March 31, 2005
Classic Noids


Rael and I made a grim discovery about a long-lost exile while exploring the old Noids cave.

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Old Puddleby Returns


Puddleby is strangely retrograde after the most recent chaos storm.



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Chaos Storm #382


Chaos Storm #382 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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March 29, 2005
Chaos Storm Delay


Delta Tao has announced that the v383 update will be delayed one day, to Thursday, March 31.

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Drakes and Vermine


Phroon reports on a busy day on Kitty Beach and in South Forest in his latest journal entry.

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Fifth Jeanne


Jeanne reports on passing the fifth circle fighters' test in her latest journal entry.

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ELF in Melabrion's Mines


Lundar reports on the most recent ELF meeting and clan hunt in the ELF Blog.

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Exile Trainers


Farhope sent the following announcement to TMN:

I just updated my scroll about the exile trainers (after many zodiacs; I had some problems with ink/papers . . . I hope it's ok now).

I know the scroll is not completed: I heard that many healers have received a ledger from the An Faure brothers, for example. I will be happy to correct my scroll when I receive more information.

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The Case of the Pog


Lundar reports on the mysterious case of the Pog in the Elf Blog.

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March 25, 2005
Orga Mob


Bakunan sent the following report to TMN:

As a freelancer, it was with great joy that I managed to be the first on the scene of the latest orga mass suicide in East Field. I noticed a few Orga Shamans running around, which soon turned into a mob. Fortunately, exiles swarmed to the bridge, as 'locks, Death Vermine, and a BRO joined in. When I left, mop up was still going on.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. First contact:
3/25/05 4:01:12p Bakunan thinks, "army of shamans in lower East Field. Gonna have to teach them a lesson"
3/25/05 4:01:37p Bakunan thinks, "Err... red health, about 30 shamans in lower east field"
3/25/05 4:02:05p Ockeghem thinks, "more like 60"

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Elenis and Relkin Appear As Vermine


Azriel reports in his most recent journal entry on some recently revealed powers of rangers and on his ongoing pathfinding investigations.

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March 23, 2005
Fifth-Circle Healing


Phroon's journal has reports on the fifth-circle healer's room and on his continued progress in training with Respia.

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Orga Ire


Drablak has a report on the hunt for the Orga Ire in his most recent journal entry.

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Chronicle for Coins


Creed and Fiona sent the following announcement to TMN:

The University of Puddleby and Puddleopedia present:

The "Tell Us About Yourself: Chronicle for Coins Contest"

The Reason: Our population is increasing, with many new exiles coming to Puddleby and older exiles finding their way out of the library. We would enjoy hearing about you. Tell us about yourself in prose, poetry, or limerick.

Some ideas to consider: What caused you to go into exile? What are your interests here in Puddleby? Tell us about the major events in your life. Describe the interesting people you have met.

The Rules: Send contest submissions to Puddleopedia in prose, poetry or limerick form will run from March 20 thru April 19, 2005. Submission must be 350 words or less. A panel of judges including Creed, Klio, Revelor, and Sareth will pick the best 5. Winners will be announced April 26, 2005.

The contest is open to all exiles, excluding judges or their immediate family members. Have you already submitted something to the Puddleopedia prior to the contest start date? You can simply revise it for entry.

The Loot: Anyone entering will receive five coins. Verified entrants will get their five coin reward from Fiona, as she is about in the lands the most.

There will be five prizes in addition:

First Prize: 4,000 coins
Second Prize: 2,500 coins
Third Prize: 1,250 coins
Fourth Prize: 1,000 coins
Fifth Prize: 750 coins

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Puddleby Calendar of Events


Slyph has launched the Puddleby Calendar of Events. You can read more about it in the Puddleby Calendar of Events forum on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Arachnoids and More Arachnoids


TMN Spoiler Warning: this story may contain information some readers would prefer to find out on their own.

Cj parker sent the following report to TMN:

PAG recently opened some new paths with the higher PF training we have acquired.


One such path led to a new area we have called the Slate Caves due to the new arachnoid species we encountered there.


The Slate Arachnoid is much more deadly than its cousin the Pitch, which isn't good! It hits harder and throws faster. In essence, it's your worst nightmare. You can see here some shots I took when we encountered this new species.


I must add that we got our butts well and truly kicked by this new species during the first encounter, so it's round 1 to the Arachnoids. I'm hoping round 2 might be a little more even!


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Rat-Pack Munch


Koyer sent the following report to TMN:

I took a snapshot of the rat-pack munching on Geotzou after some real fighters (read: not me) showed up to help with a rare midday Panther/Cougar/Vermine/Rat/Orga swarm on Kitty Beach. Amazed to see some of the upper circle fighters falling to rats. Merlisk (behind me in attached pic, I think) appeared to be the lead Thoom on the scene, but I've been away for so long, I don't remember how the others stand in terms of experience and healing ability.

-Koyer of the Dwarven Militia (the original war-era "McBain")

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Problem in the Pass


Creed sent the following report to TMN:

I thought some folks might enjoy seeing the attached sketches from a small part of the quest to find and sacrifice the Orga Ire. As you can see, he looked rather small and almost harmless . . .

but not only was he quite powerful, he had LOTS and LOTS of friends. :-P





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March 19, 2005
Odesseus Reports: Orga Camp Assault


Odesseus sent the following report to TMN:

"A large group of exiles, hearing of an Orga Ire with special information, made a major assault on Orga Camp and the sn'ells west of it recently. We were told that the Ire must be taken to the Orga Camp fire circle and dispatched there with a mystic present, where the information would become readable by the mystic.

"Just east of the meadow, the sn'ell was packed with Orga Rages, Furies, Hatreds, Hemlocks, Warlocks and other shock-troop orga. Entry into the sn'ell met with immediate and overwhelming lightning, fire and strikes from orga of all type. In the initial assaults, wave after wave of fighters surged into the sn'ell only to be immediately overcome. Mystics supplied many a boost for the marauding fighters. Chainers worked furiously to recover the fallen fighters so they may be raised and form the assault anew. Unfortunately, the assaults were not as coordinated as they could have been, but considering the overwhelming odds, the only recourse was to continue to charge in, clear what could be cleared and exit or fall. Eventually, after a long and hard-fought battle, healer rods were able to enter the sn'ell to draw the lightning, and fighters then hunted the Hemlocks down. The sn'ells were then readily taken by the exiles.

"The ultimate goal was to draw the Ire to the fire circle during the night, but because of the heavy numbers of orga, the Ire was only able to be led there in the late morning. The Ire was a nasty beast, easily felling mid-level warriors and doing major damage to more senior warriors.

"The Ire was trapped in kudzu, and Tara, being a rod point, became the focus of the Ire's mighty swings, was eventually able to lead the Ire to the fire circle. Once within the fire circle, the fighters converged and began hammering away at the tough-hided creature. After many blows, the Ire finally succumbed and gave up at least a partial message that Zorton was able to read, being that the Ire was "looking for something," possibly something that was once lost. Some exiles were disappointed by the vagueness of this message. Still, we should take heart in that we pushed back the orga foe once again."

Fallen in the middle of the sn'ell. Sorry I didn't get a pic of the assault.

Tara leading the Orga Ire into the fire circle and the fighters converging.

After furious pounding, the exiles prevail!

Zorton reads the intestines of the Ire to gain the message.

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Glowing Brightly


Drablak has resumed publishing his journal with a report on the new Sun Dragon statue by Sor and the recent successful efforts of PAG with respect to pathfinding.

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March 18, 2005
Seventh Circle


J'nder sent the following report to TMN:

"Bruno has opened up the seventh circle healer test. You can see what's involved from the above sketch. What you can't see is the spriggin! It's nasty; it's one of the spriggins that can make you fall over—and that makes you take much more damage.

"Anyhow, I failed the test. Glory said it was a bold attempt, and that I healed her more than halfway.

"Also in related news, the new healer circle rooms are open. There's a bunch of combination trainers in the fifth circle room, and you can buy a snazzy fifth circle shirt. No trainers in the sixth circle room, but there is a sixth circle pants seller.


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March 17, 2005
Sentinel Problems?


Anyone know what's wrong with the Clan Lord Sentinel?

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Student Representative Board Opening


Aprender sent the following announcement to TMN:

"Call for Nominations: Student Representative Board Member"

"The University of Puddleby Board of Directors is seeking candidates for the Student Representative Board. You must be a full-time student to be eligible. Check the University student roster at if in doubt about your student status. Self-nominations should be sent to Paranoidos via the Puddleby Post Office by March 18. For more information, contact Paranoidos, Harper, Fiona, or Maeght."

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March 16, 2005
Chaos Storm #381


Chaos Storm #381 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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March 14, 2005
Better Homes and Treehouses Winner


The winner of ELF's Better Homes and Treehouses is Mephisto. You can read more about the results and see the homes of the contestants at the ELF Blog.

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March 13, 2005
To Sarra


Fleming reports on a large expedition to Sarra in his most recent journal entry on the ELF Blog.

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Phroon Passes Fifth


ThoomCare member Phroon has passed the fifth circle healing test. You can read more about it and see a visionstone in his most recent journal entry.

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Orga Fellock


Aravir reports in his most recent journal entry on an encounter with an Orga Fellock during one of the ongoing orga hunts.

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Warning Elendil


Azriel reports on further pathfinding developments in his most recent journal entry.

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March 12, 2005
Denebian Ooze in Puddleby


Merlisk sent the following report to TMN:

"There was a high troilusing Denebian Ooze in Puddleby. Multiple attempts failed to kill it until the motley crew you see assembled in this sketch tried it.

"Darnok was rod point with many healers backpacking him. Aldernon and Snowlion got to low red and bloodbladed the foul creature to death.

"Puddleby is safe once again."

