April 30, 2005
Sor's Auction and the Big Bet


Sor's Farewell Auction is now completed.


In the most recent entry on the ELF Blog, Lundar reports on the auction and Sor's subsquent big bet at the blackjack table. Sor donated the proceeds to the Armor Fund.

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A Stone for Phiros


Vequalir reports on the ELF Blog about the recent successful Full Moon Orga Camp Raid.

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April 29, 2005
Tok'han Trouble


Azriel reports on a rescue deep in Melabrion's Mines in his most recent journal entry.

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Phroon Advances


ThoomCare member Phroon has received a Respia ledger.

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Danger: Falling Rocks


The Control Room can be a very dangerous place, as I discovered when a boulder landed on top of me.


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Discovery of the Control Room


Bladebringer sent the following report to TMN:

Shortly after the chaos storm had hit, I decided I would hit the Cloud for some coins (and earth knowledge)! On my way out, I noticed the weird patch of ground which leads into the control room. The place looked pretty mystic-y, so I recruited Sutai, and Talin and Manx just in case pathfinders were needed. After (secretly) experimenting with the controls for several hours, our team could not figure out the purpose of the control room. This honor was left to Phiros' team of mystics! Later that same day, the Cloud was sucessfully "driven" to the mirror to allow people to obtain Cloud access! This is a great day for Puddleby!

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Portal Panic


Malkor recently opened a portal in Town Center, right on top of some coins dropped by Kerrah. Kerrah was able to carefully move up next to the portal and grab the coins without falling into the Ethereal Plane.


Unfortunately for Malkor, he managed to fall into his own portal.

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April 27, 2005
Chaos Storm #387


Chaos Storm #387 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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April 24, 2005
Sor Throws Farewell Party and Auction


Sor sent the following announcement to TMN:

Fellow Exiles,
Friends whose company I have enjoyed for many years,
Various arch-enemies,

Time has come for me to retire from the realm of Puddleby. I never really believed this day would happen, but it has! I have found inner peace, and I'm going to meditate until the great Sun Dragon calls me.

To rightly celebrate this festive moment, there will be a major keg-opening, pie-throwing and pretzel-crunching event in town center, followed by a big auction of valuable stuff I no longer need—including chains, metal, various ores, EPS, clothes, weapons, instruments, pass key, horn!

You better come with an empty bag and padded pockets.

Profits will go to a last round of blackjack, and/or the Armor Fund.

Date is set to OOC Saturday, April 30th at 11 am PST.

If there are leftovers, I may hold another auction the day after, Sunday, at the same time.

See you there!

-Sor, Knight of the Rainbow

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April 23, 2005
The Flutuador


Captain Morgan sent the following announcement to TMN:

The ship Flutuador was originally built to sail to the fabled land of Peaceton. Unfortunately, it didn't float so well, so we lodged her on the bottom near the docks and converted her to housing.


I am offering a prize of a free crew cabin plus rent for a season or two to the first person who can tell me the original name of the ship. All clues are aboard but some outside research may be needed. If I appear to be sleeping, please submit your entries via Koppi in town and I'll keep my ear open.

-Captain Morgan

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Slyph's Macro Generator


Slyph's Macro Generator is once again available.

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Sylvans Hunt Noids


Vequalir has posted the latest ELF meeting minutes and hunt report on the ELF Blog.

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Found: One Floating Electric Rock


Has someone lost his or her floating rock? Find out more in Aravir's latest journal entry.

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April 18, 2005
That Crazy Shark


Dude sent TMN these images of a landshark attack on Kismia's Island.



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April 16, 2005
Maps: Far Away and Close By


TMN Spoiler Warning: this story may contain information some readers would prefer to find out on their own.

Cj parker sent the following report to TMN:

Here are some maps of the caves known as the Pitch Cave 1-5 (PC1-5) . . .

with the booster stone that teleports you to PC6.


You can now also see the maps from PC6-9; it's within PC9 that the legendary Pathfinder book 2 lives. You will also notice in PC7 there is a PF area that needs a trip to book 2 to visit; beyond this lies PC10+, areas which are still being explored by us. More on that later.

There are also PF entries in caves in the Foothills, which we have called the Slate Caves (SC) for the obvious reason of the new critter in there. We have currently found SC1-7 but have yet to stabilize in anything but the first few of them.

