January 26, 2011
Chaos Storm #687


Chaos Storm #687 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v687:

1/26/2011 v687
Your chances of success in any undertaking can always be measured by your belief in yourself. Robert Collier (18851950)

* Amazing breakthrough: dry rot conquered! Wood should now be more robust.
* Messages are no longer allowed to accompany anonymous karma bequests. That is, /THANKs and /CURSEs may be either signed or anonymous, and they may or may not include a reason message. But you may no longer send karma anonymously if theres a reason attached.
* No crashes in 52 days and counting.
* Youll have to explore to discover the rest of this Chaos Storms changes.

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Ansset's Annexe


Ansset has a great new scroll reporting on his adventures:

Ansset's Annexe

Highly recommended.


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Starsword Eojek Speaks with T'Nerr


Starsword Eojek sent the following report and visionstone to TMN:

Starsword Eojek asks, "Have you folks heard of the empire?"
T'Nerr says, "Oh, we hear all sorts of things from tourists."
(Starsword Eojek sets out a small grey stone with an eye on the deck.)
T'Nerr says, "Some people like to talk about how bad things are."
Starsword Eojek says, "Any news from the empire? I was born in Puddleby."
T'Nerr says, "Metala just talks about how glad she is that she's not working in the smithy anymore."
Starsword Eojek says, "OR do you have little contact with them."
Starsword Eojek asks, "Ah oh, how is she?"
Starsword Eojek says, "All she wants to do is drink and talk about the weather."
Lanx is no longer Clanning.
T'Nerr says, "She seems... happy."
T'Nerr looks down.
Starsword Eojek asks, "Something on your mind?"
T'Nerr says, "Nobody besides tourists from the other archipelagos visit us here."
T'Nerr says, "No, sorry. I was rude."
Starsword Eojek asks, "Other Archipelagos?.... I mean... there are others besides Puddleby?"
Starsword Eojek says, "I heard of a place called Iceton, supposedly alot of wild snails live there."
T'Nerr says, "Iceton, yes. It's a quiet place."
T'Nerr says, "The snails were very impressive."
(Starsword Eojek nods.)
T'Nerr says, "Sometimes the captain makes a quick stop there if he's ahead or needs to refuel."
Starsword Eojek asks, "Have you ever considered selling small ships?"
Starsword Eojek says, "I'm sure there are some in Puddleby who would buy."
T'Nerr says, "Me? Oh no, I was born here. I wouldn't know anything about that."
(Starsword Eojek nods.)
Starsword Eojek says, "Some people in Puddleby have expressed serious interest on housing here."
Frank the mute is now Clanning.
Starsword Eojek says, "though ..."
Starsword Eojek says, "Mostly as a vacation home."
T'Nerr ponders, "Perhaps we could trade places."
Starsword Eojek asks, "What do people here in Peaceton need?"
Starsword Eojek asks, "I mean... do you have Kudzu?"
T'Nerr says, "Visitors are always nice. We love people and their stories."
You show a bag of kudzu seedlings containing 7 kudzu seedlings to everyone.
Starsword Eojek says, "ah"
T'Nerr puts on a bright smile.
Starsword Eojek says, "You know, stories are valued among many cultures."
Starsword Eojek says, "I'm sure some of your elders could make a living spinning yarns in the bars, for a small fee."
Starsword Eojek says, "Telling stories to a crowd."
T'Nerr says, "Oh, we don't like to tell our stories."
Starsword Eojek says, "Ah"
T'Nerr says, "We want other people to tell theirs."