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Third Pathfinding Book: Training Underway


CJ parker sent the following report to TMN:

"After a hugely eventful PAG trip (i.e., we couldn't get past PC2), half the group were chained to the waterfall snell by myself and Natas. In this snell, we met the remnants of PAG, who had departed and come back to help get the fallens. Spirits were at a bit of a low point after our recent successes with training, and the fallens were chained to the safe(ish) cave, where everyone was healed up. Here, we decided to show the third pathfinding book to a few of the non-PAG exiles who had turned up to help rescue us.

"You can imagine our immense surprise when members of PAG decided to just test the book for fun, and they were accepted as a trainee! I'm sure everyone in PAG nearly fell off their chairs. not knowing whether too laugh or curse. Anyway, immediately sunstone messages were sent to the team and sintones contacted those not in the lands and we trained up as much as possible with the book. Training numbers are very vague, as we don't quite understand the relationships between books. More on this will come from Azriel's diaries (Azriel is a full pathfinder).

"As for new paths, well, the KI ones recently reported seemed to open, and we have one in what we have named Pitch Cave 7. We have nothing to report on these areas yet, they are still being explored, but when we have substantial information, it will be reported on TMN via myself or Azriel. Exciting times!"

Azriel has published a report on these recent developments.

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March 10, 2005
Ranger Relkin


Relkin sent the following announcement to TMN:

"Mr. Verminebane decided to offer me the honor of becoming the first Ranger today, and I was eager to accept! Attaining this rank has brought up just as many questions as it has answered, but I'll study diligently to try and understand. Now, if you'll excuse me, the forest calls!"

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Moving a Mystic in 15 Minutes


K'vynn sent the following report to TMN:

"Just prior to Midnight, Terrdi—29th day of Autumn, 557—we were issued the next Orga Challenge event: to get a mystic to the east side of Orga Camp 4 in about 15 minutes. Hepta, Leonin, and K'vynn alerted folks to get them to OC4. We had a few minutes of lead time and we were given 15 minutes to complete the objective. We were successful after a grace of 2 bonus minutes were given to us.

"After gathering near the fires on the east side, we learned that something valuable had been stolen from the Orga tribe there, not like a stone as some thought, but something valuable to this Orga tribe. We learned no more than that and returned to town.

"Thanks to everyone who was there for getting the mystics there."

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March 09, 2005
Orga Challenge Update


Pengy sent the following announcement to TMN:

"Event #5 - Exiles. By about 15 seconds. Congratulations.

"Ask those who were there what was learned."

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South Forest Altar Room


Nocturnity sent the following report to TMN:

The South Forest Altar Room now open, but Fayle says they need to get an altar
donated or figure out how to build one. You can read about this and about some of Nocturnity's recent hunts in his most recent journal entry.

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Phantasm Guild Forums and Scrolls Reset


Rasputin sent the following announcement to TMN:

"The Phantasm Guild Forums and Scrolls had some problems of some sort and were reset back to 2/21/05. All the people who signed up for the forums after 2/21 and all the posts on the forums after 2/21 have been lost. We are very sorry for this and would like to invite you to sign back up! The address to the scrolls is and the one for the forums is

"Thank you again, and we are very sorry."

Posted by Para at 06:53 PM
Two Eventful Days: Beer and Scaramis


Fundin sent the following report to TMN:

"The past few days in Puddleby have been quite eventful for me. With the doors to the library being unbolted, I have seen many old faces popping out to hunt and talk.

"One such event led Astral Duck to organize the Dwarven Militia to all meet up, or at least as many of us as could make it. We met up on our usual meeting day and it was a great joy to see 20 DM out of the library. We shouted "beer" a lot and spammed the sunstone network a tiny bit before heading up to Camp Dred for a spot of hunting.


"In true DM fashion, we made good progress through four snells before hitting some trouble in the waterfall snell. I think our over-excitement made us a little too confident. Needless to say, everyone fell, except me, Consul, and Callus, I think. We managed to drag who we could out, and luckily I had seen some of OWE hunting elsewhere near Camp Dred and called upon them to give us a hand. Eventually, we got those who we could, but the Orga Village-ported people departed due to time constraints. All in all, we had 23 DM out that day, a great day for the beer drinkers of Puddleby.


"My second day out, PTF made a trip to the Abyss. We took it over after some initial problems and falling. We had help from some of Puddleby. We then headed over to the Scaramis Pit to start hunting. The usual setup occurred, and the place was absolutely packed, which was a pleasant if daunting surprise. A good job by Yor and J'jh (I think) led to us setting up well and settling down for a long hard slog against the scaramis. Just look at the picture: we couldn’t see the end of them! Finally, after a long time we killed them all, and took the egg as a prize. Oh, and Relkin fell a lot; he'd like me to tell you that! :-D


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March 08, 2005
Sun Dragon Statue


Sor sent the following announcement to TMN:

"For our most recent hunt, which happened after Chaos Storm #379, I had prepared a little surprise for my fellow Sun Dragons. We had purchased a museum token from Lundar several years ago, and I had finally put the finishing touch to my statue of the great Sun Dragon, our clan symbol and deity. After a silly (and too short) guessing game, they discovered my hiding spot in the museum, in the shadow of a giant Sun Dragon crushing Bartok! Since Muzea was nowhere to be found, we let the floor slowly absorb our token, before flying off to our weekly hunt, our spirits lifted up high!"

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Fairgrounds Meeting Transcript: Rangers


Bladebringer sent to TMN the following transcript from the Fairgrounds regarding Rangers.

