March 30, 2014
Chaos Storm #852


Chaos Storm #852 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v852:

3/26/2014 v852
Let a fool hold his tongue and he will pass for a sage. — Publilius Syrus (1st century B.C.)

* The server was down for several hours on March 18th. The gerbils are claiming that they were all just plumb tuckered out, after too much green beer the day before. But that’s just silly rodent braggadocio: the much more prosaic real reason involved a credit-card renewal glitch, a stale email address, and a ridiculously forgettable “security question”. (Although come to think of it, green beer might conceivably have played a role somewhere in there too...)
* Anyway, whichever version you choose to believe, we apologize for the outage. We’ve awarded everyone three free ranks in grateful recognition of your patience and forbearance.
* Healer pets got a B-A-T-H (shh!), including an overdue ear-cleaning. They should now be much more obedient to spoken commands. (In fact, this happened during the aforementioned outage, while we had nothing better to do; and thus might count as a mildly silver-tinged lining thereof.)
* Some players had reported problems with bard music volume in the v849 Mac client. We can’t reproduce the issue here, but we did some prospective work on that code anyway. Please let us know if things have (or have not!) improved for you.

Posted by Para at 10:54 PM
March 13, 2014
Combo Mosey


Connie Crete sent the following report to TMN:

Ber Para,

So we went on our mosey tanight - tha DM/FB combo mosey. We also kidnapped Fantasia on accounta because she were bored. She'd never been ta tha mausoleum. Tha night started good with us gitn ta tha mauso, then runnin back ta tha rebel base ta clairbreak.

We returned ta tha mauso proper and did nice systematic bashin. It were light downstairs so we was able ta clear there. We gotted a good look around and saw tha smiley faced blood pools. All kinda cheerful inna icky kinda way.

Then we started home. Was all beer and skittles until we got outside. Then we died and hit our 50% mark.

The end.





Posted by Para at 06:43 PM
March 07, 2014
E.P.I.C. Statement on Kyuem Research


Lily Fren sent the following report to TMN:


E.P.I.C. (Ethereal Plane Imaging Crew--name courtesy of Laughing Academy’s Pun’isher) has been doing research in Lugubrion’s Keep, and we have found something. I discuss our findings in a statement from E.P.I.C. located on my web scrolls, next to my journal.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

-Lily Fren

Posted by Para at 12:33 AM
March 06, 2014


Valtrim sent the following report to TMN:

Awhile ago, I took Captain Stinkfist and a few others to meet Tart'targ, who is hidden in a cave near the river delta on the southern part of Puddleby island. I've included a log of our conversation with her for the information of your readers as well as a sketch of her (though there isn't much to see, really).