Starsword Eojek says, "Well, I've one, if you're interested."
Suu'ub III is no longer Clanning.
T'Nerr smiles sadly.
T'Nerr exclaims, "Yes, please!"
Starsword Eojek says, "There once was a man who fell from the sky."
Starsword Eojek says, "Stop me if you've heard this one."
T'Nerr says, "I don't think I have."
Starsword Eojek says, "Allright... he fell into the sea."
Starsword Eojek exclaims, "He fell in a vessel, a ship that flew!"
Starsword Eojek says, "as big as the cloud we have in puddleby."
T'Nerr's eyes widen.
T'Nerr asks, "Some sort of flying island, yes?"
Starsword Eojek says, "Yes, we have an ancient island that floats... I have no idea how."
Starsword Eojek says, "The mystics know how to point it and it floats where they point."
T'Nerr says, "It sounds very exotic."
Starsword Eojek says, "doesn't leave puddleby island though."
Starsword Eojek says, "can't"
Starsword Eojek says, "Anyway"
Starsword Eojek says, "The man escapes his sinking ship, and hitches a ride on a baltoise."
Starsword Eojek says, "finds himself washed up on puddleby shores"
T'Nerr exclaims, "It must have been marvelous!"
Starsword Eojek says, "The man is ugly by local standards"
Starsword Eojek says, "and he knows it... so he changes his face."
Starsword Eojek says, "takes some clay from his magic bag of tricks"
Starsword Eojek says, "his hands work and shape and now he looks like a fen, sept it's all wrong."
Starsword Eojek says, "more fingers than he needs, and no eyes."
T'Nerr listens.
Starsword Eojek says, "so he takes a raw sungem, shatters it, and pokes im in place where his eyes should be."
T'Nerr asks, "Why would he do that?"
Starsword Eojek says, "he wanders town, and gathers his wits"
Starsword Eojek says, "Well he has no eyes to begin with, and everyone here has eyes."
Starsword Eojek says, "He once told me that some people don't need eyes to see."
Starsword Eojek says, "So anyway, he lives on Puddleby for ages."
Starsword Eojek says, "a few years"
Starsword Eojek says, "gets by"
Starsword Eojek says, "all the time gathering parts, things, trinkets, metal bits."
Starsword Eojek says, "In time his otherness becomes too other for peoples tastes."
Starsword Eojek says, "And he knows it's time to go."
Starsword Eojek says, "Shedding the clay and with his trinkets in his magic bag of tricks, he finds friends who live in the deeps."
Starsword Eojek says, "and dwells there for a time."
Starsword Eojek says, "His ship, he patches, and so he leaves."
T'Nerr listens, rapt.
Starsword Eojek says, "He was my teacher and I would call him my friend, and now he is gone."
T'Nerr asks, "Who is this... man from beyond?"
Starsword Eojek says, "Gone to the winds and through the sea of stars."
Starsword Eojek says, "Suns beard, it's been ages and I've forgotten his name."
Starsword Eojek says, "Something he ho gek or something."
T'Nerr exclaims, "What an interesting character!"
Starsword Eojek says, "I've never been good with names, much better with faces, and his was hard to forget."
T'Nerr says, "I wish he could have visited Peaceton. I'm sure he'd have had many interesting stories to tell."
Starsword Eojek says, "He never did talk about where he was from, much. Hinted, lied, and misled alot of people. I was his student."
T'Nerr says, "It sounds like he would have gotten along well, here."
Starsword Eojek says, "So he told me bits and pieces, but I think it's ok to tell it now. He's not coming back."
T'Nerr says, "We don't talk much about where we're... from."
(Starsword Eojek nods)
Starsword Eojek says, "I'm guessing you're not from the empire."
T'Nerr says, "I told you, I was born here."
Starsword Eojek says, "Never had a sentinal glaring at you when you walk by."
(Starsword Eojek nods)
T'Nerr says, "I've only known other places through people's words."
Starsword Eojek asks, "Never traveled? Ever?"
T'Nerr says, "I have a job here... and I can't leave."
T'Nerr says, "It's all been arranged for me."
Starsword Eojek says, "I can understand. Obligation and duty are strong compulsions."
T'Nerr looks down.
Starsword Eojek asks, "A simple question, do you want to leave, even if for a short time, if you wanted?"
Ravenstorm is no longer Clanning.
Starsword Eojek says, "or is that a difficult question."