Baltok thinks, "Selling ranger conversation visionstones, 2,000c per."
Neige exclaims, "Why is it figther only!? If it's about knowing the land... anybody should join in!"
Jady thinks, "ARGH. Sorry Valley guys. Stuck in purg still. Working on getting back to the shroom."
Harlows thinks, "Where is every one?"
Tinker GM is of the People, is male, is an exile, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
He is holding a potted kudzu and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a sungem, what looks like a winning smile, a shirt, an artisan's belt and a pair of pants.
Neige exclaims, "If it's about killing stuff... well.. I tagged just about everything!"
Watson GM is an Ancient, is male, is a Ranger, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
He is holding a gossamer and a wooden shield, and he is wearing a sunstone and a bloodstone ring.
Hoggle ponders, "looks like heart almost"
Neige exclaims, "Let me be a ranger too!"
Larno thinks, "I buy em all (and sell em fer 10k later)."
Tinker GM says, "It's a fighter subclass, Neige. And it definitely has a lot of killing stuff."
Harlows thinks, "Where is every one?"
Leggo thinks, "where should i donate rocks and wood?"
Neige exclaims, "I've (taged) killed every single critter out there!"
Kelfer asks, "can i get a raincloud on my head?"
Yojimbo asks, "do you have to have trainings in specific things to be a ranger if so what in?"
Neige says, "Expect.. anything new.."
(Neige mumbles.)
Baltok asks, "So what's all this blade shining mean, guys?"
Watson GM asks, "Can you re-phase the questyiom, Yojimbo?"
Baltok asks, "And star mumbo jumbo?"
Tinker GM says, "There are some requirements, but I think they'll become clear when you need to fulfil them."
Bladebringer asks, "Do you need 100 goss ranks to start the quest?"
Bladebringer ponders, "err.. just.. goss ranks"
Watson GM says, "Not at all."
Tinker GM says, "No, Bladebringer, you've already started the quest. :-)"
Bladebringer says, "ok."
Bladebringer says, "thanks."
Jady thinks, "Oh criminy. Still stuck. I really haven't forgotten you guys."
Elenis Reyav is no longer Clanning.
Mephisto says, "What about pathfinding? (dare I ask)"
Clam says, "Afk"
Tinker GM asks, "What about it?"
Kelfer says, "a lot of us are confused as to why some who have similar training have gotten farther then others"
Hoggle asks, "is it a requirement?"
Bladebringer asks, "It a requirement?"
Clyde ponders, "I would doubt PF has anything to do with it"
Watson GM says, "There is no pathfinding requirement"
Watson GM says, "But it can't hurt"
Neige ponders, "It should."
Tinker GM says, "Hmmm, how much do you think we should give away, Watson? I guess that's okay. ;)"
Hoggle ponders, "whew.."
Tinker GM says, "Kelfer, it depends on more than just training."
Nestor asks, "what are the required initial training?"
Kelfer says, "hrm"
Yojimbo asks, "ook so you need no ranks like fell or goos or pf to be a ranger?"
Bladebringer ponders, "Enough hints to let one of us here figure it out ;D"
Watson GM says, "I think you are all a bit confused -- you keep talking about requirements"
Tinker GM says, "In fact, the largest requirement really isn't directly tied to training."
Kelfer ponders, "karma?"
Yojimbo says, "if your a fighter you can become a ranger"
You have no karma to give.
Tinker GM ponders, "doh, I said requirement too!"
Pe Ell asks, "Killing differant critters?"
Neige exclaims, "Killing stuff! Exploring the land!"
Yojimbo asks, "period right?"
Harlows says, "yes"
Akisha is no longer Clanning.
Neige exclaims, "Which is why I should be able to try it out!"
(Clyde thinks he gets it.)
Kelfer asks, "question: does untraining untrain learning from killing x beast?"
Watson GM asks, "Huh?"
Clam ponders, "ZZzzZThooMzZzZzz"
Clyde says, "Heh."
Bladebringer ponders, "no ;P"
Tinker GM says, "I think it does not, Kelfer."
Watson GM says, "English only, please"
Entil'Zha says, "Heh."
(Baltok laughs)
Ippon says, "does utraining affect the laern from working"
Flux is no longer Clanning.
Kelfer says, "bah"
Ippon says, "does utraining affect the learn from working"
Pendarric is no longer Clanning.
Harlows says, "do want it"
Tinker GM says, "I have trouble keeping all the messages straight."
Tinker GM says, "But I don't think you have to worry too much about untrainus."
Bladebringer says, "3 messages you can get initially, i believe."
Tinker GM says, "(unless you go down to 1st circle or something)."
Ogant says, "Strim"
Kelfer says, "beer"
J'jh thinks, "Roadhog has help?"
Shard asks, "fr'm what I 'eard long 'go, Ranger, Champion and Bloodmage were gonna be mutually 'xclusive - that true? or c'n someone be a Champion an' a Ranger?"
(Lucent waves)
Harlows says, "oh"
Harlows says, "ok"
Clam says, "Afk"
Watson GM says, "They are different paths"
Tinker GM says, "Sorry, you get one of Ranger/Champion/Bloodmage or Vanilla-Fighter."
(Shard nods)
Kelfer exclaims, "beer-fighter!"
Hoggle ponders, "no swirls for you.."
Taryn ponders, "Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry?"
Tinker GM says, "Yes, of course, sorry Kelfer. ;-)"
Hoggle ponders, "neopolitan fighter!"
Yojimbo says, "Watson"
Bladebringer asks, "I got a question. Am i gonna know when i have learned/explored/ flashed blade enough to go on to the next step, or should i be looking around harder?"
Watson GM asks, "Yes?"
Naughty Rambler is no longer Clanning.
(Shalyn waves to Ayella.)
Watson GM says, "Hmmm"
Neige asks, "Could I atleast try the quest?"
(Ayella grins.)
Yojimbo asks, "Eldon showed off a mssive bolt attack the other day and said it was a ranger hint is that a possible ranger ability or was he just goofing off?"
Tinker GM says, "Hmmm. There are a couple of things you will have to find, Bladebringer."
Bladebringer says, "Ok."
Tinker GM says, "Anything is a possibility, Yojimbo, but eldon is also known to goof off. ;-)"
(Skirwan grins.)
(Ogant laughs.)
Stormraven thinks, "who else wants to kamikaze abyss with yor and i?"
Yojimbo says, "nother qusetion"
Yojimbo asks, "Do you practice in front of a mirror being evasive or with someone?"
Slyph says, "hi all"
Mephisto thinks, "Watson does, Watson does!"
Clam ponders, "Z"
(Ogant laughs.)
(Bladebringer chuckles)
Skynn Flynnt ponders, "wow, Slyph v1.0 showed up"
Ilena is no longer Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "Let me explain, Yojimbo."
Richard thinks, "Goodnight everyone. Remember to share your local mystic."
(Yojimbo grins)
Shalyn ponders, "Why do you think there are two of them?"
(Slyph grins)
Richard is no longer Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "I want to talk about Rangers, since I've worked very hard on it for a long time."
Kelfer says, "yes, thanks for that"
(Ogant nods.)
(Hoggle nods)
Tinker GM says, "Atthe same time, I don't want to give away all the interesting bits, since I think discovering them is lots of fun for players."
Bladebringer exclaims, "Hey, tinker...before we get on your case, let me extend thanks!"
Neige says, "I've kicked more ass then a lot of the lib figthers showing up to try it."
Slyph asks, "it's more than funny hats?"
Yojimbo says, "we want to know about them"
Ippon conks Neige with a greymyr rock candy.
Jady is no longer Clanning.
Neige exclaims, "ow!"
Tinker GM says, "You're welcome."
Yojimbo says, "but if you go hey you can be a ranger now and give no help at all"
Yojimbo says, "all of your work will go unappreciated"
Entil'Zha exclaims, "yeah, thank you! rangers are awesome!"
Watson GM says, "Also, I've seen a lot of what happens when one over-promises."
Yojimbo says, "because if it's "too" hard"
Slyph says, "hehe"
Yojimbo says, "many will not even bother"
Entil'Zha says, " least, I would assume they're awesome. they're awesome, unless they suck a lot."
Ayella says, "Why not try working on it ;p"
Tinker GM asks, "Yeah, but you're already starting to figure it out, right?"
Neige says, "They are! Let everybody join in the fun."
Yojimbo says, "I have no clue lol"
Baltok says, "I think many are still confused, Tinker."
Taryn ponders, "someone will bother, because there's always someone who wants to be first :)"
(Hoggle nods)
Grintuft thinks, "if i fall I'm in north field."
Yojimbo ponders, "elenis will be first"
Ayella ponders, "Eldon never gave hints about his island, people figured that out."
Slyph says, "I heard people are working with bears. I thought it was for the circus."
Neige says, "Figthers are too stupid for iths. Let misfits try too."
Ogant says, "I think I have..."
Bladebringer says, "I think the best hint i've gotten was Elenis's mis thinkto ;P"
Neige ponders, "this."
Grintuft thinks, "Make that WHEN."
Clyde asks, "Are there any aspects that you wanted to discuss, or are you just offering this as question time?"
(Akisha agrees)
Clam ponders, "Zz"
Akisha ponders, "Sounds a lot like a mystic sort of thing :-P"
Pe Ell ponders, "hmm"
Clyde says, "As it seems most question sequences devolve to spoilers pretty quick"
Shard ponders, "Ranger = fighter-mystic? perfect f'r me :)"
Tinker GM asks, "I'd really intended it as question time. But I don't want to answer the big stuff like "how do I become a ranger" or "what are all the new abilities"?"
(Clyde nods.)
Bladebringer says, "i don't think we know enough to ask questions"
Yojimbo asks, "Are the rnager abilities worthwhile in your opinion to work up to becomming a ranger?"
Hoggle ponders, "mystics sound like they could be monks.. dont know about rangers though.. :P"
Tinker GM says, "That may be.,"
Watson GM says, "Taht's a good question, Yojimbo"
Neige thinks, "Grintuft fell in North field, can anybody go look?"
Tinker GM says, "The new fighting messages have to do with Rangers, if it wasn't obvious."
Bladebringer says, "heh"
Skirwan ponders, "ohhh!"
Bladebringer says, "not obvious to a lot of people on the SS ;P"
Watson GM says, "I think the new abilities are very cool"
Bladebringer exclaims, "What does "" mean?!"
Tinker GM says, "It depends on your goals, Yojimbo."
Neige says, "Fighters have rocks for brains."
Leggo thinks, "falling in mid pass by well"
Skirwan asks, "Can you show us some of the new abilities?"
Tinker GM says, "I would say some of the new abilities are very useful, and others are flashy."
(Shalyn throws a rock at Tedra.)
Ogant asks, "My question: can the quest be completed alone?"
Ippon ponders, "Some mystics aren't too bright either..."
Mephisto says, "Tinker.. about the learn-with-animal messages.."
Kelfer ponders, "hrm"
Bladebringer ponders, "better be able to be completed alone :D"
Tinker GM says, "The quest can be completed along, Ogant."
Tinker GM says, "The quest can be completed alone, Ogant."
Neige ponders, "It's about determination!"
Ogant says, "Thanks."
