 8:23:01p K'Pyn exclaims, "!"
8/7/01 8:23:06p Yor asks, "more reasonable?"
8/7/01 8:23:09p K'Pyn exclaims, "sounds great to me!"
8/7/01 8:23:16p J'jh exclaims, "look what the cat brought in!"
8/7/01 8:23:17p (Malkor smiles.)
8/7/01 8:23:19p Demian chirps in the Sylvan language.
8/7/01 8:23:22p Tenebrion says, "K'pyn, I have offered to build you a permanent two-way portal from your town to the Ethereal Plane."
8/7/01 8:23:23p (Malkor winks at J'jh.)
8/7/01 8:23:31p Natas says, "and back?"
8/7/01 8:23:37p K'Pyn says, "sounds quite good to me"
8/7/01 8:23:45p Tenebrion says, "Yes, and back. Two-way."
8/7/01 8:23:47p K'Pyn asks, "at what cost?"
8/7/01 8:23:49p (Demian chuckles.)
8/7/01 8:24:10p Tenebrion says, "My original offer was for 50 teleportation stones."
8/7/01 8:24:10p J'jh says, "but you can do some math Tenebrion"
8/7/01 8:24:16p K'Pyn exclaims, "ouch!"
8/7/01 8:24:17p Achates says, "Ahh"
8/7/01 8:24:26p (K'Pyn shudders.)
8/7/01 8:24:28p Tenebrion says, "I have discussed the terms with my brothers."
8/7/01 8:24:34p Natas asks, "have you considered the offer of 10?"
8/7/01 8:24:45p Tenebrion says, "If you agree to some simple conditions, we will lower that substantially."
8/7/01 8:24:47p J'jh says, "by the time we gather 50 stones nobody will be interested anymore in the Ethereal Plane..."
8/7/01 8:24:59p Malkor ponders, "Conditions?"
8/7/01 8:25:00p Yor asks, "what conditions?"
8/7/01 8:25:12p K'Pyn asks, "oh dear Tenebrion, don't you have enough of us 'agreeing' on terms?"
8/7/01 8:25:14p Tenebrion says, "That you respect that the tower and our keeps are private."
8/7/01 8:25:17p Achates ponders, "I will be interested in a two-way portal indefinitely"
8/7/01 8:25:38p Malkor ponders, "Does he have anyway of enforcing his conditions?"
8/7/01 8:25:40p Tenebrion says, "If you agree to that we will make you such a portal for a single teleportation stone each."
8/7/01 8:25:47p Natas says, "we cannot gurantee that, and you of all should know it"
8/7/01 8:25:57p K'Pyn asks, "each?"
8/7/01 8:25:58p J'jh says, "ah"
8/7/01 8:26:04p Natas says, "we do not have control over every exile"
8/7/01 8:26:08p K'Pyn asks, "meaning one for each brother?"
8/7/01 8:26:42p Tenebrion says, "I will accept the word of those who agree. People who break the conditions will be noted and dealt with separately."
8/7/01 8:26:48p K'Pyn says, "aahhh"
8/7/01 8:26:51p Yor says, "Can we give the traitor Malkor to you instead? After all he did steal a sword from you."
8/7/01 8:26:53p Natas says, "sounds good to me"
8/7/01 8:26:54p Achates says, "I see"
8/7/01 8:26:55p (Tenebrion laughs.)
8/7/01 8:26:58p (K'Pyn snickers playfully.)
8/7/01 8:27:06p (Demian glances at Malkor)
8/7/01 8:27:09p Tenebrion says, "If he has six stones in his pockets."
8/7/01 8:27:09p Natas says, "let's do that anyway..."
8/7/01 8:27:13p (Yor laughs.)
8/7/01 8:27:17p J'jh says, "he still owes me 5000 coins"
8/7/01 8:27:25p K'Pyn says, "I'll certainly agree that your keep and that tower are private"
8/7/01 8:27:48p Yor asks, "so 6 stones and stay away from tower?"
8/7/01 8:27:50p K'Pyn asks, "does that mean if my fellow exiles don't abide by that I'm not allowed to help them?"
8/7/01 8:27:52p Tenebrion says, "Yes."
8/7/01 8:28:05p K'Pyn ponders, "yes to me or to Yor?"
8/7/01 8:28:21p Tenebrion says, "Yes, K'pyn. You either agree not to enter the tower or you do not."
8/7/01 8:28:37p (K'Pyn nods.)
8/7/01 8:28:45p (K'Pyn looks thoughtful.)
8/7/01 8:29:04p K'Pyn says, "That's a tough promise to make sir."
8/7/01 8:29:10p (K'Pyn frowns.)
8/7/01 8:29:58p K'Pyn asks, "well, how do we go about this, Tenebrion?"
8/7/01 8:30:15p Tenebrion says, "You bring me six stones and we will build the portal."
8/7/01 8:30:16p Achates asks, "gather the 6 stones and stay away from the towers...?"
8/7/01 8:30:17p K'Pyn says, "We have to invade your keep just to get the stones you want..."
8/7/01 8:30:27p Tenebrion asks, "You do?"
8/7/01 8:30:31p Achates says, "no, we have to invade the orga camps... I believe"
8/7/01 8:30:33p K'Pyn ponders, "erm"
8/7/01 8:30:33p Natas says, "he wants the stones from orga camp, K'pyn"
8/7/01 8:30:38p K'Pyn says, "ahhh"
8/7/01 8:30:41p K'Pyn ponders, "oops"
8/7/01 8:30:51p Achates says, "gather the 6 stones and stay away from the towers... seems simple enough"
8/7/01 8:30:55p K'Pyn says, "uh, ignore the previous comment"
8/7/01 8:30:56p Yor asks, "will you trade a phantasmonicon for a purgatory pendant?"
8/7/01 8:31:10p Tenebrion says, "I might consider that Yor."
8/7/01 8:31:16p Yor says, "ok =)"
8/7/01 8:31:17p Achates exclaims, "Interesting!"
8/7/01 8:31:19p Yor says, "graha"
8/7/01 8:31:43p Achates asks, "May, we inquire regarding your other brothers' names? Or is that information strictly classified?"
8/7/01 8:32:00p Tenebrion says, "I have mentioned them previously"
8/7/01 8:32:18p Tenebrion says, "They prefer to remain out of your way for now."
8/7/01 8:32:34p Achates says, "Yes, I suspected as much with their magic rejecting us"