More on this another time too. When we have news of worth, you'll know it, trust me!

As an update on our progress for those who ask me or care, we did our 80th trip this week. We have still only reached the PF book once though! We are concentrating our efforts on the new areas that we have found with our book 2 pathfinders. We hope to make a breakthrough soon.

Lastly, I hope someday another group makes use of these maps. They aren't the most interesting read in the world, but for people like me, who love maps, I know you'll like them!

Fundin/Cj Parker for PAG

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Changes to TMN Favorites


Slyph's excellent resource, the Puddleby Calendar of Events, has been added to the TMN Favorites menu. I removed the OpenGL Client button because that application is no longer necessary as a separate download. The OpenGL Client link will remain for now under Key Applications for archival purposes.

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Zorton's Stunt


Super Chicken sent the following report to TMN:

Recently in town center, Zorton did his most amazing mystic stunt ever! The visionstone is only a few seconds long.

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Tenebrion's Tower


In his most recent journal entry, Azriel reports on expeditions to Tenebrion's Tower and Melabrion's Mines.

In other Tenebrion news, Aravir sent TMN the following evidence that Tenebrion has been spotted in another land.

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April 13, 2005
Chaos Storm #385


Chaos Storm #385 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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April 12, 2005
Slyph the Thoom


Some exiles have wondered how Slyph would look after undergoing a race-change operation to improve her chances to join ThoomCare now that she is seeking a new clan. TMN has commissioned an artist's rendition of Slyph as a Thoom (as seen above) to satisfy our curious readers.

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April 11, 2005
Hostile Clan Takeover


Slyph sent the following report to TMN:

Puddleby, last night—lying in wait, Zen, of the Sisters of Benevolence, cast a spell on me, convincing myself that I was a witch. Once I was a member of Zen's ugly little cult, Astor made his move, grabbing all the power he could. (I'm shocked: these two can scarcely dress themselves without help, and they've taken my clan.)

The Temple of the Moon, glorious clan of healers, is ruined by the presence of Fighters and even a dirty mystic. I remain clanless, homeless, alone (yes, Althea dumped me in the middle of everything), and without a single idea as to what might happen next.

Are any clans looking for a healer?

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April 10, 2005
"All About The Rift Wars"


Super Chicken, that pesky and plucky poultry, will recount "All About The Rift Wars" today from 12 P.M. to 1 P.M.

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April 09, 2005
Clan Lord Java Client


The Java client previously released for Arindal is now being openly tested for Clan Lord. Details on the Java client can be found at the Clan Lord Sentinel.

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Chicken Pull


Zegrano Zegis sent the following report to TMN:

Some poultry fell on a particularly busy night in the Northwest Forest. While the rescue party didn't have any trouble finding him, none of them had chains—thus began a pull line that went all the way back to the town center. Check out the visionstone of the pull line.

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Jade Noid Rescue


Bakunan sent this report of a series of rescues at the Jade Noid cave that happened shortly before the retrograde days in Puddleby:

I was involved in the 2nd-to-last Jade Noid rescue attempt. :-b

There were more fallen, but either they departed, or were still sliding down the cavern. A last massive rescue effort succeeded, but not before multiple chain breakages and a lot of web-slipping. Thanks to the huge community support that made the last rescue work.




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April 04, 2005
Captain Morgan's Boat


Captain Morgan's boat is now docked at the Puddleby Pier. Exiles are renting rooms on board.


The nautical atmosphere naturally has proven very popular with the local Thooms.


The boat has a small rockodile infestation problem.


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Holes in Puddleby


Myrm invasion?

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April 03, 2005
Nostalgic Chaos


Lundar reports on the recent retrograde chaos storm in his most recent entry on the ELF Blog.

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Chaos Storm #383


Chaos Storm #383 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read the comments.

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Jazz sent the following report to TMN:

There was a group in the Dark Temple last night trying to figure out what to do with a Greater Death, which as you know in our weakened states is a not a critter to be triffled with. Anyhow, apparently this Greater Death has a sense of humor because it actually "nyuked" at us at one point. Monroe suggested punning it to death and I tried to tell really bad jokes with no punchlines . . . neither worked in killing the critter, and in the end we were forced to flee after Amberdrake was raised. Good times, great oldies . . . CL v34! :-)

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