Nestor says, "good"
(Neige will show them.)
Clam ponders, "Zz"
Sahara asks, "I heard a while ago of the group/solo subclasses, are the rangers more or less filling the solo part?"
Pe Ell asks, "is possesing a gossamer a requirement?"
Tinker GM asks, "What was Elenis' mis-thinkto?"
Ippon says, "Elenis Reyav thinks, "tTalin I'm expecting to get both. And it is necessary. The NPP that lets you into the Ranger Area won't ask you for the password if the Scout doesn't give it to you.""
Tinker GM says, "Yes, a lot of it is tied to teh goss."
Taryn asks, "I may have missed this, but is there a min number of goss ranks to become a Ranger?"
Neige says, "heh"
Watson GM says, "Pretty much, Sahara, but I think that the new abilities will also play well in a group setting"
Pe Ell says, "so you need one in your invintory? or..."
Ogant says, "okay, thanks Watson"
Grintuft thinks, "J'jh saved me, but is now surrounded by vermine and stuff in north field."
Ogant says, "My concern was that this was like the champion quest, and you would need a group"
Bladebringer ponders, "if only i knew what talin SSed him ;D"
Tinker GM says, "Don't worry about gaming teh system. Gossamers are important. Learn to love your gossamer."
Taryn asks, "I may have missed this, but is there a min number of goss ranks to become a Ranger?"
Clyde says, "Gossamers are great even without training."
Shard says, "I already do :)"
Watson GM says, "These things will become obvious over time, Taryn"
Taryn says, "ok :)"
Akisha asks, "After the quest is completed, what will you do about people just releasing spoilers?"
Entil'Zha ponders, "sigh, and here I trained so hard so that I wouldn't *need* a gossamer."
Kelfer says, "it would be nice if there were an npc that helped you get started"
Akisha asks, "Will it only be fun for the first few?"
(Hoggle nods)
Tinker GM says, "Champions are a group-oriented class, Ogant. That's not as much the case for Rangers."
Ogant exclaims, "Great!"
Tinker GM says, "Of the three, Rangers are the most solo-ish."
Neige says, "I'm a soloist! I hate you people."
Ogant exclaims, "That's what I was hoping!"
Clam ponders, "Z"
Clyde ponders, "Hm."
Sahara asks, "What were some of your inspirations while working for rangers?"
Akisha ponders, "Anyone?"
(Clyde): Chirp. Chirp.
Tinker GM says, "Hmmm."
Yojimbo asks, "i heard rumor a long time ago that one of the possible goss abilities would be to increase physical swing speed such as a gcp or vixen any comment?"
Ogant says, "Well, all of the questions that I have probably won't be answered. "
Watson GM says, "Well, we actually argued for a long time over what to call them"
Tinker GM says, "The vision for the class was really Watson's."
(Tinker GM grins)
(Taryn smiles)
Watson GM says, ""Ranger" is a pretty loaded term"
Larno is no longer Clanning.
(Bladebringer grins)
(Ogant nods.)
Tinker GM says, "Yeah, and that's unfortunate."
Slyph says, "I think "Tights-wearing Sissies" was turned down early"
Baltok ponders, "Probably lots of coins in NWF, with all these people here."
Larno is no longer Clanning.
Yojimbo says, "lol"
Ogant exclaims, "Yes, it has a cetain stigma attached to it!"
(Ayella smirks)
(Akisha restates his question)
Akisha asks, "After the quest is completed, what will you do about people just releasing spoilers?"
Akisha asks, "Will it only be fun for the first few?"
Roadhog is no longer Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "*Our* rangers are sort of a secret brotherhood. They like naturey stuff. The understand the land and it's creatures."
Bladebringer ponders, "sweet"
Tinker GM says, "And they kill a lot of the creatures."
Lisette is no longer Clanning.
Lisette is now Clanning.
Tedra is no longer Clanning.
Clam ponders, "Zz"
Bladebringer says, "Damn, you guys know how to advertise ;D"
Neige says, "And they discriminate."
Lisette is no longer Clanning.
Clyde says, "Heh."
(Tinker GM chuckles.)
Lucent says, "heh"
Shalyn ponders, "They understand.. Yet murderize."
(Bladebringer wants to be a ranger NOW ;D)
Slyph says, "hehe"
Yojimbo asks, "what group doesnt descriminate neige?"
Ippon ponders, "They like nature, so the kill it, interesting philosophy..."
Akisha says, "ie. How secret is this brotherhood? ;-)"
Tinker GM says, "Sorry Neige, you could always reset."
Yojimbo says, "I want to be a fighter but they wont let me"
Clyde exclaims, "Saving it from a cold harsh reality!"
Zerocool is now Clanning.
Tedra is now Clanning.
Yojimbo asks, "what is the circle requirement on it tinker?"
Bladebringer ponders, "i would laugh if neige reset"
Neige says, "You could change things as well."
Yojimbo asks, "3rd?"
Tinker GM says, "3rd."
Entil'Zha says, "haha, Neige can't be a Ranger."
Yojimbo says, "k"
Tinker GM says, "I'll give that one away at least. ;-)"
Hoggle says, "hehe"
Watson GM says, "Along with the new abilities, they pick up a couple of nice mix-trainers as well"
Bladebringer asks, "is there anything in the fighter hall that has to do with rangers?"
Bladebringer says, "like.. the champion room"
Pe Ell ponders, "oooh mix trainers"
Yojimbo says, "your sister"
Clyde asks, "If someone becomes a ranger, will any Fell or BB ranks drain away and be untrainable?"
Bladebringer says, "is there a secret ranger room? ;D"
Watson GM says, "Clyde, good question"
Stormraven is no longer Clanning.
(Taryn waves)
Tedra is no longer Clanning.
Watson GM says, "It's always been my plan that the variuos fighter weapons were,..."
Watson GM says, "..sort of sub-class teasers"
Clyde says, "Heh."
Bladebringer says, "heh"
Tinker GM says, "The fighter hallisn't very close to nature, bladebringer...."
(Bladebringer chuckles)
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Watson GM says, "To try and stear folks towards the subclass thats appropriate"
Stormraven is now Clanning.
Yojimbo says, "slime cave near spass is tho"
Watson GM says, "The fact that the training erodes"
Baby is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "And you slowly get your ranks back"
Watson GM says, "from things like goss and fell"
Leggo says, "yeah very slowly"
Tinker GM says, "One other thing: I don't believe in making you carry around a billion silly items to complete the quest."
Watson GM says, "Makes it possible for folks to "check the fit""
Bladebringer says, "thank you tinker :P"
Baltok says, "Thanks, Tinker."
Ayella says, "yaaaay"
Pe Ell says, "anything like ore? ;p"
Ayella ponders, "Clothing takes up SO much pack apace."
Ayella ponders, "Clothing takes up SO much pack space."
Shalyn ponders, "Clothes horse."
Shard asks, "if there are multiple steps ta becomin' Ranger, will completin' one step provide clue ta next one? or do we jus' gotta 'ope ta fin' each step in turn?"
Ducktape is no longer Clanning.
(Ayella grumbles)
Clyde asks, "Can the shieldstone be added to the list of things that can decay, if it doesn't "fit" you?"
Kelfer says, "hrm"
Bladebringer ponders, "good question shard"
MeRoka is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "Shieldstones aren't my bailiwick"
Mephisto ponders, "Answer Shard's question, please!"
Clyde says, "Aware."
(Slyph waits the Fashion Designer healer subclass)
Clam ponders, "Z"
Ayella ponders, "heh"
Tinker GM says, "As Watson says, a lot of it is about how you play the game, etc.. In addition to that, there is some stuff you will have to find."
Elenis Reyav is now Clanning.
(Ogant consults his Zo to GM dictionary)
Slyph says, "it sounds very cool so far"
(Leggo smiles)
Grintuft thinks, "Skynn fallen north of orchard,"
Baltok says, "Shard asks, "if there are multiple steps ta becomin' Ranger, will completin' one step provide clue ta next one? or do we jus' gotta 'ope ta fin' each step in turn?""
Zynx thinks, "selling brambleberries"
Watson GM says, "Cold"
Slyph says, "brown and green will become popuar again. sigh."
Slyph says, "brown and green will become popular again. sigh."
(Leggo my eggo strives to be a ranger!)
Grintuft thinks, "I'm hiding in the orchard, myself."
Tinker GM says, "Share/Baltok: As Watson says, a lot of it is about how you play the game, etc."
(Baltok nods)
Kelfer says, "help"
Norm is now Clanning.
(Slyph waves)
Kelfer says, "er beer"
Tinker GM says, "Share/Baltok: There are also a couple things you will have to find/discover, when you are ready."
Neige exclaims, "Or choices you made a billion years a go and the GMs hold you responcible for!"
Elena thinks, "If we know now where you are, you're not really hiding, now are you? *wink*"
Zeitgeist is now Clanning.
Clyde asks, "How much of a timeline would you expect the quest to take someone starting from scratch?"
Skirwan asks, "Can you show us one/some of the ranger abilities? Just a preview?"
Mephisto says, "but I think what they are asking, Tinker"
Grintuft thinks, "Well, I'm not hiding from you. :)"
Harlows is no longer Clanning.
Neige exclaims, "Come on, it was one choice! If it's how I play the game.. lemme try!"
Bladebringer says, "don't show us the abilities!! ;P i want a surprise! ;D"
Watson GM asks, "Scratch like a new exile?"
Tinker GM says, "Hard to say, Clyde. We are monitoring progress. :-)"
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Clyde says, "Scratch like someone just eligible for the quest."
Yojimbo says, "scratch a 3rd• newbie"
Clyde says, "..At whichever point that might lie."
Mephisto asks, "Will how you play the game affect whether or not you are ready to discover those things, Tinker?"
Nestor ponders, "I'm 3rd and not a newbie"
Yojimbo ponders, "yes you are"
Leggo asks, "yeah how to be 3rd newbie?"
Tinker GM says, "The new rangery-messages have actually been "in" for several updates, and we've been watching them. We just turned the messages on and made them "for real" now."
Watson GM says, "I've ;lost track of the questions."
Leggo says, "newly 3rd maybe"
Grintuft thinks, "Skynn still fall north of orchard but the area is now secure."
Clyde says, "Ah."
Clyde asks, "So some people might have progressed and not realized it?"
Finnias is now Clanning.
Hoggle says, "oh.."
Tinker GM says, "No, it was reset."
Hoggle says, "ok"
Clyde says, "Ah."
Watson GM says, "Well, mostly :)"
Tinker GM says, "Yeah."
Tinker GM says, "There are *some* things"
(Elenis Reyav waves 'lo.)
Ivan is no longer Clanning.
Clyde ponders, "Obviously you can't reset any rank portion of any requirement."
Tinker GM says, "... that you may have already done that will help you in the quest to become a ranger."
Leggo asks, "so is my goss shining like a shooting star telling me somthing important?"
MeRoka thinks, "can a healer come 1 north of orchard for SkynnFlynnt please?"
Bladebringer says, "hehe"
Bladebringer says, "hehe"
Tinker GM says, "Yes, Leggo, that's important."