2/9/14 1:10:20a Kalian says, "Arrr"
2/9/14 1:10:22a Tart'targ cackles.
2/9/14 1:10:23a Tart'targ says, "Not many visitors, not many visitors."
2/9/14 1:10:23a Tart'targ says, "If I were a true Thoom, it would not be so."
2/9/14 1:10:24a Tart'targ says, "The under-marsh people have few friends who walk beneath the sky."
2/9/14 1:10:24a Tart'targ asks, "Have you come to learn from me?"
2/9/14 1:10:24a Tart'targ says, "Hmmmm, greedy for knowledge."
2/9/14 1:10:25a Tart'targ says, "I have learned much in my years."
2/9/14 1:10:25a Tart'targ says, "Vast machines, old and crumbling."
2/9/14 1:10:26a Tart'targ says, "I will not teach you, youth."
2/9/14 1:10:26a Tart'targ says, "Come back when you have centuries of sun on your skin."
2/9/14 1:10:27a Tart'targ says, "More knowledge for me to gather yet, yes."
2/9/14 1:10:27a Tart'targ says, "Someday all will be known."
2/9/14 1:10:27a Tart'targ gurgles.
2/9/14 1:11:08a Stinkfist says, "Arr"
2/9/14 1:11:21a Harper says, "the tables are the same as in the north ensconcement ruins temple"
2/9/14 1:11:45a Stinkfist says, "Nice ta meet ya"
2/9/14 1:11:52a * The machinery crackles!
2/9/14 1:12:08a Stinkfist says, "we be pirates, and ye be a witch, so likes natural best friend material right thar"
2/9/14 1:12:15a (Valtrim grins.)
2/9/14 1:12:58a Harper says, "I do have centuries of sun on my skin"
2/9/14 1:13:01a Harper exclaims, "I'm a sylvan!"
2/9/14 1:13:04a Harper exclaims, "I'm older than I look!"
2/9/14 1:13:08a Stinkfist asks, "who is the oldest person we know?"
2/9/14 1:13:25a Tart'targ ponders, "My sister, older still..."
2/9/14 1:13:35a Harper says, "the oldest Thoom perhaps"
2/9/14 1:13:36a Stinkfist says, "arr"
2/9/14 1:13:47a Harper says, "but she seems touchy about Thooms"
2/9/14 1:13:48a Stinkfist says, "I heard you are prettier than your sister"
2/9/14 1:13:53a (Harper grins)
2/9/14 1:14:02a Stinkfist says, "by like... lots"
2/9/14 1:14:16a Kalian says, "I saw one of them in the undermarsh"
2/9/14 1:14:23a Kalian says, "and she was nothing compaired to your beauty"
2/9/14 1:14:34a Tart'targ says, "Flatterers come and go."
2/9/14 1:14:41a (Harper blinks)
2/9/14 1:14:50a Stinkfist says, "but Pirate Kings and their First Mates be yer friends who say nice things forever"
2/9/14 1:14:53a Stinkfist says, "cuz we are immortal"
2/9/14 1:15:05a Harper says, "And ... we have our own machines"
2/9/14 1:15:13a Harper says, "Perhaps we could share knowledge"
2/9/14 1:15:37a (Stinkfist does neat knife tricks with his bloodblade)
2/9/14 1:15:50a Stinkfist says, "you'll never believe what I have in this blade"
2/9/14 1:16:06a Kalian asks, "Have you ever heard of the Org per chance?"
2/9/14 1:16:25a Tart'targ squints.
2/9/14 1:16:57a Tart'targ says, "The bound essence of creatures, I've no doubt."
2/9/14 1:17:03a Tart'targ cackles.
2/9/14 1:17:13a Stinkfist asks, "yes but *what* creatures?"
2/9/14 1:17:19a Tart'targ cackles.
2/9/14 1:17:29a Kalian ponders, "Hmm very perceptive she is"
2/9/14 1:17:33a Tart'targ says, "I don't play pockets riddles."
2/9/14 1:17:49a Valtrim ponders, "What has it gots in its bloodblade?"
2/9/14 1:17:50a Stinkfist asks, "what do you play?"
2/9/14 1:17:54a Harper asks, "Tart'targ do you know of these machines?"
2/9/14 1:18:15a Tart'targ says, "Yes."
2/9/14 1:18:25a Harper says, "We know of a machine"
2/9/14 1:18:30a Harper says, "a flying cloud"
2/9/14 1:18:38a Harper says, "or floating island"
2/9/14 1:18:44a Harper says, "it has a wheel like yours"
2/9/14 1:18:53a Harper asks, "Do you know of those machines?"
2/9/14 1:19:02a Tart'targ says, "Yes, yes, dearie."
2/9/14 1:19:08a (Harper smiles)