Tenebrion Doesn't Know Umbrion's Landlord

8/7/01 8:32:40p J'jh asks, "do you know who Kizmia is?"
8/7/01 8:32:52p Tenebrion says, "I have never heard of Kizmia."
8/7/01 8:32:57p Yor asks, "They have islands in the Lok'Groton Island, chain Tenebrion?"
8/7/01 8:32:59p J'jh says, "funny"
8/7/01 8:33:02p Tenebrion asks, "She is from your town?"
8/7/01 8:33:12p K'Pyn says, "hrm.. she claims Umbrion's island"
8/7/01 8:33:17p (K'Pyn smirks.)
8/7/01 8:33:23p Achates says, "or her children claim it"
8/7/01 8:33:23p J'jh says, "your brother's castle is on Kizmia's island"
8/7/01 8:33:26p Tenebrion says, "Umbrion does not have an island."
8/7/01 8:33:33p Tenebrion says, "I see."
8/7/01 8:33:34p K'Pyn says, "uh"
8/7/01 8:33:36p Achates asks, "its merely an illusion?"
8/7/01 8:33:44p Yor asks, "Your brothers live on islands in the Lok'Groton Island chain Tenebrion?"
8/7/01 8:33:48p Tenebrion says, "She has made no claim on Umbrion's keep."
8/7/01 8:33:50p Thalion is no longer Clanning.
8/7/01 8:33:58p J'jh says, "she will"
8/7/01 8:34:34p Tenebrion says, "My brothers guard their locations very jealously."
8/7/01 8:34:34p Tenebrion says, "They are in no great rush to expose themselves."
8/7/01 8:34:34p K'Pyn says, "just as you and Umbrion once did"
8/7/01 8:34:34p Achates says, "As many exiles do here"
8/7/01 8:34:38p (Yor nods.)
8/7/01 8:34:53p Achates says, "Especially with us failing the Exile Planewalking Experiment"
8/7/01 8:34:57p J'jh ponders, "doesn't know Kizmia? how can that be?"