Leggo says, "cool"
Hoggle ponders, "i been usin' mine as a night light"
Bladebringer asks, "yea.. does it mean something when you get more than one of the same message?"
Clam ponders, "Z"
Grintuft thinks, "Skynn Flynnt is all dead and bloody, and it's socially awkward."
Tom Joad is now Clanning.
Bladebringer asks, "or do you get a message and then are ready to move on?"
Tinker GM exclaims, "That's exactly the sort of resourcefulness we want to encourage in Rangers, Hoggle!"
(Shalyn grins.)
(Hoggle grins)
Ogant exclaims, "he!"
Akisha ponders, "Okay, I hope you don't mind me repeating my question…"
Tinker GM says, "The messages are... cumulative."
(Bladebringer nods)
Bladebringer says, "Ok"
Yojimbo says, "I'm scared of the dark so i juss follow hoggle around"
Clyde asks, "Do the multiple messages reflect proficiency in separate abilities, perhaps?"
Kelfer asks, "do they reach a peek message, or do they keep going until you do something?"
Bladebringer ponders, "then why am i sitting hear listening when i should be learning from creature X and exploring the lands! ;P"
Entil'Zha asks, "do you need messages from each of the three categories, or will lots of one kind of message suffice?"
Baltok asks, "Do all creatures give you the possibility of messages or just beasts with fur?"
Tinker GM exclaims, "Don't ask me, bladrbeinger!"
(Bladebringer chuckles ;D)
MeRoka thinks, "SkynnFlynnt up thanks to Baby"
Agratis Idorill is now Clanning.
Sephorus is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "Let's take another line of questioning"
Akisha asks, "People will probably release spoilers after they finish the quest… will it be less fun for people that try to become rangers later on?"
(Clyde): Question bombarding, commence.
Baltok asks, "Do all creatures give you the possibility of messages or just beasts with fur?"
Entil'Zha exclaims, "heh, I knew it!"
Tinker GM says, "That's fixed for the next update, Elenis. It's not *much* more specific, but is less confusing."
Elenis Reyav says, "Ah, greatly appreciated."
Tinker GM says, "Basically, "keep at it""
Leathe is now Clanning.
(Elenis Reyav nods.)
Elenis Reyav exclaims, "Fully on it!"
Bladebringer says, "damn"
(Elenis Reyav smiles happily.)
Neige asks, "Same for me?"
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Bladebringer says, "can you tell us who is farthest along? ;D"
Tinker GM says, "Yes, Neige."
Watson GM asks, "How many folks here would become Champions if they could?"
Slyph exclaims, "oh me me!"
Tinker GM says, "I really don't know Bladebringer."
Leggo says, "I"
Watson GM says, "Of the fighters"
Bladebringer says, "so we can bombard them with pleading for tips ;P"
Slyph says, "er wait"
(Clyde raises his hand.)
Slyph says, "sorry"
Shard ponders, "not me"
Ogant says, "Not I. Not qualified."
Nestor says, "not me"
Bladebringer says, "not me"
Clyde says, "I have one beef, but I probably would, Watson."
Kelfer ponders, "been waiting for rangers"
Bladebringer says, "i wanna be a ranger ;P"
Baltok says, "I, Tinker."
Baltok says, "Still working on Champion, currently."
Tinker GM says, "Akisha... it will be somewhat less fun, I think, because much of teh surprise will be gone."
Leggo says, "i would but only if i need to to become a ranger"
Mephisto says, "I already am one."
Bladebringer says, "baltok, wanna buy an ore? ;D"
Baltok says, "Yes."
Akisha says, "Ah, thank you"
Bladebringer says, "what they sell for? ;D"
Agratis Idorill says, "hihi"
Tinker GM says, "Akisha... People will already know th epowers, and the details of the quests, etc."
Baltok says, "50c"
Watson GM asks, "And how many folks leaning towards ranger?"
Akisha says, "Right"
Ogant exclaims, "I am!"
Nestor says, "me"
Skynn Flynnt is no longer Clanning.
Neige says, "ooh ooh."
(Shard): would-be Ranger 'ere
Kelfer says, "me"
Akisha asks, "How hard is it for GMs to create different quests periodically?"
Neige says, "Me me me."
Baltok says, "Thanks, Bladebringer."
(Sephorus raises his hand)
Yojimbo says, "I am not"
Bladebringer says, "ranger"
Entil'Zha says, "me.."
(Elenis Reyav raises a hand.)
Janus is no longer Clanning.
Mephisto says, "I already am one."
Leggo says, "i would rather be ranger thanchampion"
Yojimbo says, "not on my fighter anyways"
Yojimbo says, "I may once i can see the benfit in action"
Watson GM asks, "And folks looking to be bloodmages? Any here?"
Skirwan says, "Yup."
Mephisto says, "I already am one."
Shalyn says, "Me, eventually."
Yojimbo says, "but im not willing to toss away my time for nothing"
Skirwan ponders, "someday."
Bladebringer says, "my other fighter = bloodmagew"
Bladebringer says, "my other fighter = bloodmage"
Clam ponders, "Zz"
Yojimbo says, "your fighter sucks"
Clyde says, "BB would be my second choice, close behind Champ."
Tinker GM says, "Akisha, it takes significant development time that otherwise goes to something really new. So it doesn't happen much."
Stubby ponders, "what about healer subclasses?"
Elenis Reyav says, "Not sure if this was asked before - Was it intended that so many would be recieving the 'travelling' messages and 'knowledge' messages? [Assuming they're tied in]"
Neige asks, "Will you make a mini-ranger subclass for mystics?"
(Slyph giggles behind her hand)
Tinker GM asks, "What do you mean "so many" elenis?"
Hoggle ponders, "mini rangers? like.. small rangers?"
Watson GM says, "I can't promise anything Neige"
Neige exclaims, "Elenis, put down that SS!"
Akisha ponders, "A mystic-who-doesn't-fall-all-the-time subclass?"
Ayella says, "heh"
Neige says, "hm"
Elenis Reyav says, "Well, from my understanding just about every 3rd • + fighter has been recieving those messages."
Mephisto says, "A lot of people do, Tinker. Do you ever watch the SS network? :p"
Neige ponders, "hmm"
Suu'ub III is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "Not my bailiwick. All that I know is that at least low level discussion of mystic stuff is going on"
Tinker GM asks, "How often?"
Mephisto ponders, ""omg work w/artak wtf?!?!""
Bladebringer exclaims, "LOFL!"
Bladebringer ponders, "i love mephisto ;P"
Elenis Reyav says, "Varying reports. Just seemed somewhat misleading that everyone would be recieving them."
Yojimbo ponders, "i dont he has more higgy than me..."
Clyde ponders, "Watson likes that word, Bailiwick."
Istaqa has fallen to a Giant Slug.
Sephorus says, "I managed to rack up about 20 of them in an hour or two."
Slyph says, "my fighter gets those messages often."
Ayella ponders, "I haven't had any messages. :("
(Yojimbo grins)
Ce'Nedra is no longer Clanning.
Tinker GM asks, "Not really misleading. Anyone that travels the lands learns about it, right?"
Agratis Idorill is no longer Clanning.
Clam ponders, "Zz"
Garion is now Clanning.
Istaqa is no longer fallen.
Bladebringer says, "heh"
(Elenis Reyav nods.)
(Gunslinger waves.)
Watson GM says, "In fact, while we've been talking here, two folks have inched closer to quaslifying as Champions..."
Tinker GM says, "Wow, the blue karma looks nice with teh black tag."
Watson GM says, "Without fetching rocks"
Bladebringer says, "baltok? ;D"
Elenis Reyav exclaims, "Fair enough!"
Ogant exclaims, "I hope that the messages are good and encouraging more of those activities!"
Manquilor says, "Thank talin"
Baltok asks, "?"
Elenis Reyav says, "Thank you : )"
Manquilor says, "Oh"
Caravaggio says, "=]"
Clyde asks, "That so?"
Caravaggio says, "im styling"
Slyph says, "yeah but the blue is awful on hunts, Tinker :\"
Baltok asks, "What?"
Tinker GM says, "Yeah, this is not *nearly* the rock-fetching quest that Champions is right now."
Manquilor ponders, "She's too fat to be Talin.."
Hoggle ponders, "hrm.."
Elenis Reyav ponders, "Thank god."
Tinker GM exclaims, "Not if you're fallen, Slyph!"
Shalyn ponders, "Heh."
Bladebringer exclaims, "it's a WOOD fetching quest!"
Shard asks, "are logsa wood needed f'r Ranger stuff at all?"
Slyph says, "well yeah :)"
Ogant says, "hah"
Elenis Reyav says, "Whichever GM[s] have been working on it - my heartfelt thanks."
Slyph says, "but yellow names look white now, with blue. very confusing"
Ogant says, "I thought that initially"
Yor thinks, "in"
Yojimbo says, "Elenis has been a ranger since post rip"
Ayella says, "Yes, thank you for working so hard, Tinker."
Tinker GM says, "Not too important, Shard."
Watson GM says, "Bailiwick is on my "word of the day" calendar :)"
Ayella says, "et all. :o"
Tinker GM says, "You're welcome, Ayella."
(Manquilor smiles.)
Clyde says, "Heh"
Entil'Zha is no longer Clanning.
Shard ponders, "hm"
Yojimbo says, "Watson dont make me poke you"
Kelfer says, "off topic: how is the java client coming"
Gunslinger asks, "do you only get messages from creatuers you skin?"
Lucent is no longer Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "I can't remember, gunslinger."
Hoggle ponders, "Bailiwick is a very cromulant word.."
Leathe is no longer Clanning.
Ogant says, "I don't think so, Guns"
Gunslinger asks, "and do you get messages from creatures you pull teeth with too?"
(Gunslinger grins)
Karok Atakapa is now Clanning.
Manquilor says, "I've gotten from some myrms.."
Tinker GM asks, "And I haven't used the java client. Anyone else know how the java client's coming?"
Shalyn ponders, "According to Baby... It is.. Laggy."
Mephisto ponders, "AreNEWrangers5TH•rangersHEALERrangersROOMrangers?"
Yojimbo says, "Secrid got CL to run on a pc"
Watson GM says, "I've tinkered with ti"
Clyde says, "Haven't heard a peep besides that some people are testing it."
Finnias is no longer Clanning.
Ogant says, "hehe Meph"
Bladebringer says, "java client on a p3 is crap, but i tried on a P4"
Elenis Reyav says, "Oh, also not sure... but are all skinnables intended to be knowledge-gainable? [Things like Lyfe's seem a bit unnatural]"
Zilo is now Clanning.
Bladebringer says, "workable, but randomly d/ced a lot"
Sephorus ponders, "Personally, I'm just happy the OS X client is OGL by default now. I can finally use auto-update again."
Yojimbo says, "Secrid got CL to run on a pcelenis DC's alot"
Tinker GM says, "Disease is natural too, Elenis. :)"
Yojimbo says, "Secrid got CL to run on a pc elenis DC's alot"
Mephisto ponders, "Why, yes Mephisto. Rangers indeed are rangers rangers rangers."
Baltok exclaims, "How about making OGL for 0s 8.6!"
(Elenis Reyav nods and grins.)
Watson GM asks, "Ummm. Why?"
Elenis Reyav says, "Alrighty."
Hoggle ponders, "heard some one got knowledge from a mandible bearin' creature.. mighta been pullin my leg.."
Ogant exclaims, "Marsha Marsha Marsha!"
Clyde asks, "How would you two compare the group fighting strengths between Ranger and Champion, and maybe BB if you thought that far already?"
Manquilor ponders, "I've gotten from more than one mandible thing"