2/9/14 1:19:21a Harper asks, "Is there something you can tell us about them?"
2/9/14 1:19:47a Kalian says, "I could tell you where you left one of your old books"
2/9/14 1:19:55a Tart'targ says, "Everyone seeks the looking glasses for their own ends."
2/9/14 1:20:04a Kalian says, "It has your name written on the spine."
2/9/14 1:20:09a Stinkfist says, "this is probably true"
2/9/14 1:20:24a Harper asks, "The looking glasses?"
2/9/14 1:20:38a Harper says, "We have a device"
2/9/14 1:20:39a Kalian says, "But our ends might meet"
2/9/14 1:21:06a Stinkfist says, "at mutliple points and crossroads and intermasectiomamens"
2/9/14 1:21:07a Tart'targ asks, "Did one of the wizards send you?"
2/9/14 1:21:16a Stinkfist asks, "wizards?"
2/9/14 1:21:20a Harper asks, "Mystics?"
2/9/14 1:21:25a Kalian asks, "the brothers?"
2/9/14 1:21:25a Valtrim says, "It was something your sister said that prompted us to first seek you out."
2/9/14 1:21:31a Stinkfist says, "i know a few, you'll have to be slightly more specific"
2/9/14 1:21:32a Tart'targ asks, "Brothers, yes, that rings a bell, eh?"
2/9/14 1:21:38a (Harper smiles)
2/9/14 1:21:48a Stinkfist says, "I assure you, nobody sent us here but me and me friend Valtrim"
2/9/14 1:21:53a Stinkfist says, "who told me he met you"
2/9/14 1:21:57a Valtrim asks, "Your sister is Svart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:22:03a Tart'targ asks, "He knows something, eh? Who sent you, Valtrim?"
2/9/14 1:22:15a Stinkfist says, "and tha prodding of me first mate here Kalian ta come speak with ya"
2/9/14 1:22:22a (Harper nods)
2/9/14 1:22:33a Valtrim says, "We were told that you know much, but that you were likely to see in us only youth and naivete."
2/9/14 1:22:35a Kalian says, "I aslo met your sister when Valtrim did"
2/9/14 1:22:40a Valtrim says, "We were not disappointed. ;)"
2/9/14 1:22:42a Stinkfist says, "you may have heard of me, I am Captain Stinkfist, Pirate King, Slayer of Darshak Armies, Pisser off of Brion Brothers"
2/9/14 1:22:58a (Harper smiles)
2/9/14 1:23:02a Harper asks, "Do you know the Windspinners, Tart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:23:08a Tart'targ says, "Brions, yes, they came begging once."
2/9/14 1:23:11a Valtrim says, "We were also told that you have apprentices that gather herbs on the mountains who might be willing to teach us."
2/9/14 1:23:17a Tart'targ cackles.
2/9/14 1:23:28a Stinkfist says, "they do like to do that"
2/9/14 1:23:30a Kalian asks, "Was is Sombrion by chance?"
2/9/14 1:23:53a Tart'targ asks, "That name is musty as my tomes. I do recall it. Did he send you?"
2/9/14 1:24:03a Stinkfist says, "nope"
2/9/14 1:24:06a Harper asks, "Skentos Ghee?"
2/9/14 1:24:07a Kalian says, "Tart'targ's Orbing Gates"
2/9/14 1:24:11a Valtrim says, "None of them sent us. As I said, we found your sister in the Undermarsh."
2/9/14 1:24:26a Tart'targ asks, "Is she well?"
2/9/14 1:24:28a Kalian says, "Ofcourse I didn't understand much of it"
2/9/14 1:24:32a Valtrim says, "She looks well, to me."
2/9/14 1:24:40a Stinkfist says, "yar, we be free pirates we came here of our own accord and curiosity"
2/9/14 1:24:41a Tart'targ says, "She doesn't visit."
2/9/14 1:24:46a Harper says, "We will, though"
2/9/14 1:24:52a Harper says, "And as often as you will let us"
2/9/14 1:24:57a Stinkfist says, "We like to visit"
2/9/14 1:25:00a Valtrim says, "Her environment seems ill-suited to frequent travel."
2/9/14 1:25:14a Stinkfist says, "we are also good at escorting"
2/9/14 1:25:15a Harper asks, "Is there something we can bring to you?"
2/9/14 1:25:16a Valtrim says, "Though she does have a number of paths to other places, some of them nearby."