T'Nerr looks stricken.
T'Nerr ponders, "I would love to."
T'Nerr says, "I could never."
(Starsword Eojek nods)
Starsword Eojek says, "So few people here, that you are needed."
Starsword Eojek says, "hm."
Starsword Eojek asks, "How old are you, if I might ask?"
Starsword Eojek says, "And like us, do you stop aging? I touched the alter here."
Starsword Eojek says, "Kept me from dying..."
T'Nerr says, "I had just come to adulthood when the first boat of passengers from Puddleby came."
Starsword Eojek says, "as the altar does over in Puddleby."
Starsword Eojek says, "Ah"
Starsword Eojek says, "40 years ago"
Starsword Eojek says, "orwait"
Starsword Eojek says, "20 years ago."
Starsword Eojek asks, "Have you aged since then?"
T'Nerr says, "Yet I still feel a girl."
Pacifus is no longer Clanning.
(Starsword Eojek nods.)
T'Nerr says, "The sun preserves us."
(Starsword Eojek nods)
Starsword Eojek says, "As it does us."
Starsword Eojek says, "It, He, I've always pondered that."
Starsword Eojek asks, "The starflowers... is that what they're called?"
Starsword Eojek says, "The red ones that grow to the west, along the cliff edge."
T'Nerr says, "Ah..."
Starsword Eojek thinks, "ORGA last I checked."
T'Nerr says, "Dragonhorns, I think."
Starsword Eojek says, "Ah, Dragonhorns."
You show your urn with purple dragonhorns to everyone.
Starsword Eojek asks, "So the red ones are ... red dragonhorns?"
T'Nerr says, "Oh... those are different."
(Starsword Eojek packs vases and urns into shipping boxes with straw for the trip.)
T'Nerr says, "I don't remember what the red ones are called, I'm sorry."
Starsword Eojek says, "No worries, if anyone names them, I suggest Red Ladies."
T'Nerr blushes.
Starsword Eojek says, "Or maybe Red Loea"
T'Nerr says, "I'm sorry... I should get back to work."
(Starsword Eojek nods)
T'Nerr says, "It's nice to meet visitors. Thank you for visiting, Mr. Starsword."
Starsword Eojek says, "I'll be back, though this time just for coral and potions."
Starsword Eojek says, "less need for furniture next time."
T'Nerr says, "And... do encourage Mr. Le-oh-gek ... that strange fellow... to visit if you encounter him."
Starsword Eojek says, "I would, if I ever saw him again, but I don't think he's coming back."
Starsword Eojek ponders, "Space is infinite."
T'Nerr looks down, up, then examines tickets marked "FWI".
You equip your ticket marked P/FWI.
You show your ticket marked P/FWI to everyone.
T'Kett says, "Greetings, Lord Starsword Eojek. The ship is currently on its way here."
T'Kett says, "It should be arriving here in one hour, 52 minutes."
T'Nerr looks at a sheaf of tickets market I/FWI.
Starsword Eojek says, "T'Nerr, You could always hire people from Puddleby if you're shorthanded. This way people could take vacations."
Starsword Eojek says, "People are being exiled all the time, and they have families..."
T'Nerr says, "Oh... I don't think we could do that. There's too much... to ask."
T'Nerr looks busy.
Starsword Eojek says, "Well, we also have craftsman, smiths, carpenters, stoneworkers, guardsman to keep things out at night."
Starsword Eojek ponders, "how many sons does EaGuard have by now? hm..."

Visionstone of Starsword Eojek's Peaceton Confab (68K)

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January 09, 2011
Chaos Storm #684


Chaos Storm #684 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v684:

1/5/2011 v684
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. Bill Vaughn

* Happy New Year!
* No crashes in 31 days and counting.
* No noteworthy changes this Chaos Storm. (We remembered to eat and sleep instead.)

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Wyrm Cavern


Starsword Eojek sent the following report to TMN:

As I was poking about the drax (Dra'ryx) cave, and was overwhelmed, and fell. A short while later my burned remains were reconstituted by J'nder and we proceeded to examine the cave for a new peculiarity on it's northern shard-strewn wall. Beyond the smoldering rocks and heat we found a path. While we didn't make it far in, we found that the cave is very much larger and far deadlier than previously thought. Here be wyrms.


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