Tinker GM says, "That happens too, Hoggle."
Clyde says, "..if you have thought that far already"
Kelfer asks, "why are there no traveling messages generates off island?"
Watson GM says, "It'd be premature to talk about BB"
Elenis Reyav says, "Kelfer - Not true."
Clyde says, "Yeah, figured, that's what ifs are for"
Bladebringer asks, "are they a long way off?"
Manquilor says, "I've gotten travelling message on GI, by ganvara"
Gunslinger says, "there are"
Skirwan ponders, "there are travelin' messages off-island."
Bladebringer asks, "on the list or soon, watson?"
Kelfer says, "oh ok"
Kelfer says, "nevermind"
Kelfer says, "must be me"
Ogant says, "They are Kelfer"
Tinker GM asks, "Kelfer, you don't get any travalling messages off-island?"
Watson GM says, "I think they are pretty comparible"
Tinker GM says, "Ah, thanks Ogant."
Maeght is now Clanning.
Kelfer says, "nope.. not on ash or gi"
Clyde asks, "Not a case of apples and oranges?"
Ogant says, "Frequently "
Yojimbo says, "heh you want traveling messages goto marsh"
Mephisto ponders, "You can get them off island."
Watson GM says, "It's hard to beat the Champions channel-mster ability"
Yojimbo says, "run back and forth 50 billion times"
Gunslinger says, "i have on di"
Tinker GM says, "There may well be bugs, and things that need to be rebalanced."
Bladebringer says, "heh"
Commander Nate is now Clanning.
Mute is now Clanning.
Sephorus asks, "Are there any specific ranks (i.e. you MUST have X of Y) other than gossamer required to be a ranger?"
Neige asks, "Like that it's a non-mystic club thing?"
Elenis Reyav asks, "I have to fly... can someone here get the log posted to Thoomcare perhaps?"
Jady is now Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "Hmmm. Maybe Sephorus. But it will be fairly obvious if that's a problem."
Watson GM asks, "Why do you ask, Sephorus?"
Bladebringer says, "hell, i just welenis"
Bladebringer says, "elenis"
Bladebringer asks, "what's your email?"
Gunslinger asks, "Has any exile found the npc related tothe ranger yet?"
Bladebringer says, "i'll mail you it"
Commander Nate is no longer Clanning.
Niren is now Clanning.
Bladebringer ponders, "k"
Sephorus ponders, "Hmm"
(Elenis Reyav smiles.)
Tinker GM says, "I think Elenis has found it at least. I don't know about others - I forgot to log it."
Elenis Reyav says, "There are a couple others as well."
Elena is no longer Clanning.
Mephisto ponders, "Tie him down for questioning!"
(Elenis Reyav smiles.)
Skirwan ponders, "and there goes Elenis's peace and quiet, for *ever*!"
(Ogant nods.)
Gunslinger says, "lol"
Jady is no longer Clanning.
Skynn Flynnt is now Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "Apparently there are a couple of others as well."
Suu'ub III is no longer Clanning.
Gunslinger says, "well be polire and dont pester im"
Ogant says, "That's why I'm keeping my mouth shut "
Skynn Flynnt is no longer Clanning.
Gunslinger says, "well be polite and dont pester im"
(Gunslinger smiles.)
Bladebringer asks, "will it be obvious when you find him?"
Taryn is no longer Clanning.
Shard ponders, "the more people 'e tells th' more peace an' quiet 'e'll g't ..."
Bladebringer asks, "or is he crazy like marsh hermit?"
Mephisto ponders, "Seeking: scantily clad sylvan female to get info out of Elenis."
Clyde says, "For Champions, it seems to matter what circle you are, at least a little. Is that the case at all for Ranger? (Besides being 3rd circ)"
Bladebringer ponders, "or IS it marsh hermit! ;D"
Tinker GM says, "Heheheh, he's not crazy."
(Ayella points at Slyph.)
Watson GM asks, "So is anyonme here on the fence over the question? Is it going to be cool to be a Ranger? Is this something I want to pursue?"
Bladebringer says, "I am going to be a ranger."
Fiona is no longer Clanning.
Slyph asks, "eh?"
Tater is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "Fair enough"
Nestor says, "i want to be a ranger"
Tinker GM says, "It's perhaps somewhat subtle, but not too hidden."
Shard says, "I b'n waitin' LONG time f'r this :)"
Baltok says, "Send more ore to the passes, please."
Ogant says, "Well, it's cool to use a goss"
Lister is no longer Clanning.
Karok Atakapa says, "i want to be a ranger"
(Clyde points to Baltok.)
Clyde says, "Listen to that Fen."
Clyde says, ": p"
Nesse is now Clanning.
MeRoka is no longer Clanning.
Watson GM asks, "SO what so _you_ think is a good way of getting there?"
Ogant says, "so I assume that the ranger's abilities will be synergistic with the goss..."
Baltok says, "Can I shut off the ranger messages? :P"
Bladebringer asks, "Getting to be a ranger?"
Watson GM says, "Aye"
Neige says, "Changing the gms mind about it being a figther thing. Obviously."
Bladebringer says, "Keep an eye on sylvans around the lands"
Mephisto ponders, "synergistic is my word of the day"
(Watson GM gestures rudely at Neige)
(Skirwan grins.)
Bladebringer says, "like NPC sylvans :D"
(Slyph laughs)
Clam says, "Afk"
Clyde ponders, "Toast him!"
(Tinker GM rolls his eyes.)
Sephorus says, "Travelling to out-of-the-way places"
Bladebringer says, "killing everything"
Bladebringer says, "no matter how long you've slaughtered it ;D"
Watson GM says, "Good start"
Moore is now Clanning.
Sephorus says, "There are a lot of places on the beaches that I haven't been to in literally years that I plan on revisiting"
Ogant exclaims, "and being alone!"
Clyde asks, "Will being any circle past 3rd be an advantage to those wanting to be a ranger?"
Watson GM says, "Sure makes killing everything eaier ;)"
(Niren rests his eyes)
Clyde says, "Heh."
(Hoggle grins)
(Manquilor smirks)
Yojimbo says, "I'd like a way to turn off the messages"
Tinker GM says, "Yes, Clyde, it helps."
Yojimbo says, "For my fighter"
Clyde says, "Alright."
Agratis Brax is now Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "All experience/skills/knowledge helps really."
Gunslinger says, "not need to be alone"
Watson GM asks, "Are they more or less annoying then the "You skinned the Srtak for 2 coins" messages?"
Ogant asks, "It helps?"
Ogant says, "No :)"
Ogant says, "They're fine."
Ogant says, "I like the feedback"
Gunslinger says, "dont know"
Clyde says, "Everyone loves "You get money" messages ;)"
Skirwan ponders, "they're less lucrative."
Yojimbo says, "yes they are"
Ogant exclaims, "I just hope that they disable after becoming a ranger!"
Yojimbo says, "I like knowing i got 2c"
Hoggle says, "hrm.."
Sephorus says, "At first I thought it was just a new, more IC variant of "you gain exp for skinning""
Grintuft is no longer Clanning.
Bladebringer asks, "Any words of wisdom for us questors?"
Clam ponders, "Z"
Tinker GM says, "Hmm."
Yojimbo says, "get a life"
Clyde says, "Heh."
Yojimbo says, ":P"
Watson GM says, "The gossamer is the Rangers friend"
Sakura is now Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "It's really designed so that if you keep doing what you do, and you're a rangery sort of guy, you'll qualify."
Watson GM says, "That"
Gunslinger asks, "more ranks make it better/easier?"
Bladebringer says, "hmm"
Bladebringer says, "Cool."
(Ogant laughs.)
Mephisto ponders, "What constitutes a 'rangery kind of guy'? :b"
Hoggle ponders, "rangery sort of guy? i dont gotta wear a hat with a feather i hope.."
(Gunslinger grins)
Tinker GM asks, "Do you like exploring? Do you like killing stuff?"
Ogant says, "I've always considered myself as rangey."
Baltok says, "You know what he means."
Zeitgeist is no longer Clanning.
Neige exclaims, "I do!"
Tinker GM says, "It's probably a good class for coinwhores."
Watson GM says, "As opposed to Champions"
Sephorus says, "I'm more a deranger."
Bladebringer says, "hell yes, tinker"
(Shard grins)
Bladebringer says, "i love you ;D"
Garion ponders, "Javelin scores!"
Watson GM says, "Do you like getting together with friends and organizing a hunt"
(Tinker GM blushes.)
Akisha ponders, "Being rangery and being a mystic are mutually exclusive"
Ogant asks, "Are you asking the character or the player, Watson?"
Clyde says, "What if you like Ranger-style acitivites, but Fell-blade better than goss? Screwed? ;)"
Shen Calin is now Clanning.
Gunslinger asks, "mentus have an impact?"
Bladebringer says, "The gossamer is your friend."
Ogant exclaims, "You'd get two different answer!"
(Neige has gone everywhere, tagged everything.)
Yojimbo says, "I like solo rescuing KI and valley"
Akisha says, "Don't shoot the messenger"
Clam ponders, "Z"
Akisha says, "Err, don't push the messenger :-P"
Gunslinger says, "ide swear mentus helps skea"
Tinker GM says, "Hmm. Not necessarily screwed, Clyde. But expect to have to work a little harder for that."
Hoggle ponders, "gotta kill stuff. solo... not be a tagger.. :P"
Yojimbo says, "good publicity for my line of sneakers"
Sakura is no longer Clanning.
Clyde ponders, "I guess I'll just get to be a Champanger or a Rampion."
Baltok asks, "Can a Champion become a Ranger?"
Ayella ponders, "oooh champanger"
Bladebringer exclaims, "Rampion!"
Manquilor says, "heh"
Medissa is now Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "No, Baltok. Only one subclass."
Yojimbo says, "a changer"
Baltok says, "k"
Ogant asks, "A Changer?"
Skirwan ponders, "champagne?"
(Ogant laughs.)
Yojimbo says, "lol"
Medissa is no longer Clanning.
Watson GM says, "Lessee"
Skirwan asks, "Demo? Please?"
Shard ponders, "hm, Bloodmage + Champion =... Bunion?"
Leggo thinks, "fallin in themiddle of savanah"
Shen Calin asks, "Any word on how long before Blood Mages are .. "mostly available"?"
Watson GM says, "I have some cleanup work to do"
Ogant asks, "Is there a difference between "learning" and "understanding"?"
Brackus is now Clanning.
Kalian is now Clanning.
Sushi thinks, "Going Sav"
Watson GM says, "I think it's still to hard to become a Champion"
Watson GM says, "erm too"
Mephisto says, "I don't"
Tinker GM asks, "Don't remember, Ogant. What are the whole messages?"
Moore is no longer Clanning.
Sephorus says, "But at the same time, it's pretty straightforward."
Watson GM says, "And there are a few small projects that I want to knock off."
Brackus is no longer Clanning.
Hoggle asks, "there are only what.. 6 or so champions?"
Gunslinger asks, "easier to become ranger you think?"
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Brackus is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "After that Bloodmages are my main priority"
Mephisto exclaims, "Just get yourself a conveyor belt and pile up the ore and voila!"
Tinker GM says, "Use /bug or email, Clyde."
Mephisto ponders, "And a little training."
Watson GM says, "There are other ways, Mephisto"
Watson GM says, "I'd like for there to be even more"
Hoggle ponders, "and thats why viola was the first champ.."