2/9/14 1:25:25a Tart'targ stares at Harper.
2/9/14 1:25:47a Harper says, "There are flowers where we come from"
2/9/14 1:25:49a Harper says, "spores and the like"
2/9/14 1:25:57a Harper says, "I hear that your apprentices gather herbs"
2/9/14 1:26:08a Harper asks, "Perhaps we might have some that are of use to you?"
2/9/14 1:26:11a Tart'targ says, "Perhaps you could help me."
2/9/14 1:26:18a Stinkfist says, "witches and pirates and university professors be natural friends afterall"
2/9/14 1:26:26a (Kalian nods)
2/9/14 1:26:26a Stinkfist says, "one always needin tha other fer something"
2/9/14 1:26:39a Harper says, "That is true"
2/9/14 1:26:41a Tart'targ says, "I need the spores of a mushroom that grows in the mountains."
2/9/14 1:26:50a Harper says, "Ah"
2/9/14 1:26:58a Harper asks, "What does it look like?"
2/9/14 1:26:59a Stinkfist says, "we could probably do this"
2/9/14 1:27:06a Stinkfist says, "yar detailed descriptions help"
2/9/14 1:27:16a Harper says, "Because I have some that grew on a cloud"
2/9/14 1:27:36a Harper shows her cluster of mutated spores to everyone.
2/9/14 1:27:43a Tart'targ says, "Deep brown, fleshy,"
2/9/14 1:27:48a Lov'sya thinks to a group, "Hold them up and approach her."
2/9/14 1:27:52a Harper says, "deep brown"
2/9/14 1:27:59a Stinkfist says, "we have established (squatting) in a village near some frog temple machine thingy. If it be anywhere around there, we could defintely find it."
2/9/14 1:28:12a Tart'targ says, "Visible gills, with a latent lingering smell."
2/9/14 1:28:18a Valtrim asks, "Gills?"
2/9/14 1:28:25a Harper says, "the mushroom"
2/9/14 1:28:29a Valtrim asks, "On a mushroom?"
2/9/14 1:28:29a Harper says, "the mushroom has gills"
2/9/14 1:28:31a Tart'targ says, "On the underside of the cap."
2/9/14 1:28:32a Harper says, "yes"
2/9/14 1:28:46a (Harper smiles)
2/9/14 1:28:47a Harper says, "yes"
2/9/14 1:28:57a Harper says, "We will look for these mushrooms"
2/9/14 1:29:05a Harper says, "I think they are not like the ones from our cloud"
2/9/14 1:29:18a Kalian says, "It seems our only way up the mountain pass is blocked currently"
2/9/14 1:29:21a Tart'targ says, "They are primarily found in damp caverns, dearie."
2/9/14 1:29:30a Kalian says, "But it's being cleared as we speak"
2/9/14 1:29:35a Harper asks, "Do you know of a message in triangular script?"
2/9/14 1:29:41a Harper says, "ah"
2/9/14 1:29:47a Stinkfist says, "yar, we are teleporting in materials to help fengineers"
2/9/14 1:29:50a Harper says, "damp cavern mushrooms"
2/9/14 1:29:55a Harper says, "spores"
2/9/14 1:30:06a Lov'sya thinks to a group, "Likely unmutated."
2/9/14 1:30:06a Harper says, "I wonder if they are the normal spores"
2/9/14 1:30:08a Harper says, "the brown ones"
2/9/14 1:30:12a Harper says, "unmutated"
2/9/14 1:30:13a (Lov'sya nods.)
2/9/14 1:30:14a (Harper nods)
2/9/14 1:30:20a Tart'targ says, "If you learn anything of the looking glasses, tell me first."
2/9/14 1:30:33a Harper says, "We have found a device, Tart'targ"
2/9/14 1:30:34a Tart'targ says, "Not wizards, or monks. They have their own purposes."
2/9/14 1:30:38a Harper says, "It is up on the floating island"
2/9/14 1:30:44a Harper says, "Using it"
2/9/14 1:30:44a Stinkfist says, "well lets compare purposes"
2/9/14 1:30:55a Stinkfist says, "lets start with the wizard and monk purposes"
2/9/14 1:31:10a Stinkfist asks, "what would they do that is so dumb that you would not do it?"
2/9/14 1:31:33a Harper says, "looking glasses"
2/9/14 1:31:36a Tart'targ asks, "Tear the world asunder in the name of power, eh?"
2/9/14 1:31:42a Harper exclaims, "not us!"
2/9/14 1:31:46a (Harper looks startled)