Tenebrion is a Bookish Sort

8/7/01 8:35:13p Yor asks, "Tenebrion, would you like to join us sometime when we obtain a teleport stone from the orga?"
8/7/01 8:35:22p Tenebrion asks, "To join you?"
8/7/01 8:35:24p K'Pyn asks, "so what's the possiblity of ever getting 6 stones AND getting exiles to offer them?"
8/7/01 8:35:27p Achates says, "Yes"
8/7/01 8:35:30p Yor says, "yes"
8/7/01 8:35:35p Tenebrion asks, "In what manner?"
8/7/01 8:35:39p Achates says, "There is a powerful magician that protects them"
8/7/01 8:35:41p Yor says, "fight alongside us"
8/7/01 8:35:47p Yor says, "and observe"
8/7/01 8:35:49p Tenebrion asks, "Physical combat?"
8/7/01 8:35:52p (K'Pyn laughs.)
8/7/01 8:35:54p J'jh says, "so you know what it takes to get such a stone?"
8/7/01 8:36:01p Yor says, "ok just observe"
8/7/01 8:36:14p Yor asks, "so would you?"
8/7/01 8:36:17p Tenebrion says, "it sounds very much like putting myself in harm's way."
8/7/01 8:36:23p (K'Pyn nods.)
8/7/01 8:36:31p Yor says, "we would protect you"
8/7/01 8:36:33p Tenebrion says, "I have lived a long life by avoiding
those situations."
8/7/01 8:36:42p Yor says, "ummm, ok"
8/7/01 8:36:45p Natas says, "that does not sound like living to me"
8/7/01 8:36:52p (J'jh laughs)
8/7/01 8:36:54p Yor ponders, "he's definitely not a Zo"
8/7/01 8:36:58p Demian thinks to you, "You forget he doesn't have the
luxury of Purgatory to fall back on."
8/7/01 8:36:59p K'Pyn says, "well, clearly Tenebrion's not much of a fighter"
8/7/01 8:37:21p Tenebrion says, "I prefer a good book."
8/7/01 8:37:35p K'Pyn says, "bah, books are for mystics"
8/7/01 8:37:47p K'Pyn asks, "you call yourself a mystic then?"
8/7/01 8:37:57p Tenebrion says, "I am a scholar of sorts."
8/7/01 8:38:01p (K'Pyn nods.)
8/7/01 8:38:04p Tenebrion says, "I don't really call myself anything."
8/7/01 8:38:13p K'Pyn says, "Very well"
8/7/01 8:38:51p K'Pyn asks, "so the question remains... how is it possible to gather and deliver 6 of those stones?"
8/7/01 8:39:08p Tenebrion says, "That sounds a great deal like it is not
my problem."
8/7/01 8:39:31p Yor says, "Well, we'll get the word out anyways"
8/7/01 8:39:32p Demian thinks to you, "This looks like a task for your
LIFE group."
8/7/01 8:39:36p (K'Pyn nods.)
8/7/01 8:39:36p Achates asks, "I am curious as to your existence... Have you perished from the Physical Plane? Do you only materialize here as a ghost to us?"
8/7/01 8:39:39p Tenebrion says, "A portal such as we are offering is a great deal of investment on our part."
8/7/01 8:39:54p J'jh says, "any deal that involves mystics will not work..."
8/7/01 8:39:54p Tenebrion says, "I very much live on the physical plane."
8/7/01 8:39:59p Achates says, "Ahh ok"
8/7/01 8:40:03p K'Pyn ponders, "looks physical to me"
8/7/01 8:40:11p (Tenebrion knocks on the table.)
8/7/01 8:40:12p Achates asks, "Are there 6 layers to the Physical Plane?"
8/7/01 8:40:16p (Natas pokes Tenebrion with a stick)
8/7/01 8:40:21p Natas says, "yep, he's there"
8/7/01 8:40:21p K'Pyn exclaims, "!"
8/7/01 8:40:37p (Achates acknowledges the solidity.)
8/7/01 8:40:38p Tenebrion says, "It depends on the worldview to which you subscribe."


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Store your leftovers in your throatsac.


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