Tinker GM says, "Much easier to become a ranger, Gunslinger."
Neige exclaims, "Then include me!"
Hoggle says, "hrm."
Ogant says, "• You gain understanding from hunting Large Vermine."
Tinker GM says, "We want to make it easier to become a champion too."
Mephisto says, "But the method I just gave away is quite easy."
Fantasia is no longer Clanning.
Baby is no longer Clanning.
Mephisto says, "All is requires, pretty much, is money and ranks."
Shen Calin asks, "Ahh, ok, Watson.. Good to know. Any rough timeline..?"
Bladebringer says, "easy ≠ short"
Clyde says, "Can Champion wannabes get some kinda ore-pack? It's a nightmare stocking that stuff up :)"
Hoggle ponders, ""Soon""
Manquilor ponders, "and insane amounts of time"
(Hoggle grins)
(Hoggle ducks)
Ogant says, "• Your knowledge grows from working with the Large Vermine."
Pendarric is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "Comparing champs and rangers; ot"
Ogant says, "Those are the two mesages"
Bladebringer says, "hmm"
Bladebringer says, "never got the first one ;P"
Yharren is now Clanning.
Kelfer thinks, "anyone with nesse"
Watson GM says, "it's less complex to become a chaamp"
Watson GM says, "but probably harder"
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Nyla thinks, "anyone w/Leggo?"
Baltok exclaims, "Great!"
Baltok says, ":P"
Clyde says, ""
Lucent is now Clanning.
Garr is now Clanning.
Baltok thinks, "Purchasing 1400 lumps of iron ore."
Tinker GM says, "That's a good way to put it. Listen to Watson."
Nestor is no longer Clanning.
Clyde asks, "Tinker and Watson, if you had to choose playing a champion or a ranger, who would *you* prefer?"
Shen Calin asks, "So, basically there is no timeline on when Blood Mages are going to start appearing?"
Ayella is no longer Clanning.
(Clyde grins.)
Watson GM says, "I hate people"
(Ogant laughs.)
Tinker GM asks, "Me?"
Tinker GM says, "I'm gonna be a ranger, probably."
Watson GM says, "So I'd have to say Ranger"
(Skirwan blinks.)
Clyde exclaims, "There you have it, 2 out of 2 GM's prefer Ranger!"
Clyde says, ": p"
(Tinker GM grins)
Mute is no longer Clanning.
Garr says, "Joe prefers Champ ;P"
Tinker GM says, "There are some really cool things in champions, though."
Tinker GM says, "And there will be in bloodmages too."
Caravaggio asks, "can you be both?"
(Shen Calin nods.)
Slyph says, "that pants of power is pretty cool"
Clyde says, "No, Cara. S'been asked about three times."
Watson GM says, "Nope, Cara"
Caravaggio says, "i came late"
Tinker GM says, "Nope, Caravaggio. The subclasses are mutually exclusive."
Chronicle is now Clanning.
Slyph asks, "hey, what happend to Lord of the Pants Kojiro, anyway?"
Garr says, "aww, but I wanna be a champion bloodranger"
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Neige says, "I dunno.. Koji never around :("
Yojimbo says, "I wantt to be a paladin"
(Slyph shoots Maq with a tranquilizer gun)
Manquilor exclaims, "Hey!"
Clyde says, "Kojiro was funny, frying newbies and all that"
(Slyph ejects a shell)
(Tinker GM grins)
Yojimbo says, "Me next sly"
Watson GM says, "It's trick designing stuff thats cool."
Yojimbo says, "Im off my meds"
Slyph says, "k"
Nisse is now Clanning.
(Tinker GM nods.)
(Slyph cocks her gun and fires!)
Yojimbo exclaims, "Ow!"
Watson GM says, "Basically, it's dumb to make some subclass"
(Yojimbo rubs his ass)
(Slyph ejects another shell)
Watson GM says, "that's just "a better fighter than fighters""
Yojimbo says, "You did that on purpose"
Slyph says, "sorry"
Zerocool is no longer Clanning.
(Yojimbo waits for it to take effect)
Tinker GM says, "So we're trying to make them "a different fighter than fighters"."
Garr says, "I like that how with champs that we don't really get any advantages over the others"
Slyph exclaims, "thought I'd hit you where your brian is. hahahaha!"
Baltok says, "I dunno, no fighter I know can turn to stone."
Clyde says, "Seems like champs came out that way a little bit to me. At least with Channel master."
Watson GM says, "The challenge is to try and come up with stuff thats cool, interesting, and not unbalancing"
(Yojimbo gives sly a rat bastard salute)
Slyph ponders, "!"
Baltok says, "Yeah, Watson."
Watson GM says, "Bloodmages promise to be challenging"
(Ogant nods.)
Shen Calin says, "i would hope so."
Watson GM says, "I think we did well with Rangers"
Sook is now Clanning.
Yojimbo says, "only took ya 4 years"
Yojimbo says, ":D"
Tinker GM says, "... but of course we have to see how it unfolds now that it's in."
Lucent says, "heh"
Clam ponders, "Zzz"
Shalyn ponders, "So now bloodmages are on the "soon" list?"
Slyph says, "the difficulty to get to champion or ranger is a good thing. gives the game legs."
Watson GM says, "Yes"
Shen Calin asks, "Mind if I give an idea for Blood Mages, if it isn't already in?"
Tinker GM says, "Hush, yojimbo."
Watson GM says, "Bloodmages are "soon""
Garr says, "Do you think that the ranger challenge will take as long as Champs did"
Clyde asks, "How long precisely were rangers being worked on?"
Watson GM says, "No, Garr"
Yojimbo says, "real mature"
Yojimbo says, ":P"
(Tinker GM chuckles.)
Baltok says, "DAmnit"
Baltok says, "Damnit"
Ogant says, "Longer? "
(Shen Calin looks around for Shalyn.)
Garr asks, "So you're expecting many more rangers then champs?"
Yojimbo says, "Make me a healer subclass ill worship you tinker"
Slyph asks, "are there any Zo GM's in hot leather pants?"
Tinker GM says, "Yes, garr."
Garr says, "ok"
Baltok says, "Hi Shen"
(Baltok smiles)
Shen Calin says, "Heya"
Watson GM says, "Honestly? I'm worried that folks who would be happier as Champs will quaslify as Rangers first"
Tinker GM says, "Though we're hoping to make some more champs too."
•The Sun rises.
(Slyph is just wondering. for manx.)
Omega is now Clanning.
Mephisto asks, "In your opinion, is the 'hard part' finding what Elenis has found, or doing whatever needs to be done after that?"
Garr asks, "was that the idea with champs to make it take a long time, or is that just how it happened?"
Tinker GM says, "Yeah, that could be a problem."
(Shalyn hugs Shen.)
(Yojimbo wants to see monster races)
Mephisto says, "Well, actually."
Garr says, "a few people are near champ"
(Shen Calin hugs back.)
Sephorus asks, "Is it intended that all subclasses have roughly equal populations, or is there supposed to be a skew like with fighter/healer/mystic?"
Mephisto says, "You'll probably say finding it is easy. ;]"
Watson GM says, "Well, it's a different problem now, Garr"
Slyph exclaims, "argh must get ready for lame concert!"
Yojimbo says, "heh later sly"
Slyph exclaims, "thanks, Tinker, Watson, for the info!"
Slyph exclaims, "bye all!"
Tinker GM says, "We certainly didn't plan a skew, Sephorus."
(Lucent waves)
Tinker GM says, "(or at least I didn't)"
Glory thinks, "Congratulations go out to Brackus, who has just passed the fourth circle healer test."
Clam ponders, "Z"
Yojimbo ponders, "watson did!"
Sephorus says, "Ok"
Omega thinks, "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Clyde thinks, "Grats"
Fiona is now Clanning.
Hoggle thinks, "nice"
Garr says, "I remember that ore finding got horked after Viola found over 800 in 30 days though"
Lucent thinks, "Congratulations"
Watson GM says, "Before the challenge was -- don't let folks who will be happier as Rangers or Bllodmages qualify for Champs, and go there cuz it's there"
Tater thinks, "Congrats!!"
Shen Calin thinks, "Congrats!"
Slyph is no longer Clanning.
Tinker GM says, "I'd like to see them roughly equal, since I think teh variety is nice."
Talin thinks, "congrats!"
Leggo thinks, "yay congrats"
Tinker GM says, "With maybe a few less bloodmages, since those guys are a little weird."
Garr says, "why not put it back to what it used to be, it would make champs come faster"
Fiona is no longer Clanning.
(Shen Calin grins evilly.)
Shen Calin asks, "Who us?"
Shen Calin says, "We're just fine.."
Shalyn ponders, "Weird, eh?"
Shard says, "if there's a skew in th' sub-classes, I'd think it's 'cause there's a skew in what people like a do"
Watson GM says, "Don't even get me started on "ore code" and how it gets distributed in the world"
Clyde says, "Heh"
Giga is now Clanning.
Garr says, "hehe"
Shen Calin says, "A little demented, but you know."
Yojimbo asks, "hows it distributed?"
Lonesome Dove is now Clanning.
Watson GM says, "I'm with Tinker on the last bit"
Sephorus says, "Joe has a big cloth map of the CL-world"
Starke is now Clanning.
Sephorus says, "Every hour or two he chucks a dart at it"
Tinker GM says, "How is ore distributed? I depends a lot on the color of your nametag. ;-)"
Neige says, "I use to be able to collect ore alone.. now it's much much harder :/"
Sephorus says, "And ore spawns there"
Yojimbo says, "lol seph"
(Manquilor snickers)
Yojimbo asks, "Watson did you ever see the orefinder patch?"
(Neige wasted a hundred or so metals on amulets.)
Garr says, "thats cause used to be able to get 3 ore in the gem mine neige ;)"
Lonesome Dove is no longer Clanning.
Zhirem thinks, "Gold and Tin ore for sale"
Watson GM says, "I think that both Champs and Rangers should have approximately equal appeal, and be approxiamtely equally as hard to qualify for"
Neige ponders, "well maybe not."
Yojimbo says, "was a modified images file"
Yojimbo says, "That turned ore into a shield"
Clam ponders, "Zz"
Yor ponders, "err"
Neige says, "Hey hey"
Baltok says, "SHHHH yojimbo"
Baltok exclaims, "$#@*!"
(Elenis Reyav brings folks to the newly re-located town center.)
Yor exclaims, "Strim!"
Skirwan ponders, "look what the ranger dragged in."
Neige says, "yo"
Clyde ponders, "Cheap bastards."
Baltok exclaims, "Yeah!"
Norm says, "get the gm's to heal us"
Pendarric is no longer Clanning.
Yojimbo says, "yeah gm's be useful :P"
(Tinker GM rolls his eyes.)
Yojimbo says, "hehehe"
Robin Hood is now Clanning.
Pendarric is now Clanning.
Gunslinger says, "hehe"
(Skirwan grins.)
Norm exclaims, "ha!"
Clyde says, "Nice : p"
(Elenis Reyav grins.)
(Manquilor tosses the GMs a cookie)
Yor says, "graha"
Omega yells, "Ω"
Garr asks, "do you expect it to take about a month like champs did for the first ranger?"
Clam says, "Afk"
(Gunslinger grins)
Manquilor exclaims, "Good GMs!"
Norm exclaims, "now that's burst healing!"
(Tinker GM wipes the sweat off his brow.)
(Yor bows in respect.)
Leggo thinks, "we demand a shrubbery!"
Yor says, "Graha."
Hoggle ponders, "horus area burst!"
Elenis Reyav says, "Thank you kindly sirs. More-so even for the recent updates."
Yojimbo says, "i want that for 8th• healer ability"
Clyde says, "Already thinking about healer subclasses Tinker? how nice of you! ;)"
(Ogant laughs.)
Yor says, "ok going back"
Omega says, ")"
Tinker GM says, "Hard to say, Garr. Something like that, though."