2/9/14 1:31:48a Stinkfist says, "hrmmm"
2/9/14 1:31:49a Tart'targ asks, "No?"
2/9/14 1:31:51a Stinkfist says, "i like the world"
2/9/14 1:31:56a Kalian says, "We seek to preserve the magic of this island"
2/9/14 1:31:56a Harper exclaims, "No!"
2/9/14 1:31:59a Tart'targ closes her eyes for a moment.
2/9/14 1:32:00a Stinkfist says, "i live in it last i checked"
2/9/14 1:32:09a Kalian says, "We like being immortal"
2/9/14 1:32:13a Valtrim asks, "The looking glassesÖ they are not also referred to as soul glasses, are they?"
2/9/14 1:32:31a Stinkfist asks, "ya, immortality kicks ass, don't you agree Tart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:32:35a Kalian says, "because if so we will destroy any soul glass we find"
2/9/14 1:32:49a Harper asks, "What are soul glasses?"
2/9/14 1:33:08a Stinkfist says, "a relic from an age somewhat long but not too long in tha grand scheme of things ago"
2/9/14 1:33:20a Harper asks, "What did they do?"
2/9/14 1:33:29a Valtrim says, "Tear apart the world. ;)"
2/9/14 1:33:30a Kalian says, "resulting in a war with riptures"
2/9/14 1:33:36a Harper exclaims, "Good heavens!"
2/9/14 1:33:42a Harper says, "No"
2/9/14 1:33:46a Harper says, "we do not want those things"
2/9/14 1:33:49a Valtrim says, "I just want to clarify what exactly we're talking about."
2/9/14 1:33:54a Harper says, "But there are other kinds of looking glasses"
2/9/14 1:33:56a Stinkfist says, "yar in our experience, world tearing is bad"
2/9/14 1:34:09a Harper says, "On Metz for example"
2/9/14 1:34:24a Harper asks, "Don't the mystics have an observation room where they can see distant places?"
2/9/14 1:34:28a Harper says, "wait"
2/9/14 1:34:30a Harper asks, "Mirrors?"
2/9/14 1:34:39a Harper asks, "Are you talking about Mirrors, Tart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:34:47a Tart'targ opens one eye?
2/9/14 1:34:49a Tart'targ opens one eye.
2/9/14 1:34:52a Harper says, "Mirrors"
2/9/14 1:35:00a Tart'targ says, "Soul glasses? I have not heard that word in some time."
2/9/14 1:35:03a Harper says, "they are known in some languages as "looking glasses""
2/9/14 1:35:21a Valtrim asks, "So the "looking glasses" are something different, yes?"
2/9/14 1:35:21a Tart'targ says, "Mirrors, yes. Soul glasses, yes. Looking glasses."
2/9/14 1:35:29a (Valtrim blinks.)
2/9/14 1:35:38a Kalian says, "I can see why you would want them"
2/9/14 1:35:39a Harper says, "We know of mirrors"
2/9/14 1:35:42a Harper says, "we've seen them"
2/9/14 1:35:47a Tart'targ says, "Some more dangerous than others."
2/9/14 1:35:57a Kalian says, "She is already a master of scrying"
2/9/14 1:36:08a Kalian says, "these looking glasses must do thingsing even greater"
2/9/14 1:36:08a Stinkfist says, "note to Valtrim, if we find any, Wangah doesn't get to touch them"
2/9/14 1:36:14a (Valtrim grins.)
2/9/14 1:36:40a Harper asks, "Or are they necessary for your machinery Tart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:37:13a Harper asks, "Are these looking glasses necessary for your machinery, Tart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:38:03a Tart'targ says, "We may have much to talk about when you decipher that triangular script you asked about."
2/9/14 1:38:18a Harper says, "oh I am trying, Great lady"
2/9/14 1:38:21a Harper says, "believe me"
2/9/14 1:38:28a Stinkfist exclaims, "ha! you heard tha awesome witch nerds, get a solvin!"
2/9/14 1:38:30a Harper asks, "Do you know where I can find any more samples?"
2/9/14 1:38:32a Tart'targ cackles.
2/9/14 1:38:54a (Harper smiles warmly.)
2/9/14 1:39:05a Tart'targ says, "Where you find machines, no doubt, eheh."