Posted by Para at 07:22 AM
March 06, 2005
Odesseus Reports: House Rents


Odesseus sent the following commentary on recent housing difficulties to TMN:

"Dateline: Puddleby

"Until recently, if you failed to pay your rent on time, up to the minute, and in full, your house and all its contents may—poof!—have vanished, with no notice of its repossession! Don't pay your rent, and the repossessor crew would swoop in, zip up your home with all your trophies, and steal off into the night.

Read below for more on one exile's plight and the eventual happy resolution.

"On the Sentinel, Michael wrote: 'Well my house is gone. With no warning. Not only is the house gone, but so is everything I had in it. I guess I fell to far behind. I just wasent making enough coins anymore.'

"This is disturbing. Michael wrote three sentences without a single curse word in it. Also, the fact that his house and its very impressive trophy cache has simply vanished.

"He continued: 'I lost a lot of important stuff. Stuff that I put a lot of time and effort into getting. Stuff that had a whole lot of meaning for me. I would like some kind of answer from a GM here. There have been a lot of things I havent liked in CL before, but nothing like this. Its not good to punish players.'

"Michael's very heartfelt and unusually lucid outcry was picked up by others including this intrepid reporter. Should we be cast out into the damp, vermine-infested fields simply because our rankwhore practices fall behind? Certainly not!

"Fortunately, the Gods that are Mad (or GMs) heard our plea and responded! Pengy wrote: 'This issue was recently discussed among the GMs. Michael, I have passed on your post to make sure that everyone has at least read it. I don't know if or what is being done about it.'

"Ah, well, some interest, but, perhaps, no rejoicing yet. The Gods notice, but may or may not care. Typical.

"Pengy also wrote something of great interest: 'Reasonable discussion will go far further than angry rants and I appreciate the tone of your post. Thanks.'

"As if to anticipate all of our stunned minds, Tigger responded: 'Michael . . . are you medicated? I'm worried about you. (Seriously, that is a painful story though, I hope they do something about that. Stuffed Qual drink holders don't grow on trees.)'

"Still reeling from this side discussion, the real nub was resolved by TinkerGM: 'Don't worry - I'll fix it. The data for your house is not gone, it's saved off someplace safe and it's fairly easy to put back. Which I will do. I agree the whole housing repossession thing is a little messed up right now. It's way too easy to not notice when you get behind, and then lose your house.'

"Let the rejoicing begin! But wait! There's more! Tinker GM writes: 'P.S. - There have been some other houses repossessed as well. I think this part of the game mechanic is broken, so I'll put them back when the repossession thing is fixed (hopefully for Wednesday's update)'

"The gods must be crazy! There was singing in the streets! Zos and Sylvans hugged! People actually smiled at Pogues! Dwarves drank beer! (Oh, wait, they always do that...)

"And a final word from Michael: 'Wow thanks that makes my week! I am sorta beyond words. Just thanks.' And in more ways than one, that comment from Michael left us all beyond words, too. Rest easy, Puddleby. Your homes are safe."

Posted by Para at 09:09 PM
Orgas and Bears


Sasha reports on Big Red Orgas and Greater Honey Bears in the most recent meeting minutes on the ELF Blog.

Posted by Para at 12:07 PM
Bloated Chiggers Attack


Aravir reports in his most recent journal entry on the Juliosaur coming to Puddleby and bringing along some Bloated Chiggers for good measure.

Posted by Para at 09:09 AM
Finding the Ranger Path


In his most recent journal entry, Azriel writes about exploring the path to becoming a Ranger.

Posted by Para at 09:05 AM
Flying Dwarfman


Sor sent the following report to TMN:

"Recently there was a sylvan stranger in town, Rogue Travail, selling parachutes! I arrived just in time to hear him offer his own worn one. As a skydiving fan I could not let this pass, so I bought the strange apparel. We quickly travelled to the cloud with Baltok (and Talin), and jumped while pulling on whatever handle we could find. Miracle! A beautiful piece of cloth opened and slowed the fall enough to let us enjoy the sight and land without a bruise!

"This is the definitive article for cloud hunters and skydiving enthusiasts without enough health to survive the fall! The merchant warned us that each use would wear the parachute a bit, so skydiving should also give work to our local tailors. The search for Faleen Sfoft, who is rumored to craft those marvels, is still on!"

Posted by Para at 08:55 AM
March 05, 2005
High Hopes, Forced Conclusions


Rhone sent the following report to TMN:

"At a recent fairgrounds meeting, high hopes were up at the promise of getting a glimpse of the Ranger abilities. A number of Darshak Ranger Wannabe's attacked, but were bricked by mere second circle healers and easily wounded by an Agratis. With some frustration, Eldon announced, "Okay . . . it's officially broke." The mystery of the Ranger remains as many debate how they want the powers revealed. Myself, I've been working on a subclass scroll: If you do find out any information on the Ranger subclass, please contact me."

Posted by Para at 01:20 PM
Orga Challenge


Pengy sent the following announcement to TMN:

"In the 4th event, exiles found the target orga approximately ten minutes late.

"Event #1 -- Pengy
"Event #2 -- Exiles
"Event #3 -- Non-competitive. Information was given during the event. Unknown if anyone got it.
"Event #4 -- Pengy

"8 events to go before the big challenge."

Find out more on the Clan Lord Sentinel:
Orga Discovery
Trench Warfare

Posted by Para at 12:55 PM
March 02, 2005
Alleet Moves; Nelaton Leaves


Azriel reports in his latest journal entry that Melabrion's agent Alleet has moved to a more accessible location. He also reports that Nelaton has left this world.

Posted by Para at 08:48 PM
Chaos Storm #379


Chaos Storm #379 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

Posted by Kiriel at 01:59 PM
Bribe Neige the Most Contest


Neige, organizer of the First Grand and Spectactularly Suicidal Mystic Race, has announced his newest competition, the Bribe Neige the Most Contest.

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