2/9/14 1:39:11a (Harper chuckles)
2/9/14 1:39:15a Stinkfist says, "so Tart'targ, side bargain"
2/9/14 1:39:16a Harper says, "Perhaps"
2/9/14 1:39:34a Stinkfist asks, "what you trade me crew for tha chrono distortion essence I gots?"
2/9/14 1:40:04a Kalian says, "no doubt the essence of the org is quite valuable"
2/9/14 1:40:05a Stinkfist says, "I figure ye be someone wise enough ta make use of such an... exotic substance"
2/9/14 1:40:20a Tart'targ asks, "Do you know how to harness what you have in that blade?"
2/9/14 1:40:30a (Harper's brows raise.)
2/9/14 1:40:34a Tart'targ says, "Eheh, looks like you just see a bargaining chip to me."
2/9/14 1:40:40a Stinkfist says, "Basically"
2/9/14 1:40:52a Stinkfist says, "when I smashy things they slow"
2/9/14 1:40:54a Tart'targ says, "I have seen many Orgs. They are only secondary."
2/9/14 1:40:54a Stinkfist says, "to a crawl"
2/9/14 1:41:06a Valtrim asks, "Secondary to what?"
2/9/14 1:41:07a Harper asks, "Secondary?"
2/9/14 1:41:33a Tart'targ says, "A dilution."
2/9/14 1:41:39a Tart'targ says, "Yes? Eheh."
2/9/14 1:41:55a Valtrim asks, "A dilution of some purer being?"
2/9/14 1:42:15a Tart'targ says, "That too, maybe, dearie."
2/9/14 1:42:33a Harper says, "Are they part of the altars"
2/9/14 1:42:50a Stinkfist says, "think of it not as a bargaining chip, but more of a fun get to know eachother magic exchange"
2/9/14 1:42:56a Tart'targ asks, "This has already been a lot of questions and answers, eh?"
2/9/14 1:43:09a Tart'targ sneers.
2/9/14 1:43:11a Harper says, "It has"
2/9/14 1:43:16a Valtrim says, "If it was up to us, I'm sure we'd just be getting started."
2/9/14 1:43:18a Harper says, "And you have been most gracious"
2/9/14 1:43:24a Kalian says, "Well get you thoes mushroom and look out for this looking glass"
2/9/14 1:43:26a Valtrim says, "But yes, thank you for your time."
2/9/14 1:43:31a Tar'targ cackles.
2/9/14 1:43:37a Harper asks, "Would you care for a plant?"
2/9/14 1:43:42a Harper says, "It grows very well"
2/9/14 1:43:46a Harper says, "possibly even in here"
2/9/14 1:43:52a Tart'targ says, "The monks mean well, but they're meddlers."
2/9/14 1:43:52a Harper says, "It is common but useful"
2/9/14 1:44:05a Tart'targ says, "You remind me of them. Inept and eager."
2/9/14 1:44:11a (Stinkfist laughs)
2/9/14 1:44:17a (Stinkfist falls down laughing)
2/9/14 1:44:19a (Harper chuckles)
2/9/14 1:44:20a Stinkfist says, "eager"
2/9/14 1:44:22a Stinkfist says, "oh yes"
2/9/14 1:44:25a Tart'targ says, "Come back here before giving them anything danger."
2/9/14 1:44:29a Stinkfist says, "but inept"
2/9/14 1:44:34a Stinkfist says, "certainly not"
2/9/14 1:44:36a Kalian says, "eager to find what you seek so badly"
2/9/14 1:44:46a (Harper smiles)
2/9/14 1:44:55a Harper says, "I am exactly what you said, Tart'targ"
2/9/14 1:44:59a Kalian says, "it may benefit us both I'm sure"
2/9/14 1:45:02a Harper says, "But I hope to learn"
2/9/14 1:45:02a Tart'targ says, "Yes, yes, it is so."
2/9/14 1:45:07a (Lov'sya grins.)
2/9/14 1:45:20a Stinkfist says, "Teach me crew some of yer ways"
2/9/14 1:45:27a Stinkfist says, "and we'll find whatever it is ya want"
2/9/14 1:45:30a Stinkfist says, "within reason"
2/9/14 1:45:47a Tart'targ ponders, "Young bodies have a certain power for the old."
2/9/14 1:46:19a (Stinkfist does some quick cardio)
2/9/14 1:46:29a (Harper studies Tart'targ carefully.)
2/9/14 1:46:42a Harper says, "If one has an altar, one does not age"
2/9/14 1:46:50a Harper says, "But the clans of the east ... are dying"
2/9/14 1:46:59a Tart'targ narrows her eyes at Harper.
2/9/14 1:47:11a Stinkfist says, "We have many alters"
2/9/14 1:47:11a (Harper nods)
2/9/14 1:47:29a Stinkfist says, "and you COULD concoct a youth potion with tha chrono essence"
2/9/14 1:47:32a (Harper looks at the tables with books on them)
2/9/14 1:47:39a (Stinkfist is JUST saying)
2/9/14 1:47:42a (Stinkfist whistles)
2/9/14 1:47:46a (Kalian chuckles)
2/9/14 1:47:56a Kalian says, "Well I guess we should leave you be for now"
2/9/14 1:48:06a Stinkfist says, "yar, we'll be back with spores and stuff"
2/9/14 1:48:08a Harper asks, "Are the years starting to weigh heavy in these lands, Tart'targ?"
2/9/14 1:48:14a (Harper speaks gently.)
2/9/14 1:48:18a Kalian says, "and when we decide to tell you what the cypher says"
2/9/14 1:48:21a Tart'targ says, "I'll outlast you all. Goodbye."
2/9/14 1:48:23a (Kalian grins to himself)
2/9/14 1:48:26a (Valtrim grins.)
2/9/14 1:48:27a (Harper smiles)
2/9/14 1:48:31a (Kalian waves)
2/9/14 1:48:37a Harper says, "I hope you do."
2/9/14 1:48:39a Stinkfist asks, "forever + 1 day is yer plan for life then eh?"
2/9/14 1:48:49a Harper asks, "May I leave a gift?"
2/9/14 1:48:50a Stinkfist says, "it was lovely meetin ya Tart'targ"
2/9/14 1:48:58a Stinkfist says, "yer easily the classiest witch i ever met"
2/9/14 1:49:02a Tart'targ asks, "What do you have that I would want?"
2/9/14 1:49:03a (Harper grins)
2/9/14 1:49:14a Harper says, "Perhaps this is not of use to you"
2/9/14 1:49:22a Stinkfist shows what looks like Darkstone Blood Bong to everyone.
2/9/14 1:49:31a Stinkfist says, "wait... i can't be rid of that"
2/9/14 1:49:33a Harper plants a seedling.
2/9/14 1:49:52a Harper says, "Just a plant whose seeds may one day keep you safe"
2/9/14 1:49:59a Stinkfist says, "if not"
2/9/14 1:50:03a Harper says, "They grow ... everywhere"
2/9/14 1:50:05a Stinkfist says, "pretty boss buzz"
2/9/14 1:50:12a Stinkfist says, "good for like...."
2/9/14 1:50:13a Harper says, "even in caves"
2/9/14 1:50:15a Stinkfist says, "age"
2/9/14 1:50:16a Tart'targ says, "Very well."
2/9/14 1:50:21a Stinkfist says, "n stuff"
2/9/14 1:50:26a Harper says, "um"
2/9/14 1:50:32a Stinkfist says, "essentially makes everything a wee bit better"
2/9/14 1:50:42a Harper asks, "You wouldn't happen to know how to read that triangular script, would you?"
2/9/14 1:50:51a Tart'targ says, "Goodbye."
2/9/14 1:50:56a (Valtrim grins.)
2/9/14 1:50:57a Harper says, "I'll be back"
2/9/14 1:51:00a Harper says, "be well"
2/9/14 1:51:07a (Valtrim waves.)
2/9/14 1:51:16a Stinkfist says, "now we let her consider potion of youth"
2/9/14 1:51:18a Harper exclaims, "I loved that!!!!"
2/9/14 1:51:20a Stinkfist says, "and find her shrooms"

Posted by Para at 11:23 PM
March 05, 2014
Chaos Storm #849


Chaos Storm #849 has swept the Lok'Groton island chain. Please post any changes you have observed and wish to share with others in the comments. If you don't want to read possible spoilers, please do not read any further!

Delta Tao's "What's New" for v849:

3/5/2014 v849
There may come a time when the lion and the lamb will lie down together, but I am still betting on the lion. — Josh Billings (1818–1885)

* Last time around, we trained numerous gerbils — at great expense — to refit many doors in and around Puddleby. This only served to prove that gerbils make lousy carpenters. So now we’ve trained numerous hamsters — at correspondingly greater expense — to repair the repairs of the gerbils. (That had better be the end of it, because the bids we got from the stoats were frankly extortionate.)

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March 04, 2014
The Study of the Orga


Sednarb has created some new scrolls with research on the Orga:

The Study of the Orga

Posted by Para at 08:49 PM